The Pattinson 4 is a stylish new watch brand that was established in London in 2017. The watchmaker has taken inspiration from the city’s culture and lifestyle and has fused them into a singular identity. The brand’s core values of quality, variety and individuality permeate every aspect of their design. It is this eclectic approach that makes the Pattinson 4 such an exciting and distinctive watch brand to covet.

The brand’s design DNA can be found in the form of their signature stainless steel case. This sturdy yet elegant timepiece is finished in a lustrous black PVD coating and encapsulates all the watchmaker’s unique qualities. This stainless steel case is coupled with a black PVD-coated dial that gives the timepiece an understated style that is as fashionable as it is functional.

Proud To Be Different

To celebrate the debut of the exclusive London collection, the watchmaker has produced this brilliant chart that merges their city’s unique identity with that of the brand. The chart details the influence of each element of the city’s style and its impact on the design team’s workflows. From the skyscraping skyscrapers to the boutiques and restaurants, London is a city that is at once breathtaking in its size and depth. It is this eclectic mix of old traditions and hip new influences that helps to form what is rightfully hailed as the “New York of the UK”.

The Influences Behind The Designs

In order to truly understand how to interpret the Pattinson 4 traditions chart, one must first acknowledge the brands that inspired the designs of the timepiece. The designer has referenced many luxury houses, famous for their unique and distinctive style, and has taken inspiration from their logos and color palettes. The result is a distinctive collection that is instantly recognizable as belonging to the brand.

The main designer behind the Pattinson 4 is undoubtedly Georges Biagi. The Swiss-born designer has over 40 years of experience and has worked for some of the biggest luxury brands in the world. He was previously the head of Chopard, a Swiss watchmaker which is now part of the Kering group and he was also the Creative Director at Piaget. We have no doubt that Biagi’s influence can be felt in every aspect of the unique and contemporary designs that make up the Pattinson 4 collection.

The London Collection

The London collection is made up of four models that each highlight a different aspect of the English city’s culture and style. Each timepiece draws on the brands signature features along with influences from the various neighborhoods across the city. A true celebration of London, this elegant yet eclectic collection is a must for fans of the English capital.

The Northeast Collection

The Northeast collection takes inspiration from the region’s industrial heritage and its rich culture. Rich in history and fashion, there is a reason why the area is often referred to as “The Tailor of London”. It is the blend of old traditions and hip new influences that have created what is arguably one of the most interesting collections of the year. A definite must for fans of bespoke clothing and unique fashion, the collection draws on the design teams past experiences along with the influence of today’s most prominent fashion designers. The result is a watch brand that is as fashionable as it is functional and one that will become a firm favorite for those who covet luxury timepieces.

The Southeast Collection

The Southeast collection takes inspiration from the city’s growing popularity with both individuals and businesses as a destination for both work and leisure. A real ode to the “City of Gardens”, this collection is a celebration of the distinct charm and beauty that can be found in the city’s parks and green spaces. It is made up of two sub-collections that draw on the city’s musical history as well as its tropical climate. The result is a unique interpretation of London’s architecture and style that is as breathtaking in its composition as it is in its functionality.

The Southwest Collection

The Southwest collection takes inspiration from the region’s distinctive baroque churches, ornamental pots and brightly colored houses. An ode to the “Gothic Revival” and “Palladian” styles, this collection is the epitome of luxury and good taste. A true masterpiece, the Southwestern collection draws on the design teams extensive experience and training in grand watchmaking along with the influence of today’s most prominent architects and artisans. The result is a luxury timepiece that is as practical and reliable as it is stylish and unique.

The Unique Identity Of The Brand

Fusing old traditions into innovative and distinctive designs is the hallmark of the London-based brand. The uniqueness of each piece is what makes it so covetable. The unique aesthetic of the city can be found in every aspect of the brand’s design and quality control and the world’s best watchmakers have been brought in to enhance the design teams capabilities. What we have here is perfection in every aspect — from the cutting of the leather to the final fitting of the case and the polishing of the watch’s numerous jewels. Small wonder that the brand has taken off like a wildfire.