It’s fair to say that neither of these places are actually in Scotland. We’re not even sure if either one of them is even in Europe. But these are the places we’ll be talking about today.


If you’ve never been to Scotland, then you might not know what town of Scottsdale is. But, if you’re a fan of Downton Abbey or just enjoy the company of sophisticated, high class people, then you should check out Scottsdale, Arizona, United States. It’s got a pretty high profile and is home to some pretty famous people.

For example, there’s a hotel in Scottsdale where Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones used to stay when they were in town. And Scottsdale is also the place where Kate Winslet and her husband, director Michael Barker, spent some of their post-wedding honeymoon. We don’t know if any Scottish castles match the elegance of these buildings, but you should visit them all if you ever get the chance.


Uffington is a village in the flatlands of Oxfordshire, England. To put it simply, it’s home to the University of Oxford. And if you’ve ever seen the Harry Potter films, then you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

Uffington is most famous for its Witch Museum. Though it’s not really a museum, per se, it does contain a collection of magical items and documents related to witchcraft. And if you search for photos of Uffington on social media, you’ll see that the village hasn’t lost its penchant for magic even now, in the 21st century.

Though the buildings in Uffington are gorgeous, it’s the people that make this place. The villagers are some of the most welcoming and friendly you’ll meet. And that’s probably because many of them share a common interest in English witchcraft. Though it’s not an interest that most people would put on their resume, it somehow makes Uffington such an oasis. And that’s probably because of the prevalence of Warwick Davis, who plays Professor Hinkalin in the Harry Potter films. He’s a professor at the local university and has a sideline in telling people that he’s, in fact, a retired warlock.

Barron’s Bay

Though we’re not sure what the connection is between Scotland and Barrons Bay, we’re pretty sure that the town wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the former. Located on the coast of South Queensferry in Scotland, Barrons Bay is home to a cinema, an art gallery, a church, a marina, and lots and lots of golf courses.

The Bay is also famous for the Barrons Gally, a huge boat that can hold up to 100 passengers. It’s been around since the 1800s and has been the mode of transport for the wealthy and famous for many years. With a name like that, we’d expect the boat to look like something out of a movie. And you’d be right.

Though the town’s main draw is the magnificent golf courses, it also has a very pleasant marina where you can enjoy a drink with a boat ride on the water nearby. The combination of the sea and the scenery with some challenging golf is enough to make for a truly unique experience. If you ever get the chance to visit this part of Scotland, we highly recommend you take it.


Located on the west coast of Ireland, Knockaloe is a small fishing village that somehow manages to feel remote and undeveloped, while still being within an easy drive of some of the most stunning scenery in all of Europe.

To fully experience what makes Knockaloe so special, you should stay there a while. There aren’t many cities, towns, or villages in Europe that can compare to the natural beauty of this place. Though it was heavily damaged during the recent financial crisis, there are still plenty of traditional thatched-roof cottages around, which provide a picturesque setting for those looking to get away from it all, on a quiet weekend.

There are a few other places in Europe where you can find traditional thatched-roof cottages, but none that are quite like Knockaloe. We’d love to see more communities and villages in Europe preserving their traditional buildings. It would provide a wonderful sense of culture and identity.


Though we couldn’t resist including this Scottish place on our list, we’re pretty sure that most of you will know exactly where we’re talking about. North is the remote but popular Scottish village that’s been the setting of many a horror film. And you probably know what kind of films we’re talking about — the kind where unsuspecting tourists go missing and things of that nature.

Though many of the tourist attractions in North, like the castle and the church, still stand today, the place is really best known for its cobbled streets and its dark alleys. It’s an extremely picturesque village and has been the setting of many a horror film. If you’ve never been there, then we highly recommend you add it to your travel itinerary in the near future.