The couple’s engagement was announced on Dec. 10, 2018, and the wedding took place just one month later on Jan. 25, 2019. It was an unusual period in history, with the world seemingly switching to the ‘new normal’ of staying at home and socialising online. As a result, more and more people are having to adjust to a ‘new normal’ of parenting, with many couples deciding to have a daughter first and then a son.

No wonder the Olivia and Robert wedding was such a popular one. While there are certainly plenty of downsides to being a solo parent, there are also plenty of upsides, and the joy that Olivia’s pregnancy brings to her and her husband is spectacular to behold.

Olivia Is A Grown-Up Young Woman

Olivia is a wonderful young woman with so much to offer, and it was no surprise that she attracted so much attention from the start of her pregnancy. At just 27 years old, the TV presenter is one of the youngest mothers-to-be in history, and she and her husband Robert decided to do their bit for social distancing by having a daughter first (and only child).

But Olivia is far from being a normal young woman in terms of being pregnant. While many other 27-year-olds would take a career break or opt for a ‘mini-break’ to enjoy motherhood, Olivia’s approach was completely different. She worked through her pregnancy and the birth of her daughter, Charlie, as if she were competing in the Olympics. Or, at least, as if she were putting herself through some sort of personal growth program.

Olivia Experienced Some Difficult Pregnancy Pains

Before the Olympics-style approach to motherhood, Olivia had already experienced a difficult time as a pregnant woman. In fact, just ten days after her wedding, she went into premature labour and had to have a caesarean section. Fortunately, she and her husband made a full recovery, and she became an engaged mother-to-be once more.

But even before her wedding day, Olivia had been through a lot. In the months leading up to her pregnancy, she was dogged by bad luck, starting with the death of her father when she was 15. While her mother had managed to put her through school with the help of her trusty sidekick Lola, Olivia decided to take a different route and enrol in a hairdressing course. She loved getting her hair done, and in fact, it was one of the few things that could make her happy, so she decided to study it professionally. It was a difficult decision, leaving her family and friends to start a new life in a strange country, but she knew it was what she had to do. And what she’s more than done, as she’s established herself as one of France’s most in-demand hairdressers, with a renowned salon in Paris.

Charlie Is A Wonderful Baby

Olivia’s experience as a mother was certainly more eventful than that of most, as she put herself through some tough times before the birth of her daughter. But she wouldn’t have traded a moment of it, and her relationship with Charlie is a strong one. The pair bond over their shared love for children’s literature, with Olivia reading to Charlie from picture books and bedtime stories in French. Olivia also cooks dinner for Charlie and her husband every night, which they enjoy together as a family.

It’s been nearly a year since Olivia gave birth to her daughter, and it’s been an eventful year for the family. Not only has she had to adjust to the ‘new normal’ of being a parent, but the COVID-19 pandemic saw the closure of many businesses as well as schools and universities. Olivia and her husband worked through the pandemic as a team, ensuring that their salon business remained open and delivering food to those in need. Amidst all the uncertainty, the family made the most of their time together, with Olivia regularly updating her Instagram stories with photos of her daughter.

Olivia’s Pregnancy Was Well-Matched To A Well-Designed House

Olivia’s pregnancy was perfectly matched to a well-designed house, with her bump perfectly fitting into the rooms she has to offer. The TV presenter and her partner Robert chose a relatively small home in Paris, with just two bedrooms and two bathrooms, to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere for their daughter to grow up in. In fact, the family room is perhaps the most stunning room in the whole house. Built-in French doors take you outside to a small but perfectly formed garden, where Olivia can take a break from her busy schedule and enjoy some relaxation time with her daughter. It is a beautiful room, filled with natural light and equipped with a striking green sofa, perfect for reading or simply chilling with your baby.

Olivia And Robert Have An Amazing Marriage

Olivia and Robert are an amazing couple, and their marriage has been beautifully matched by their choice of abode. The TV presenter’s pregnancy was a happy surprise to those around her, and it was no secret that it had been a long time coming. After initially struggling with infertility, Olivia was finally able to become pregnant thanks to the help of fertility treatments. And it was worth it, as she and Robert made the most of their time together, enjoying each other’s company and becoming more devoted to one another as time went by.

Olivia and Robert’s relationship is clearly something to behold. The couple met through mutual friends and fell deeply in love at first sight. While Olivia initially thought that a wedding would be a good idea, she soon realised that she was far too young to marry and began looking for ways to avoid the wedding day. When she found out that she was pregnant, the happy couple decided to take their relationship further and cement it with a wedding. The event was simple but elegant, with just family and friends in attendance. And it was clear that everyone enjoyed themselves as much as the couple did, with the photos from the day capturing all the joy.

It’s been a fantastic 12 months for Olivia and her family, and she’s still loving being a mum. While the world is still adjusting to life under the new ‘normal’, Olivia is more than happy to continue showing off her baby daughter, who she dotes on and looks forward to spending time with each day.