The news that Brad Pitt is selling his iconic Brentwood home hit headlines worldwide. The estate sale was highly publicized and attracted record-breaking attendance at the final auction. What will this legendary home sale mean for the market? How much will it be worth in today’s dollars? Let’s take a quick look at some remarkable facts about Brad Pitt’s residence and its future market value.

It’s A Fashion Icon

We all know that Brad Pitt is a fashion icon. The renowned Hollywood star boasts an unprecedented fashion sense and consistently enriches our wardrobes, year after year. Few houses are as synonymous with style as his. When you walk into his home’s entrance hall, you’ll immediately understand why.

Bedding, dressing, and entertaining have been revolutionized by his design choices. His personal style has transcended trends and shifted the way we look at contemporary living. It’s fair to say that if Brad Pitt were to die tomorrow, the fashion industry would lose a great influencer. The mere thought of his impending death has sent the market value of his Beverly Hills mansion soaring. If you had the opportunity to buy one of the most prominent residences in the Hollywood Hills for your own exclusive use, how much would you pay?

The media frenzy that surrounded the final auction of Brad Pitt’s home served as a stark reminder of the fashion icon’s immense popularity. To put this into context, the property was on the market for almost 10 months and attracted over 15,000 visitors during that time. Not every home has such high footfall, so it’s safe to assume that many people were there just to catch a glimpse of Brad Pitt.

A Sporty Parent

Another significant factor which contributed to the boom in value is that Brad Pitt is a very active sporty parent. He competes in triathlons and usually keeps his children by his side as he promotes his films. The kids themselves have followed in their father’s footsteps and pursued an acting career. It’s been a family affair with the famous Pitt clan regularly teaming up on movie sets and enjoying quality time while boosting their children’s profile.

Brad’s older son, William, shared his father’s passion for sailing and became an accomplished skipper. He even authored a book about his travels called, “Born to be Wild.” It seems that Dad is passing his adventurous spirit on to his children, as both Paris and Gotham have followed in his footsteps, pursuing a career in showbiz. He’s also managed to impart a work ethic to his brood. As a result, the kids have thrived in their father’s company and helped fuel the estate’s value. Now that Paris and Gotham have established themselves in the industry, it’s likely that we’ll soon see them listed as brands in their own right. Their unique and stylish style resonates with fashion-loving audiences and has made them famous within the industry. This recognition has undoubtedly inspired design choices in the home and established a pattern for future luxury build-outs.

It’s A Status Symbol

Bedding, dressing, and entertaining have been revolutionized by the fashion choices of the wealthy and famous. The art deco style and the use of exotic fabrics like silk has made it acceptable for the uber-wealthy to display their affluence in a different way. This shift in public perception has been spurred on by social media. Thanks to the internet, individuals can now see how others interpret their behavior and how it’s reflected in their style choices. It’s opened up a new world of opportunity for stylists and helped establish fashion as a status symbol.

In the past, only the extremely wealthy would be able to afford fabulous homes and invest in top-notch interior design. It was once reserved for royalty, heads of state, and the likes of Howard Hughes. The ultra-wealthy have always been famous for their excesses, whether it’s the mansions they build or the yachts they sail. Thanks to lucrative licensing deals and brand ambassadorhips, celebrity now has its own price. The market value of a celebrity’s residence will continue to rise as more and more people flock to experience the luxury of being in the presence of a famous personality. What’s exciting is that, as today’s society becomes more digital, individuals have the opportunity to curate their own personalized dream houses.

It’s Different From The Rest

With the exception of the late Howard Hughes, the home of a wealthy and famous person is usually a distinctive piece of architecture. It’s been described as a “miniature palace,” “an aesthetic dream,” and “the epitome of Hollywood glamour.” What makes this residence so special is its integration of nature with modern living. Sustainability is taken into account with the use of natural lighting and water-efficient fixtures. Recycle and reduce, reduce and recycle are the order of the day, as one would expect from a mindful green home.

This integration of nature and modern glamour is something which Brad Pitt consistently brings to his residence. Thanks to his efforts to reduce his impact on the environment, the house uses lots of eco-friendly products and materials, like hemp and bamboo flooring, energy-saving lightbulbs, and vegetable-based paint. It’s fair to say that eco-friendly choices don’t come cheap. A lot of research and forethought goes into each decision, as eco-friendly products are generally more expensive to buy and install. Nevertheless, it’s worth it. It’s a small price to pay to reduce your carbon footprint. Your home, your health, and the environment all benefit. It’s all about the long term.

A Diamond In The Rough

What makes this residence so special is its location. The 9,400 sq ft (904 sq m) of living space is just one of the many reasons why you should buy a home at this iconic address. Located in the heart of one of the most glamorous neighborhoods in the world, this luxurious residence offers unprecedented privacy, as well as a lavish interior. It would go without saying that this is an incredibly rare find, particularly considering its size and the fact that it’s not a palace built for royalty or a head of state.

Located in the midst of a bustling metropolis, this estate offers the convenience of a bustling city life. With over 15,000 cars parked on its streets each day, it’s apparent that this is one of the most prominent addresses in the area. The sheer volume of people who pass by its doors each day gives it a life all of its own. Despite its relatively modest size, it provides the owner with unimaginable privacy and opportunity. He can host lavish parties and sleep over, which was unheard of in the past. It’s an opportunity to truly personalize and customize the home, creating a bespoke sanctuary for himself and family. This is a truly incredible find, well worth a fortune and an arm and a leg to boot!

An Investment For The Future

This residence is a prime example of what wealthy and famous individuals can do with their money. If you add up the cost of design and build, as well as the cost of moving in, you’re left with an investment. This is money which the owner can then re-invest in further upgrades and additional rooms, with the aim of maximizing the home’s value. What happens after your family has used up all the available space? Does the house become a hotel? A condominium? Another mansion? It’s all about the re-sale of course, as today’s society is driven by commerce and opportunity.

What makes this residence so appealing is its potential as an investment. It’ll be interesting to see what future buyers plan to do with it. Will they keep it as-is, or will they restore and re-inhabit it? The decision is all about what they can afford. Luxury real estate is a proven investment, particularly in major cities. It is well-maintained, and its popularity continues to rise as more and more people are looking for ways to invest in a property which they can live in comfort.

A Dream House

This luxurious residence is the epitome of a dream house. It’s been a long time coming, and it finally delivered on its promise. Its owner can finally afford to indulge his every whim and desire for the perfect bedroom, living room, office, and outdoor space. These are just some of the rooms inside the palatial home. There are also guestrooms, an indoor pool, and a separate outdoor pool with spa. It’s fair to say that this is one home which truly lives up to its name.