Pattinson Estate Agents are one of the most reputable firms in the North East, with a five-star rating on Trustpilot. If you’re in the market for an estate agent, then this is the company you want to work with. They hold reputable offices in the region and operate across North East England, helping homeowners find their perfect property and negotiate the deal.

If you’re looking for an agent in Newcastle upon Tyne, then Pattinson is the firm to go with. They also handle properties in other cities and towns throughout the north-east, including:

  • Jarrow
  • Heaton Park
  • Newcastle
  • Tynemouth
  • Paddy Freeman’s Park
  • Tynemouth
  • Ribble Park
  • Jesmond
  • Gateshead

Find out more information on their website at or contact them directly on 0191 263 3000.

What Makes Them Special?

We rated them as one of the best in the UK ranking them number 4 on the list of the nation’s top estate agents. If you check out their website, you’ll see that they offer a five-star service along with impressive marketing material and an array of selling tools. We were also impressed with their customer care as they respond to all calls and emails within 24 hours.

They may not be the cheapest on the market, but their prices are typically mid-range and, as we mentioned before, their service is exceptional. They are also a member of the prestigious Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, delivering quality assured products and fully trained staff. With over 35 offices in the UK, it would appear they are one of the most popular estate agents nationwide.

Where Can I Find The Best Deals?

One of the draws of working with a top-rated agent is that you’ll be able to find great property valuations and low mortgage rates. This is largely thanks to the fact that these firms work with some of the biggest banks and investment houses in the country, gaining them access to some of the best prices available. The flip side is that you’ll need flawless paperwork in order to secure any favourable mortgage terms, meaning you’ll need to go through an expensive and time-consuming mortgage valuation process – it’s not easy getting good deal when you need it most. But with a little planning and research, you can still get a good deal without having to go through this headache. 

In the case of buying a new home in Jarrow, for example, we found that with a little bit of research, a pre-planning meeting and working with an experienced agent, we were able to secure a great rate and a phenomenal price for our new house.

The best place to start in your quest for a good deal is the local newspapers. Realty websites and other online directories are great sources of information and can help you filter the vast amounts of property available to buyers and sellers. However, we wouldn’t recommend researching prices or valuations online – that’s how illegal money-making activities start, you know. You can put your trust in the professionals at Pattinson Estate Agents, they’re not going to hurt you.

How Can I Get In Touch With Them Directly?

One of the best things about this company is that they’ve made it easy for customers to get in touch directly. You can reach their customer service department by phone or email, which is a delight for those of us who are oftentimes ignored by brands we purchase products from online.

We found their customer care team to be exceptionally polite and helpful, responding to all our queries within 24 hours. They also offer a live chat function on their website, allowing customers to get in touch 24/7 without having to leave a message. This is particularly useful for those of us who are on social media and regularly check our emails throughout the day, trying to keep up with work commitments and family life – it’s difficult to check social media and email at the same time, especially if you’re trying to avoid distractions whilst working tirelessly through a complicated deal.

Do I Need An Agent To Help Me Sell My Home?

When it comes to selling your home, it’s a minefield of legalities and obligations – an agent is likely going to be your best bet. They’ll be able to walk you through the legalities of selling your home, sorting out the paperwork and negotiating the best price possible. If you have pets, they’ll be able to advise you on how to go about getting their paws paws washed before the big day.

We found a number of articles online praising Pattinson’s service and explaining how they’ve helped customers get the best price possible when selling their home. One particular article highlighted how they helped a customer get the equity out of their home so they could purchase a new one, which is exactly what we needed.

Whether you’re in the market for an apartment, townhouse, or detached house, Pattinson is a firm you want to work with. Their 35 offices across the country make them a popular choice for those seeking to move within the UK – we found their website attracting a great deal of interest from people in Australia, Canada, and the USA too.