Apple’s new iPhone models are here, and Adobe’s companion Creative Cloud application for iPad mini is also available to download. With the new iPhone and Adobe applications, Apple and Adobe are once again battling for creative professionals’ wallets, but this time the battleground is the palm of your hand.

The new iPhones bring with them a couple of interesting tidbits that make working with the application more enjoyable. For starters, the screen on the iPhone 5s is a whole lot more vivid and colorful than any screen previously released for a mobile device. It’s also bigger, allowing for more visual content, and the resolution is improved, allowing for higher-quality images. The 5c follows suit with some slightly upgraded features.

All Things Mobile

The new iPhones have not one, but two native app stores. The first is the Play Store, which is a sort of hybrid between Apple’s App Store and Google Play. The second is Mobile Safari, which comes pre-installed on all new iOS devices and allows for quick installs of mobile applications that can be accessed with a simple tap. Allowing for universal access to all your favorite apps is great for mobile professionals who need to be accessible from almost any location.

For those who need even more control over their workflow, there’s also the option to download the Adobe Creative Cloud for iPad to have offline access to your projects while on the go. The mobile apps work in concert with each other, so switching back and forth is easy.

What’s more, thanks to the new iPhones’ size and weight distribution, they are now more comfortable to hold while working for extended periods. That extra comfort combined with the better resolution and improved color quality make for a better overall experience when creating with the Adobe applications. The larger screen size also means that you can see more content at once, even when viewing something on a smaller display like the iPhone 5c’s screen.

Adobe Creative Cloud For iPad

For all the perks that come with an upgraded display and camera on an iPhone, the most essential piece of technology for a mobile professional is their tablet. Tablets are perfect for on-the-go work thanks to their small size and light weight, and the new iPad model is no different. It’s got a 9.7-inch screen with a 2048 x 1536 resolution, making it easily the best tablet display available. It also boasts a much faster processor and improved graphics, allowing for smooth and quick content consumption and creation.

The new tablets also come with improved cameras, making it easier for photographers and artists to create stunning images to share with the world, whether it’s through social media or traditional print media.

Adobe has worked to improve the quality of their Creative Cloud for iPad app with enhanced resolution support up to 4K, faster performance, and more reliable connection to the Internet. They’ve also added in some great little features like the ability to add custom effects and colors to your images, as well as the inclusion of video and audio recording capability. This makes the process of creating content simpler and more enjoyable.

The New Mac Pro

One of the biggest announcements at this year’s WWDC was the new Mac Pro. Available this fall for $2,999, the all-in-one workstation brings with it a sleek, shiny aluminum unibody design combined with high-end hardware like four 64-bit AMD Processors, up to 16GB of memory, and huge hard drives. It’s the most powerful Mac ever made and the perfect companion to the new iPad Pro.

The new design is much more elegant and has a very cool factor, but it’s also significantly more expensive to build and purchase. If you’re looking to spend less money and get more performance, you can opt for the Mac Pro with Integrated Iris Display. It has the same aluminum unibody design as the standard Mac Pro, but without the high-end hardware. Instead it has a 60Hz 5k display, making it perfect for displaying pixels at a faster refresh rate.

While the new designs are great for mobile professionals looking for a powerful tool to take notes on or create elaborate multi-panel presentations, they’re not ideal for those who need a thin, light laptop for daily use.


With the new iPhones and the new Mac Pro, Apple and Adobe have once again upped the ante in the mobile device and desktop digital production fight. The new models of both Apple and Adobe products are great for mobile professionals, especially since they’re more comfortable to hold and use for extended periods. The new generation of Apple and Adobe devices mean that mobile professionals can now work faster and with greater ease, no matter where they are or what form factor their device happens to be in. It’s a great time to be a digital professional.