When it comes to the DC Extended Universe, many fans have been eagerly anticipating the upcoming release of Batman vs. Superman. The film is set to be released in cinemas on March 6, and judging from early buzz, it seems that we’re in for a real treat. Batman vs. Superman promises to be the ultimate crossover event in movie history, and considering the source material in the DC Comics, it’s really no wonder why. In our latest podcast, we assess both films and offer our thoughts on what makes them so special.

Why Batman vs. Superman Matters

The year is 2020, and the world is in a state of change. As the pandemic continues to loom over us, people are searching for ways to save money and spend less. Concerts, sporting events, and theme park visits have all but ceased to exist, and the world has transitioned into a remote working environment. But while the world may be changing, the cinematic universe surrounding it remains as popular as ever. And it’s not just the films – the TV series based on the DCEU are also continuing to thrive, attracting new audiences who wouldn’t normally head to the cinema.

This popularity is proven by the success of films like Joker, which surprised many by coming away with a whopping $1.9 billion worldwide. It was subsequently followed by Aquaman, Shazam!, and most recently, Solo. All of these films were box office smash-hits, further solidifying the popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe.

The 2020 line-up is looking increasingly strong, with Wonder Woman 1984, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and now Batman vs. Superman all set to premiere in theatres around the world. It’s no wonder why Warner Bros. and DC are desperate to finally give us an answer to the question: who would win in a fight? Batman vs. Superman offers the opportunity to finally find out, and judging from early buzz, it seems that fans are really looking forward to it.

The Films Are Different, Yet Equally As Good

It’s well-known that director Zack Snyder is a big Batman fan, and it really shows in his work. The Dark Knight rises from the rubble of a destroyed Gotham, and sets into motion a chain of events that would see the city’s protector battle a plethora of criminals and bullies. In many ways, the trilogy is a culmination of everything Snyder has ever loved about comics, combining the dark themes and vivid, atmospheric cinematography he grew up watching and loving with his infatuation with superhero films.

This infatuation manifested itself in Zack Snyder’s unique stylings, the most recognizable of which is most likely the shot-for-shot remake of 1989’s The Dark Knight. This time around, Batman’s fights are more stylish and more action-packed, and the overall effect is one of pure, unadulterated fun. Snyder has even gone as far as to reimagine the Bat signal, and it works beautifully. The director infuses this world with so much detail and life that it feels realistic and fresh, like a brand new take on an old favorite.

Batman vs. Superman is set to deviate from this approach, however, as this is the first time that these two iconic characters have appeared on screen together. The prospect of these two formidable titans going head-to-head was enough to get fans hyped, but the film itself appears to play it safe, promising a more traditional superhero story. Fans of both films will likely be disappointed by this turn of events, as Snyder’s take on Batman is arguably the best thing about the film. But still, a fun and inventive trailer couldn’t hurt. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that the character of Doomsday makes a brief cameo in the film. We’ll finally get to see what Snyder brings to the table when it comes to the terrifying apocalypto beastie, and it’ll be worth it.

Who’s The Better Person: Batman Or Superman?

These are dark times we’re living in, and at the center of it all is Batman vs. Superman. The world’s greatest detectives are going head-to-head, each one driven by a combination of personal tragedy and extraordinary willpower, as they fight to preserve order and protect the innocent. And let’s be honest – who doesn’t want to see the world’s greatest detectives duke it out? We all have our fixations, and Batman vs. Superman has created a legion of fans who can’t get enough of these two iconic characters. But while we may know what makes Batman and Superman special, it’s not always easy to say which one is the better person.

The line between the two is blurred, as we’ve established: Superman is the ultimate outsider, an alien visitor from a foreign planet, whose gifts and powers vastly outmatch our own. As such, it would be incorrect to say that Batman is the superior hero in terms of intellect, as his greatest asset is his wit. He’s also a billionaire vigilante, who uses his own considerable resources to help fight injustice. So it would seem that these two titans are quite evenly matched.

What makes Batman vs. Superman so special is that it pits two of the most unique and beloved superheroes against one another. It’s the ultimate match-up, and the idea that these two greatest detectives would go head-to-head, solving crimes and protecting the innocent, is as appealing as it is improbable. This is the kind of entertainment people want to see right now, especially in these dark times. We’re a world away from the heady days of the late 1960s, when the idea of two vigilantes battling it out for justice wasn’t completely unbelievable.

These days, we rarely get to see our greatest detectives going head-to-head. With the exception of Sherlock Holmes and Mr. Miyagi, the dynamic duo rarely ventures off the printed page, let alone the big screen. But thanks to Zack Snyder, we get to see Batman and Superman put their smarts, resources, and unique skills to the test, in a fight for the ages.