Most people are familiar with the name Robert Pattinson, and many of us have either watched or read one of his many amazing and popular novels. His gentle yet hauntingly beautiful voice has captivated readers – both young and old – and inspired songs, such as this one by Coldplay.

If you’re looking to add another dimension to your accent, you might consider trying out the fascinating Robert Pattinson’s northern English accent for yourself. By changing the vowels and consonants in his speech pattern, you can alter the way he speaks and infuse your own accent into your conversation.

The Basics

If you’ve ever watched “The Vampire Diaries”, you might have heard of the name Klaus. If not, he’s the brother of Victoria, who was turned into a vampire in the show. Klaus has been known to indulge in a little bit of a temper tantrum once in a while, and this accent might help you understand why.

With this accent, you’ll change the way he pronounces certain letters (such as ‘K’ and ‘W’) and how he enunciates words. You won’t be teaching him how to pronounce his ‘k’s and ‘w’s – rather, you’ll be transforming the way he sounds altogether. This accent doesn’t change the way he phrases his sentences, and doesn’t affect his intonation.

The Mechanics

Let’s look at how to change the pronunciation of the letter ‘k’ in particular. The letter ‘k’ in English is pronounced as ‘ch’ in German and ‘q’ in Italian (think of the word ‘kitten’). In northern English, however, the ‘k’ is pronounced ‘g’ – just like the ‘g’ in ‘get’ or ‘ghost’. So if you want to change the way Klaus pronounces ‘k’, all you need to do is replace any ‘k’s’ in his sentences with ‘g’s’. For example, “This is a nice dress,” becomes “Thi ssi aa aaa aaj Ji aaaa aai jaa aaj jaa.” (You’ll notice that I replaced all the ‘k’s’ with ‘g’s’ in that last example – it’s really easy once you get the hang of it.)

The Results

To see how effective this accent can be, let’s listen to Klaus speaking with an American accent and then with this accent:

  • Without the accent (American accent):
    • “Hi. I’m Damon. And this is Stefan.”
      • “And I’m Vickie.”
      • “We’re the vampire twins.”
    • “Hi. I’m Damon. And this is Stefan.”
      • “And I’m Vickie.”
      • “We’re the vampire twins.”

    Changing Other Vowels

    As for the other vowels in his accent, you’ll just need to do a bit of digging into how they’re pronounced in German and Italian. Luckily, Wikipedia and other online speech recognition tools can help you out with this. Type ‘Klaus’ into the search bar of your favorite search engine, and you’ll find the vowel charts for German and Italian. The rest is pretty self-explanatory.

    Overall Impression

    If you’re looking for a new way to accent yourself, you might want to give this accent a try. With some tweaking, you might find that it fits perfectly into your own voice. And who knows? Maybe someday, you’ll inspire another artist to create a song about you.

    Of course, this isn’t a perfect solution and is rather difficult to master. If you feel inspired to give this accent a try, remember to practice and have fun! And if you want to see how others pronounce your name with this accent, just type ‘Klaus’ or ‘Robert Pattinson’ into the search bar of your favorite microphone or search engine and listen to how others say it. You’ll find that it’s a lot easier to master than you’d think.