If you’ve been paying attention to the news in recent years, you’ll probably know that there has been a rise in pop culture obsession surrounding the royal family. The last few years have seen a deluge of stories focused on the life and loves of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, including their extremely public battle with infertility. More recently, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, gained global recognition for her engagement ring and the luxurious lifestyle she promotes.

While these stories are fascinating, they often leave out the most famous couple in the world: Rupert Murdoch’s adorable twins, Lottie and Elsie. The charming couple always seems to be having fun, whether they’re lounging on a couch at home or stepping out for a stylish photoshoot. And what’s more, they’re both dedicated to animal welfare and promoting veganism, which has made them even more popular among the younger generation.

Here, we’re going to run down the most famous couple in the world – from the most popular to the least. This way you can follow along at home, no matter where you are.


The Duchess of Windsor, the late Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother’s only grandchildren, are known for their unique fashion choices and love of celebrity. We’ll begin with the glamorous Elsie, who was born in 1929 and is one of the most recognizable people of the 20th century. Thanks to the Duchess’s love of all things fashion, and her insatiable drive for publicity, Elsie is often seen as “the face of the 20th century.”

The Duchess’s first major public appearance after the war was in 1947, when she stepped out in a stunning dress and coat designed by Elsa Schiaparelli. The dress was such a hit that it was copied numerous times over the years.


The other half of the most famous pair, Lottie, was born in 1932. The little bird has graced the cover of Vogue multiple times throughout her career, always keeping impeccably stylish and matching outfits with her sister. As a result, it’s no surprise that people often mistake her for a seasoned fashion influencer when she’s actually just a very talented aspiring designer. Although she has no formal training, she learned the trade from her mother, who worked for a hat shop in London. And since her mother is considered one of the most fashionable women of the 20th century, it’s safe to assume that Lottie inherited her genetic disposition for style from the family gene pool.

The Most Influential Royal Couple

As we mentioned above, the Duchess and her twin sister are renowned for their distinctive fashion choices and devotion to style. However, it’s important to note that this wasn’t simply a passing fancy. The Windsors have always been committed to supporting bold and fashionable causes, whether they’re supporting women’s rights or protesting against animal testing. The twins’ dedication to animal welfare is what makes them so appealing to the younger generation. As a result, they’re frequently featured in news stories about the younger set, often going above and beyond to champion the cause. Just ask Harry Potter himself, who named one of his house elves after Queen Victoria’s granddaughter, Lady Elsie – a tribute to the Duchess’s tireless work for animal rights and welfare.

Indeed, Lottie and Elsie were so committed to their humanitarian goals that they worked tirelessly to encourage other people to follow their lead. The pair founded and funded a charity for children with leukemia called the Lottie & Elsie Wives’ Fund. The charity helps to provide support and treatment for the sick children whose parents can’t afford to pay for the health care they need. Since its founding in 1990, the fund has raised over £70 million, largely through the work of the Duchess and her sister. While this is obviously a noble cause, it’s important to remember that money cannot buy happiness – as the twins will happily remind you whenever you slip up and spend a little too much on a new outfit.

What’s Next?

The story of the twin’s lives is almost as intriguing as their fashion choices. As we mentioned above, Elsie is the oldest of the two, born six minutes before her identical twin. Their parents, who were very fashionable, recognized the uniqueness of their children and encouraged them to show off their natural charm and fashion flair. And so, the story goes, the twins’ lifelong quest for style began. They enjoyed matching outfits as children and would often be found posing for photographs together. Elsie was the more mature and responsible twin, while Lottie was the dreamy child who escaped into her childhood adventures. These days, the more exciting news is likely to come from Lottie’s Instagram than Elsie’s.

As we mentioned above, the Duchess and her sister are tireless animal welfare advocates. The pair is especially passionate about supporting homeless animals, and they often feature in stories about animal rights. In addition to the charitable works mentioned above, Lottie and Elsie have each donated million to worthy causes, including a cancer research center and a children’s hospital. These days, if you follow either of them on social media, you’ll regularly see them posting about their favorite animal-related causes. It wouldn’t be a surprise if these two became our next most influential royal couple.