The “About Amazon” FAQ is a collection of questions and answers about the latest edition of [amazon_product|Amazon’s] bestselling annual publication. Published in 2019, this FAQ provides an in-depth look at what is new in the latest version of the book and what you can expect to learn about Amazon and its founder, Jeff Bezos.

Is This Book For Sale?

Yes! In fact, the “About Amazon” book is a frequent topic of discussion among fans of the store. After the book’s successful rollout as a standalone product in September 2018, Amazon released the second edition in October 2019. Interested in buying a copy? You can find it in [amazon_product|Amazon’s] catalog or at a bookseller near you.

What Devices Does This Book Work With?

Wirecutter has reviewed the “About Amazon” book and determined that all e-readers except for the Barnes & Noble Nook can interact with the digital version of the book. If you have one of these devices, you can read the book on the go.

According to the review, all smartphones and tablets are compatible as well. Unfortunately, not all ebook readers are created equal, and the Wirecutter review warns that ‘not all [ebook readers] are created equal”, specifically naming the Kobo glo and the Kindle Oasis as the two worst offenders. While the Wirecutter reviewer acknowledges that the Kindle is “an excellent device”, the reviewer goes on to say that the Oasis is “just a Kindle with a fancy wrapping”.

How Much Does This Book Cost To Print?

For a while, you could buy a hard copy of the “About Amazon” book for just $15.99. However, after Amazon discontinued the practice of including free shipping with every purchase, the cost of a hard copy increased to $19.99. But hey, at least you’re getting a free book!

Where Can I Buy This Book?

You can currently buy the “About Amazon” book from [amazon_product|Amazon’s] website or other retailers. If you want to read the book on the go, you can also download it directly from Amazon’s website.

What If I Want a Paperback?

If you prefer a print copy of the book, you will have to purchase it separately. Right now, you can find a paperback copy of the “About Amazon” book for just $9.99.

What If I Want a Digital Copy?

If you already have a Kindle device and are just looking for a way to carry around a copy of the “About Amazon” book with you, you can subscribe to Kindle Unlimited and have access to all of Amazon’s e-reader releases. Additionally, you can also use the Kindle app to download the digital version of the book to your smartphone or tablet.

Is This Book For Kids?

It’s never not a good idea to save money wherever you can. The “About Amazon” book is completely free for students and families. You can use your student ID to take advantage of this perk.

What’s New In This Version?

This edition of the “About Amazon” book includes information on [amazon_product|Amazon’s] latest products and trends as well as an overview of the company’s history. Additionally, the book highlights [amazon_product|Amazon’s] various business ventures, including its [amazon_product|Amazon Web Services] which provides online infrastructure and computing power to companies.

In 2019, Amazon celebrated its 25th anniversary, which the book covers in a bit of historical context. Also new this year is a guide to [amazon_product|Amazon’s] upcoming live arena shows, which the company is calling ‘A Grand Tour.’

If you’re curious about the trends shaping the retail industry in 2019 and how Amazon is responding, this book is for you.

What Can I Learn From This Book?

From the outside looking in, it would appear that [amazon_product|Amazon’s] latest [amazon_product|Amazon] book is yet another example of a useless piece of marketing fluff. However, if you take the time to actually read the book, you’ll discover a goldmine of information.

Here’s a short list of the things you can learn from the “About Amazon” book: