The trailer for Pattinson and Mermaide has now been out for a little while, and it’s been making the rounds on social media. The film tells the story of a young street artist (played by the fantastic Sharlto Copley) who hides his true identity from the world, as a means of protecting himself from becoming an artist as well. The trailer opens with one of the most iconic scenes in trailer history: Sharlto in a bathrobe, holding a paintbrush and standing in front of a canvas.

The trailer continues to bemoan the fact that Sharlto is a genius, and we see more incredible artistry. The trailer ends with one of the greatest scenes I’ve ever seen in a trailer: Sharlto, fully dressed, riding a bike with a trash can lashed to the back. The film’s director, Joshua Norton, calls it “the most dangerous sequence we had ever filmed”.

I was lucky enough to be able to see the film early, and was completely taken aback by how well-executed it all was. With incredible set design (particularly in the indoor scenes), an incredible attention to detail in the costumes, and outstanding make-up, it was clear that the people behind this were fully aware of how brilliant this film could be. As someone who has dedicated their entire life to film, I felt that I could completely identify with the character of Sharlto Copley’s street artist. The fact that he was so well-grounded in real life made him even more intriguing.

The script is incredibly well-written, and the dialogue is excellent. The film also benefits from some incredibly talented supporting actors, including Mykelti Williamson, who plays Sharlto’s nemesis, and David Thewlis, who plays the gallery owner.

The film opens in theaters across the country on October 12th. If you’re in the UK, make sure you book your tickets in advance. Overseas readers can get in on the action on October 13th.