Is your “Harry Potter” fan club missing a few members? Do you want to know how to make them feel welcome and engaged again? This article will teach you different ways of doing that. It will cover the following subjects:

Upgrade Their Experience

Giving fans a great experience is essential in keeping them coming back for more. One way of doing that is through exceptional customer care. A lot of Harry Potter fans feel that the staff at the Harry Potter fan clubs are not very approachable. That is completely wrong. In fact, the staff at Harry Potter fan clubs are often very friendly and approachable. All they want is for you to have a good time and leave a positive feedback. The problem is that sometimes people don’t know how to have a good time, especially when they are new to the club. That is why it is important to educate them about the fun things to do at your local Harry Potter fan club. The key to making them feel welcome and to keep them engaged is by providing them with an exceptional experience. One way of doing that is by asking other members for suggestions on how to make their time at the club more enjoyable. Doing that will give them a chance to participate and have their opinions heard. It will also make them feel that their opinion is valued and that they have something to offer. It is never easy being a new member of a community, but you are a new member in a way that is unique to you. The people at your local Harry Potter fan club will never understand what you are going through, but they will still want to make you feel welcome and make sure that you have a good time. Keeping that in mind will help you get through those first few awkward moments. 

Encourage Intermingling

There is a saying that “birds of a feather flock together”, which means that those who are alike will often associate with one another. That is something that Harry Potter fans have in common. Even though they live in different parts of the world and may not always get the chance to socialize outside of their own circles, the fact remains that they are an extremely social bunch. They often get the chance to socialize through fan conventions that bring together the international Harry Potter fan clubs. When that happens, opportunities arise for the members to meet and interact with one another. Even though it can be fun when someone visits your city and spends a little more than they should in your local shop, having that interaction with a stranger is rarely what you want when you are traveling. That is why it is important to encourage members of your Harry Potter fan club to mix and mingle with other fans from around the world. The more that they do that, the more that they will enjoy themselves and the value that the experience brings. Small talk and friendly gestures go a long way. They may not always seem like much, but the little things will add up and make a world of difference.

Create A Clubhouse Atmosphere

If you want to pull others in and make them interested in joining your “Harry Potter” fan club, creating a clubhouse atmosphere is a great way to do that. Whether it is themed nights or movie nights where everyone comes together to watch a certain film, getting the atmosphere of a real-life Harry Potter book or movie is very appealing. It will give others the feeling that they are truly a part of something bigger and that the members care about what they do and how they do it. Going above and beyond to make sure that everyone feels welcomed is a great way of creating that atmosphere. Going that extra mile will make your members feel remembered and valued. It can be as simple as putting up posters and displaying artwork relating to “Harry Potter” and creating a space where the members can interact with one another. Doing that will help bring more people on board and make them want to participate more. It also shows that you care and that you are trying to make the club better for everyone.

Unexpected Surprise

Giving your fans an unexpected surprise is a great way of making them feel special. One of the things that makes the “Harry Potter” series so appealing is that the fans never really expect much from the series and are constantly surprised by the twists and turns that the stories take. As the stories progress, the fans get to know the characters and begin to expect the unexpected. It is often said that J.K. Rowling is amazing at making the fans feel like they are a part of the story. That is because she takes the time to communicate with her audience and make them feel like they are truly participating in the world that she has created. There are several ways in which you can develop that same kind of connection with your own fans. One way is through an exclusive podcast. If you have one, or are planning on creating one, why not devote an hour a day to sharing news and stories from within your “Harry Potter” fan club? That way, you can keep everyone up-to-date on the goings-on within the community and allow them to participate. As the host of the podcast, you will be playing an essential role in creating a space where fans can feel comfortable sharing their opinions and ideas. Just make sure that you are careful about what you include in the podcast. If there are any subject areas that you feel are particularly sensitive or uncomfortable talking about, then it may be best to leave those topics out of the podcast. Otherwise, you may end up creating a space for the members of your “Harry Potter” fan club to express their true feelings and ideas. While you want to keep the spirit of surprise and engagement alive, you also have to be mindful of what you are putting out there. Take the time to listen to your guest’s ideas and feedback, as well as your own. You can then use that information to develop a better understanding of the fans’ needs and the needs of your club as a whole. That way, you can ensure that all members will be satisfied and happy with what you do. The more you do that, the more engaged your fans will be and the more loyal they will become.