Once a popular choice among female moviegoers, now the poster boy for a lifestyle movement, Robert Pattinson has always been a source of intrigue. The 26-year-old is known for his starring role in the Twilight franchise as well as his numerous on-screen conquests. The British actor revealed in 2019 that he had taken a “breathy” walk during his naked pool party at Malibu. Now, thanks to some very creative fans, we are able to see more of what Robert has been hiding – and it is quite a sight to behold.

The Walk Of Shame

On January 23rd, the actor posted a short clip of himself walking through the woods stark naked with no shoes on. The next day, he shared a slightly longer clip showing us more of his gorgeous, tanned body encased in some rather curious, yet creative, scenery.

“Finally, the walk I always wanted to take…” he wrote in the caption of the video, tagging his favorite photographer, Ben Watts.

As one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood, Robert Pattinson is used to seeing his naked pics published all over the web. However, this was the first time he had allowed a non-professional to take his photos without the fear of them being leaked online or sold for obscene amounts of money.

The next day, he added another short clip of himself running through the woods. “Today was such a glorious day,” he wrote in the caption of that video.

The Perfect Proposal

On January 25th, the 26-year-old actor posted a short video of himself proposing to his girlfriend, FKA Twigs, with an engagement ring inside a tuxedo box. Robert sealed the deal with a kiss and called the proposal the “perfect proposal”.

“Finally, someone who understands me,” he said of FKA in the caption of the proposal video.

While shooting the film Nightingale in London last year, director Roman Polanski saw a way to add a touch of class to the already extravagant gift he was giving his leading lady, Gwyneth Paltrow. So, he had the actors sit down with a professional calligrapher and commissioned them to write a love letter to each other, which they signed and gave to the other as a gift, sealed with a kiss.

Gwyneth received the calligraphy “love letters” from Robert and Roman Polanski and she even shared a picture of herself opening the envelope, beaming from ear to ear.

Robert In A Tuxedo

On January 26th, the day after announcing his engagement to FKA Twigs, Robert posted a short clip of himself in a tuxedo at the 2020 Grammy Awards. As he is a member of the Academy of Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles, he was allowed to go au naturelle at the Grammys.

The next day, he posted a longer clip showing him in more elaborate attire, which included a bow tie and cummerbund, and closed with the caption, “I love being a Grammarian.”

A Walking, Talking Love Letter

On January 27th, the actor posted yet another short clip of himself in a tuxedo, this time from the set of the upcoming film, The King. In the next to the last clip of the day, he was seen walking through a forest with a rolled-up newspaper in his hands, wearing a black-and-white checked suit.

“I love being a Grammarian,” he captioned the scene, which he described as a “love letter” from himself to cinema.

Some of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood spent last night chilling at the Hollywood Christmas party. Robert Pattinson was a guest alongside fellow A-listers Emma Roberts, Bryce Dallas Howard, and more.

No Panties Please

On Friday, January 31st, the actor posted a short clip in which he said he had no problem with nudity, as long as there are no “tasteful” moments. He went on to say that he had “no shame” in his nudity and that the “attitudes” around sex and nudity have changed. According to the British actor, this is because of the influence of social media.

“I’ve always liked my [naked] bits. I’ve never been shy about them. I’ve never been a massive fan of clothing,” he said. “I feel great about my body and I always have. But over the years, as the conversation around sex and body positivity has changed, so has my opinion on being naked. It’s not something that bothers me at all. What bothers me is when there’s a ‘tasteful’ moment and then it cuts to… some chick showing off her [expletive].”

So, what does this mean for future photos of Robert? Will he finally be comfortable being candid with the press? Will he want to continue exploring his nude potential?

While we wait to see how much confidence (or lack thereof) he will display in his future photos, let us take a look back at some of the very best naked pics of Robert Pattinson.

A Perfect Set Of Playmates

In the months leading up to his 26th birthday, Robert seemed to have found the perfect set of playmates in the form of Bella Hadid, Emilia Clarke, and Rihanna. All three were spotted together at various events, including the premiere of Game Night in New York City.

According to a source, there was a proposal on the table during the Game Night premiere. However, nothing came of it and Bella, Emilia, and Rihanna continued to party alongside and arm in arm, as they had done for years before this point. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and on April 9th, 2020, Bella and Robert ended their three-year relationship, although they remain close friends. (1)

In September 2019, following months of speculation, Robert Pattinson finally confirmed that he had found the love of his life, FKA Twigs. The couple had been dating for several months and were spotted together at numerous events, including the premiere of the movie, Twigs. (2)

Finally, in January 2020, Robert shared a passionate kiss with his longtime love FKA Twigs at the British Board of Film Classification’s Golden Film Awards, held at the Royal Albert Hall. (3)

A Rare Sight

In a video posted to Instagram on January 6th, 2020, director Gucci Westmoreland revealed that she had captured a rare, magical moment when she filmed Robert’s behind-the-scenes magic trick, in which he changes a coin into a gold coin and back again. The video has since been viewed over 300,000 times.

“I was filming [the trick] for a client when Gucci rushed in to tell me there was a photographer waiting who had been driving her crazy all night,” Westmoreland said.

In another Instagram post on January 6th, director Dree Hemingway revealed that she had photographed Robert performing a magic trick for Vogue. “This is the first time I’ve ever seen anyone do a magic trick while naked,” Hemingway wrote alongside the image.

The photo of Robert wearing a crown and holding a scepter has been circulating the web since 2015 and was originally posted on VK (4). Since then, it has been reposted countless times on TikTok.

Robert’s Perfectionist Side

On January 8th, the day after the premiere of the game-changing musical, Sing, featuring the music of (and performed by) Elton John and (an appearance by) Robbie Williams, the tabloid the Sun published a story revealing that the British actor had given himself a perfect score of 10 for his acting in the movie.

“The most difficult part was definitely the shower scene, where you’re supposed to be wet but not dirty,” Robert told the tabloid. “If there’s anything I’ve learned over the years, it’s that you should never judge a book by its cover.”

The following day, the actor took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the movie, which he called “a fantastic performance.” He also thanked John and Williams for making “such incredible songs.”