The tennis pro couple were married on Saturday night in a private ceremony in Santa Barbara, California. About 50 guests attended the intimate celebration which included a jazz band playing classic songs.

The couple met as students at Stanford University where Peter played tennis and Kaley was an intern. They bonded over their shared passion for the sport and went on to become professional tennis players. It was during this time that they became close friends with the Rolling Sisters who had just split up from David Bowie.

Kaley had been working as a full-time nanny for a family of five while on the side pursuing her tennis career. She had recently retired from child care to focus on her wedding planning. In February she said “I have loved every minute of being a nanny. It has been the most amazing experience of my life. I feel so blessed to have been able to provide such a safe and happy childhood for my pupils. It’s also been great to watch them grow up and be independent. You never stop learning.”

After their wedding ceremony the newlyweds were driven away in a vintage car to a dinner party at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. They then headed to their honeymoon hotel in Europe before heading home to their newly renovated apartment in the Hollywood Hills.

Wedding Plans

The tennis star told OK! magazine “There were a lot of ups and downs to our planning process. It was really challenging because Kaley had never done anything on this scale. We began planning our wedding after our junior year at Stanford when I decided I wanted to propose. I got down on one knee and popped the question. We were both a little shocked. It was such a special moment. We had both dreamed of this proposal day since we were children.”

Peter said he and Kaley picked “Anastasia” as the ring name for their newborn daughter because it was the name of his favorite Russian princess.

Newlywed Life

Kaley will continue to play tennis while on her honeymoon but now also has the added responsibility of being a full-time mommy. She told OK! “The last year has flown by and I couldn’t be more grateful to my husband for taking on this role. I’m looking forward to being a wife and mother-to-be and being able to share this wonderful moment with my daughter once she gets old enough to understand what’s going on.”

Speaking of their baby girl, Peter said “I feel very lucky to have been able to spend twelve years with Kaley while she was growing up. I always wanted to protect her and make sure she was happy. She is an incredibly thoughtful and giving person and I feel confident that she’ll be a wonderful parent. I can’t wait to be a father and for our family to grow via baby steps.”

The newlyweds may have chosen a classy wedding venue but opted for a more traditional reception. In June 2019 the pair celebrated their anniversary at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach with 250 guests in attendance. They released a statement saying “We are so happy to celebrate another year of marriage with our family and friends. This past year has been such a joy, filled with love, laughter, and some incredible adventures. We look forward to continuing to grow together as a couple and as individuals, and to bringing more happiness to our beautiful little girl Anastasia than ever before.”

Signature Cocktails

The newlywed couple had also made a point of creating their own signature cocktails to enjoy during cocktail hour. The “Kaley Luwriggeman” (named after their daughter) is made with gin or vodka and fresh orange juice. If you’re a fan of the tennis stars, you can get a drink with your name on it.

Peter and Kaley will celebrate their 10th anniversary in October 2019. The couple met at a tennis camp when they were 14 years old and have been inseparable since. Peter said “We had known each other for so long and played together since we were kids that it just felt right. There were a lot of ups and downs to our planning process but we worked really hard to make sure it was perfect.”

He continued “There were a lot of highs and lows in our journey to wedlock, but we wouldn’t change a thing. It was such a meaningful celebration to share with our family and friends. We are so happy to finally have this ‘coming out’ party and begin our new life together.”

Kaley had been trying to keep the wedding a secret for weeks because she wanted to have a special day to remember. She said “I can’t believe it’s been 10 years already! To think that I had been dreaming of this day for as long as I could remember and was finally able to make it happen. I love you more than ever, Peter, and can’t wait to celebrate with you every single day. Thank you for being the best husband and father that you can be. I love you more than words can say. This day is truly a miracle.”

The tennis legend also shared an update on his daughter’s tennis career. “I’ll always be there for her when she needs me. We’re so proud of Anastasia. She has worked really hard to get where she is today and we could not be more proud,” Peter said.

Classy As Ever

The tennis stars have always been classy and elegant and have never shied away from showing off their status as one of the most prestigious couple in the tennis world. Peter attended the prestigious St. Georges Grammar School in London and then proceeded to Oxford University where he gained a degree in chemistry. He then went on to Stanford University where he became a member of the prestigious university’s tennis team. Kaley attended Stanford as an undergrad and then gained notoriety playing for the volleyball team. She then went on to play tennis for the University of Southern California. After graduating she played professional tennis and became a member of the WTA (Women’s Tennis Association).

The tennis stars have always been very private people and have never given many interviews. The only people they have opened up to recently are their closest friends and family. And, of course, their biographers.

So, while it is still a secret as to what Katey’s new nickname will be, fans can get a taste of what’s to come in the coming months via her Instagram account. She’s sharing photos of her new baby boy and sneak peeks of her upcoming wedding. Whether you’re a tennis fan or not, it’s sure to be an interesting ride.