If you’re looking for an auction, you’ve probably heard about the Robert Pattinson auction. The auction was created to benefit the actor’s charity, Go Campaign, and features items from Pattinson’s own collection. But what do people think about the auction? Here’s what you need to know about the Robert Pattinson auction reviews.

The Robert Pattinson Auction Reviews

As with any auction, there have been a lot of reviews on the Robert Pattinson auction. And, generally speaking, reviews are largely positive. People have praised the selection of items available, as well as the quality of the items and the pricing. A few people have also mentioned that the auction has been incredibly organized, which has made it easier to place bids and follow the auction process.

While there are a lot of positive reviews, there are still some people who have had negative experiences. Common complaints include difficulty navigating the auction website, lack of customer service, and issues with payment processing. But overall, the feedback from the auction has been largely positive, and the Robert Pattinson auction continues to be a successful and popular event.

Items Included in the Robert Pattinson Auction

The auction features a wide selection of items from the actor’s own collection. This includes movie props from his films, autographed movie posters, and personal items that have been donated to the auction. Some of the more popular items include a signed script from the Twilight movie, a guitar signed by Pattinson, and a replica of the “R” necklace he wore in the Twilight films.

The auction also includes some unique items, such as a watercolor painting done by the actor himself, a pair of shoes signed by Pattinson, and a signed copy of the novel The Perks of Being a Wallflower. There are also items from his other films, including a signed copy of Good Time and a signed copy of Cosmopolis.

The Proceeds From the Robert Pattinson Auction

As mentioned earlier, the proceeds from the auction will benefit the Go Campaign, a charity founded by Robert Pattinson. The charity works to improve the lives of children in developing countries by providing them with education, healthcare, and other resources. So far, the auction has raised over $200,000 for the charity and is still going strong.


The Robert Pattinson auction has been met with mostly positive reviews, with people praising the selection of items, the quality of the items, and the pricing. The auction has also been incredibly successful, raising over $200,000 for the actor’s charity. So if you’re looking for a great auction, the Robert Pattinson auction is a great choice.