People have been obsessed with the pair since before they got married in August 2016. While their engagement was filled with hype and excitement, the interest in their relationship gradually diminished after the wedding. But as Pope Francis’ recent comments about the ‘golden couple’ indicated, the fascination with the couple has not entirely gone. Now that they are parents to a baby girl, people are wondering if their love is indeed meant to be. Is it time for the ‘It’ couple to finally get ‘normal’ and stay together? Let’s analyze the evidence and get some answers. 

They Have Been Inseparable For Years

Since before they got engaged, Stéphane and Vanessa Patzkowski were inseparable. The couple dated for five years and were engaged for three of those years. They married on August 22, 2014, which was followed by a lavish wedding celebration in Paris. The guests included fashion icons such as Kate Moss and Lady Gaga. After their wedding, the couple began traveling the world together and have been photographed on some of the most iconic wedding tours. In March 2017, Stéphane and Vanessa announced they were expecting their first child together. The couple chose the name Storm, and their daughter was born in September 2017.

Pattinson And Stewart Share A Bond That Is Unbreakable

While Vanessa works as a stylist and makeup artist, her husband Stéphane is a successful photographer. He started his career in 2009 when he was 25 years old, and he has worked with some of the biggest names in fashion. It was no surprise then that Pattinson was picked to play the role of Christian Grey in the eponymous book series based on Grey’s Anatomy, since Stéphane had previously worked with one of the show’s stars, Dr. Isaac Watts. After filming the first book in April 2015, Pattinson and Stéphane went on an extended holiday to Jamaica, which is where the majority of the filming took place. Even though the film wrapped in early October 2015, the couple did not return to Canada until Christmas. During their down time, they were interviewed for various publications, and according to People, the interviewer remarked that “[Pattinson and Stewart] made such an impression, that it was hard to look past their connection.” In December 2015, People reported that Pattinson and Stewart were “just one of the most recognizable celebrity couples,” adding that fans were “sick of the sight of vacant Instagramming chairs lately.” The magazine also stated that the pair’s chemistry is “irresistible” and that their ‘friends’ joke about how long it is going to take for them to physically fight about something. While it is unclear whether or not this is true, it is certainly something that has been discussed. In fact, prior to their wedding day in 2016, the attendees at the ceremony were asked if they were nervous about the ‘It’ couple’s bond. One of the wedding party’s cousins replied, “No, I think it’s fascinating. I think it’s going to be so beautiful and show how much they love each other. I think there will be a lot of crying at the end.” He may have been right.

They Are Good For Each Other’s Career

While Pattinson and Stéphane may not yet be ready to give up the spotlight, it is clear that their relationship has benefited both of their careers. After all, it was Stéphane who introduced Pattinson to the fashion world when he dressed his then-girlfriend in some of his designs for a Valentine’s Day shoot in 2012. Several months later, Vanity Fair profiled the ‘It’ couple and stated that Stéphane had “made his mark, designing wedding dresses for Kate Moss and Lily Cole as well as a stunning collection for Isabella Rossellini.” The photographer has continued to rise in the industry as fans have taken to social media to express their admiration for his work. Additionally, many people have noted that Stéphane’s work is filled with emotional content, which is a departure from his previous shoots, which tended to be very stylized. This shift is most likely a reflection of his own personal life, as his marriage to Vanessa is filled with love and devotion.

They Are Good For Each Other’s Health

Pattinson and Stéphane are also said to be good for each other’s health. As noted above, Stéphane designed a stunning collection for Isabella Rossellini, whose health issues have been publicly documented. Indeed, the designer wore a medical bracelet during the photo shoot to show her support for the #ILOVEISABELLA campaign. It was later revealed that the designer had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Despite this, Stéphane has continued to work, and Isabella has stated that she is eternally grateful for his support. Additionally, Stéphane has been vocal about his admiration for the designer’s looks, saying that she “is an amazing woman and an amazing designer.” It is also worth noting that Isabella’s sister, Lavinia, is married to Prince Radziwill, and their daughter, Princess Amelia, is currently the next-in-line for the Polish throne. This may mean that Saint Pierre and Isabella have some powerful allies in high places (and maybe even low places, as well).

A Baby Gives Them A New Level Of Tension

Even though the couple have been married for over a year, their baby daughter has added an extra layer of tension to their relationship. Storm was born in September 2017, and the couple’s first public appearance as a family was at the Balmoral Estate in October. The following month, Stéphane was interviewed by Harper’s BAZAAR about his family life, and he talked about how much he adores being a dad. “I couldn’t be more happy,” he said. “It’s an indescribable feeling. I’ve been wanting to have children since before I was even born.” But while he is clearly over the moon, Storm is still the couple’s first child, and it has made them keenly aware of the needs of their daughter. Vanity Fair reported in December that Storm is “indulging in all the baby gear she can get her hands on,” and that she has an “insatiable appetite.” So, it seems, do the parents. Between diaper bags, stroller loads, and car seat frustrations, it is safe to say that Storm’s birth has changed the dynamic of the ‘It’ couple’s marriage. But, as Stéphane noted in the same article, “when you love someone, you want what’s best for them, [even] if it means giving up some of your own personal space. It’s always what’s best for the family.”