It’s been a crazy few weeks for the cast and crew of Venus & Mars. The highly anticipated comedy-drama, which follows the fictional courtship of a modern-day Mars and Venus, premiered on May 24th to rave reviews and an incredible audience response. One week later, on Thursday, June 1st, the trailer for On the Record, the dramatic sequel to the 2016 film, was released. The following week, on Monday, June 5th, fans were treated to the first official images from the film as part of its marketing campaign. And just last week, on Thursday, June 1st, the cast and crew were treated to another trailer for Venus & Mars at the premiere of the comedy The Kid in the Hat.

All The Love Is In The Air

It’s safe to say that the past few weeks have been a roller coaster for the cast and crew of Venus & Mars. Just one week after premiering to critical acclaim and a record-breaking advance ticket sales, the critically-acclaimed film suffered a major setback when co-star and producer, Robert Pattinson, decided to opt out of the sequel (which he also co-wrote). After months on the set, filming had to be shut down and the entire crew was forced to take a break. Fortunately, the hurt was short-lived as On the Record was unveiled a few days later. Although it was initially reported that the sequel would serve as a bridge to Pattinson’s new film, Wonder Woman, the actor has since explained that he hasn’t yet made a decision about his future projects.

A New High In The Courtship

Since the premiere of Venus & Mars, the Twitter account belonging to the film’s co-star and producer, Kristen Stewart, has been a flurry of activity. After several months of radio silence, Stewart broke her Twitter hibernation to share the exciting news that the sequel to her highly-acclaimed 2016 film, Wild, will be released on October 26, 2018. The announcement was made just a day after she posted a cryptic message on her Instagram account that hinted at the coming release of a new film.

After nearly a year of dating and a year in the making, Stewart and her co-star and producer, Robert Pattinson, announced their relationship on social media in April 2017. Since then, they’ve been extremely active on their Instagram and Snapchat accounts, documenting their happy life together. In fact, so much activity has ensued that many viewers have questioned whether or not Stewart and Pattinson are even related. But as the actress has now explained, their relationship started long before filming began on Venus & Mars.

Pattinson’s Statement About The Relationship

The biggest challenge facing Stewart and Pattinson following the controversy over the leaked chat transcripts between John Legend and Tony Bennett (in which they both appear) is how to effectively manage their growing social media presences. For years, Stewart kept a relatively low profile on social media, only sharing occasional pics of herself and her dogs or personal anecdotes about the making of her first two films. But since the beginning of this year, she’s been posting frequently, sometimes daily, documenting her relationship with Pattinson and even spilling details about the upcoming Venus & Mars film. Despite the intrigue factor, it’s important to note that Stewart frequently posts pics of herself and her dogs, not the film’s stars.

Rumors About The Wedding

While we wait for the release of Venus & Mars, rumors about the wedding ring that Stewart and Pattinson are wearing have been floating around the Internet. At first, it was reported that the two were engaged, but since then, the speculation has turned to whether or not their upcoming film will be their wedding movie. After all, the movie’s official Twitter account posted a celebratory photo of the two wearing wedding outfits, along with the hashtag, “#WeddingBell. So will Stewart and Pattinson’s wedding finally be made into a movie? It’s possible, but whether or not they will continue to manage their Instagram accounts as if they were still in a committed relationship remains to be seen. What do you think?