Ever since the first Twilight movie was released, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been at the center of a media storm. After getting married in Italy in 2015, the couple’s fans followed suit and tied the knot all over the world. Now that the couple are father and mother-to-be, they’re looking to make more family memories with the help of their fans. To do this, they’re throwing a baby shower and looking for ways to make it unique and special. The English magazine, Ok!, had the chance to speak with the couple about their upcoming family celebration and what fans can expect to see.

The Shower Will Be Emceed By Kristen Stewart

One of the main attractions of the Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart wedding was going to be the ceremony itself. The ceremony was supposed to be held in the small town of Bolzano in Southern Italy, but the town’s cathedral was unavailable so they had to find a private church that could accommodate up to 100 guests. Because the ceremony was such a grand affair, the magazine tasked Ok! with planning the event. The magazine’s founder and editor, Olivia Smith, had this to say about planning the event with the couple:

“It was such a thrill to be asked to help plan one of the most glamorous weddings of the year. We used our network of contacts to find the perfect venue that perfectly matched the couple’s personalities. We knew that the groom Robert would want something traditional and understated while the bride Kristen would want a fun party with lots of colorful, eye-catching décor. “

The Biggest Question…Will There Be Cake?

Another big question surrounding the wedding was whether or not to serve cake. The answer is yes, but only to a certain extent. What they did offer was cake and ice cream stations throughout the reception. The guests could help themselves or be served by a member of staff. Smith elaborates:

“We wanted to create an ‘all-you-can-eat’ buffet so that everyone could indulge themselves without feeling guilty. It was important to us that the ‘thank you’ gifts for the bride and groom were personalized and of good quality. We worked with a local artisan to create an engraved wooden box for the couple’s collection of baby items. Inside the box was a letter of thanks filled with personalized signatures from famous friends and family.”

…And Champagne?

One of the most iconic weddings in recent history was James Bond’s 48th birthday party, which was held at the Sheiks’ Chateau in Octopart. So it should come as no surprise that champagne would be on the guest’s lips. Though they aren’t children of the night, Kristin and Rob did offer guests the chance to sip on some bubbly. The location, which is known for its spectacular grounds and luxury accommodation, had this to say about serving champagne:

“The vineyard is open to the public, so we were able to hire some of the world’s best blasters to serve guests from the vineyard. Each flagon was custom-made and was designed by the bride and groom themselves. We also had staff members walk around offering guests slices of wedding cake while we sang happy birthday to James Bond.”

The Biggest Loser Will Decorate The Entrance

Another way to personalize the wedding was to decorate the entranceway. Though it wasn’t the couple’s original plan, they decided to go for it and have fun with it. They didn’t want a traditional route to the reception so they decided to decorate the entranceway to represent different aspects of their relationship. For instance, the groom’s sister, Genevieve, acted as a bridesmaid and she was given the task of painting “wedding portraits’ on the floor inside the entranceway. The couple’s logo, which is inspired by a photo they had taken on the top of a Swiss mountain, was stamped into the tiles on the floor and on the wall above it. They also stamped the couple’s wedding date on the wall above the entranceway.

The Cake, Cookies, And Miniature Pianos Will Be On Display

Though they didn’t put it on display at the wedding, the cake was going to be a real talking point. The magazine revealed that the couple spent a year perfecting the three-tiered dessert and it was worth it. The cake was a replica of the Eiffel Tower, which was fitting for a celebration that took place in Paris. The layers were made of sponge cake, butter cream, and raspberry jam.

The best part of the cake, however, wasn’t revealed to be in the physical cake itself but rather the edible gold and crystal cake pops that adorned it. The wedding cake, which was made by French bakery, Paul Bilz Photography, had 15 layers and it was decorated with edible gold leaf, colorful crystal balls, and ruby hearts.

One of the sweet treats that guests were going to enjoy was the couple’s homemade cookies. Because they’re such perfectionists, the couple spent months making the cookies and had them decorated by a professional baker. The cookies, which were inspired by the couple’s favorite places around the world, had details like edible gold leaf, colorful sugar crystals, and delicate chocolate curls. They also created ‘rosette’ cookies, which are small pastry triangles that are supposed to look like flowers. The couple loved Paris, France, because it has such a strong visual link to both their hometown of London and their favorite city, Tokyo.

There Will Be A Bubble Tea Station

Though bubbles have a bad reputation as an indulgence, the couple wanted to do something different and create an environment where people of all ages could enjoy a chilled drink. To do this, they set up a bubble tea stand. The stand was manned by a group of DJs who spun everything from traditional Japanese music to French and Italian music. Mixing Japanese culture with high-end European imports, the wedding planners wanted to create an atmosphere that was a bit quirky and fun.

The stand offered guests a wide variety of premium bubble teas, as well as green tea, black tea, and ginger ale, all served in crystal teapots. The ginger ale was there to complement the wedding cake, which was followed by individual portions of tiramisu and chocolate mousse. After the wedding cake, guests were treated to a selection of macaroons, which were made by Italian baker, Giacomo Basso. The dessert, which was inspired by the French Alps, featured a chocolate and meringue base with a macadamia nut topping. It was a very elegant dessert, which perfectly matched the couple’s chic wedding outfit.

An In-House Photographer Will Capture The Event

Another way the couple tried to personalize their wedding was to use an in-house photographer. The photographer, Rafael Nadal, had this to say about shooting the wedding:

“It was an honor to be chosen by the couple to capture their big day. They wanted someone who could capture not only their wedding day but also all the other special moments that made it such an eventful year. I used my experience in luxury photo-production to produce stunning high-end album style images that they could look back on for years to come.”

More Personalized Cocktails

As part of their efforts to make the wedding unique and memorable, the couple served a selection of cocktails that were customized with names and messages from the guests. Though the cocktails were inspired by classic drinks, the names and messages were personal. One of the drinks, which was served in a champagne glass, was called “Miss Robsten.” It was garnished with a peach blossom and an edible gold leaf and it was served in memory of the couple’s favorite film, Sleeping Beauty.

Other cocktails were named after locations and contained ingredients that are associated with those places. For example, the drink “London’ featured gin, lemon juice, and blackberries and the beverage “Marseille’ contained vodka, crème de menthe, and orange blossom water.

A Wedding Ring Bearer

To bring a little romance to the proceedings, the couple enlisted the help of a wedding ring bearer. Though most wedding traditions involve only the couple’s closest family members, many people from the bride’s and groom’s wider networks were able to attend the event. The couple asked their good friend, Cara Delevingne, to be the ring bearer and she happily obliged. During the ceremony, Cara posed with a bouquet of flowers and a glass of bubbly as a sign of reverence and humility.