If you’re in your Harry Potter phase, you’re obsessed with the books, the movies, and all things wizarding. But what do you do when you realize that you’re already a few years into the process?

We know what you’re thinking. For years, we’ve been waiting patiently for the next Harry Potter instalment. But that anticipation turned into disappointment when we found out that J.K. Rowling would not be continuing the story. Since then, we’ve been desperate to find a way to tell that we’re already in the middle of the Harry Potter era. And in a way, we have. While there are still plenty of books to read, films to see, and things to collect, there’s also a way to indicate that you’re in the right place and time. Let’s look at how.

Wizards and Wands

If you still haven’t found the answer to your question, perhaps it’s time to examine your obsession a little closer. Take a good look at your collection of wands and wizarding robes. They don’t just sit on a shelf or hide in a cupboard. They’re your friends, your pride and joy. And it’s only when you spend time with them that you realize how much you depend on them. They’re your connection to the magical world that you’ve created in your head. So when you find yourself growing tired of the endless days and endless nights spent thinking about and reading about Harry Potter and the wizards and witches of Hogwarts, it’s time to take a break. Go on, pick up your wand(s) and robes, and head for a quiet corner of the room. Sit down with your friends and have a chat. Tell them what’s going on. They’ll understand.

Alignment of Office Furniture

Another way to tell if you’re in the right place and time in your Harry Potter phase is to examine the furniture in your office or home. Does every piece of furniture appear to be an extension of your personality? Does the sitting room reflect your love for lavish displays and deep, rich colors? Or does it reflect a more functional side, a side that values space and harmony?

What’s more, you might find that some of the pieces don’t match at all. For example, if you’re an artist at heart, you might have several easels set up around your home to capture the essence of magic and painting. But if your home is more of a blank canvas, you might want to invest in some matching armchairs.

Technology Integration

Integration is one of the key-words in office life today. If you’ve got a smartphone, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. Integration connects all the devices and tools you use in daily life. From your car to your home, your phone knows exactly where you are at all times. If you get a message requesting permission to access your location, don’t give it. You’re not obliged to share your whereabouts with anyone, especially not with people you don’t know. The less information you give away, the less information they have about you. And what’s the most important information they can have about you? Your location.

With integration, every aspect of your life can be connected to everything else. From the clothes you wear, to the appliances you use, everything about you will be accessible to everyone you come into contact with. Even your moods. If you’re feeling down, nobody needs to know. But if you start to feel a little better, they’ll be the first to know and share their thoughts and feelings with you. In a world full of strangers, your digital friend network will become your new best friend.

The Sign of the Magical Times

These are just a few ways of telling if you’ve entered the right place and time in your Harry Potter phase. But it’s up to you to find the right way for you to identify. Do you love to bake? Do you enjoy painting and drawing? Do you enjoy being in the woods? Are you fascinated by astronomy? Do you collect antique toys and games?

Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, it’s a good enough reason for identifying yourself as being in your Harry Potter phase. And it’s not just about the fun and excitement of the moment. It’s about connecting with your unconscious mind, the place where you create your dreams and make your visions come true. How else would you explain the fact that you’ve been dreaming of being a wizard or witch your whole life? It’s time to follow your heart and let your instincts guide you. If you want to create the life you want, don’t just look to the present, look to the future as well. What does the future hold for you? What would you like to see happen? Your unconscious mind is a powerful tool, and it’s waiting for you to use it.