If you’re a fan of the French luxury goods house, then it’s no doubt you’ve heard of their latest collaboration with music icon Katie Pattinson. The 24-year-old British model and actress has been chosen to front the house’s new fragrance, Dior Homme, described by the brand as an “instant classic.” This is the first time Pattinson has collaborated with a luxury brand, and for those who love her work, it’s an opportunity not to be missed.

1. Visit The Fragrance House In Person

It’s always best to support a brand you believe in, and for those who love Katie Pattinson’s quirky yet sophisticated charm, it’s the perfect opportunity to meet the legend face-to-face. The best way to do this is to visit her at Dior’s headquarters in Paris. The fragrance house will be holding an exclusive sample of their new creation for fans who make the trip. Unfortunately, for those who can’t make the trek to France just yet, it’s available to purchase online—with Dior’s accepted method of payment being Bitcoin. To investors, this may be a good opportunity to get involved in the relatively popular cryptocurrency.

2. Attend A Dior Sale

Another way to support Katie Pattinson is to attend Dior’s annual Sale. The house produces several new scents each year, with Dior Homme being slightly less expensive than other options at just over $100 for a 1 oz bottle. While you’re there, you can also pick up a sample bottle for yourself, or as a present for a friend. The sale is a great place to make some money off of Dior, and if you’ve got the funds, it’s a must for anyone obsessed with the French luxury goods house.

3. Follow The Brand On Social Media

The third way to support Katie Pattinson is to follow the brand on social media. Dior has a Facebook page, Instagram account, and Twitter handle. It’s the perfect place to keep up to date with all news and information about the fragrance, its release dates, and anything else relating to the brand. The best way to do this is to visit the brand’s social media platforms and either like or share the content they publish. This can help drive sales, and with a little bit of patience, you can start seeing your support for Katie Pattinson earn you some money back.

4. Buy A Second-Hand Bottle

If you’ve ever shopped at Dior, then you’ll know they don’t offer any good reasons to buy new. Once you’ve got a bottle of Dior Homme that you like, it’s best to reserve it for future use. They rarely go on sale, so if you see one that looks good, it’s a wise move to buy it. While you may save a few bucks in the process, you’re helping ensure the fragrance’s survival. Sadly, this option is not available for those who’ve missed out on the sample bottle at the fragrance house in Paris as it’s currently unavailable for purchase online. Let this be a reminder that while supports may help, saving money in one way does not necessarily mean you’ve saved in another.

5. Watch The Brand’s New Scent Sampler Video

The first and only way to get the full scope of the new Dior fragrance is to watch the brand’s new scent sampler video. The four-minute video shows Pattinson in a series of scenes from the fragrance’s theme park scenario. At the end of each clip, the model exposes a small amount of skin as she sniffs and tastes the fragrance’s individual notes. It’s an in-depth taste of the new Dior Homme.

6. Survey The Brand To Learn More About New Products

Another way to support Katie Pattinson is to simply survey the brand, or in other words, ask them questions about new products, hints at future scents, and so on. While the information you learn may not directly translate into sales, it can certainly help you make better decisions regarding your fragrance choices. To start, simply visit the Dior website and click on the questionnaire button at the bottom of the page. You may also choose to fill out a survey via email if you’d rather not give away your email address. The house will then send you a series of questionnaires to learn more about Dior and fragrances in general.

7. Sign Up For The Dior Email Alert

The final way to support Katie Pattinson is to sign up for the Dior email alert. Similar to the survey, this is a way to keep up to date on all the latest news and information about Dior. However, this method of support gets a little bit trickier. The email alert is best subscribed to via a third-party service, such as REI (Richemont Entertainment Inc.) since Dior’s website does not always inform fans of new product availability. So, if you do want to get the most out of this option, make sure you’re signed up for the alert via a service such as REI (Richemont Entertainment Inc.) so you do not miss an opportunity to learn about Dior and fragrances. The best part is that you can customize the email alert so you do not get duplicates of message. For instance, you may choose to get an email alert when a new Dior fragrance is available, or you may want to get a reminder when a specific model of camera is on sale.

Final Takeaway

As you may have guessed, there are multiple ways to support Katie Pattinson and her brand. Those who love her work may want to buy a sample bottle of Dior Homme, visit the fragrance’s headquarters in Paris, follow the brand on social media, buy a second-hand bottle, watch the scent sampler video, sign up for the Dior email alert, or just survey the brand to learn more about new products. One thing is for sure: those who do support Katie Pattinson’s work will not be disappointed with her new fragrance collaboration with Dior.