When it comes to celebrity nude photos, we’ve come a long way since the days of Victoria’s Secret angels flaunting their perfect figures in revealing dresses. Thanks to the rise of the internet, we’re now able to scrutinize the private lives of our favorite Hollywood stars. While some celebs like Paris Hilton have fully embraced the attention their fame brings them, others have preferred to keep their intimate details under wraps. Robert Pattinson is definitely the latter. The actor was born in London, England, in 1985 and grew up mainly in Los Angeles, California. He is known for playing the werewolf in the 2013 sequel to the classic Twilight series, New Moon, and for his portrayal of a transvestite cowboy in the 2010 comedy-drama, The Road. Apart from his film career, the British actor has established himself as a talented fashion designer, photographer and artist. His work can be seen on the cover of numerous magazines such as Vogue, Elle, and W. The London-based designer has also opened up a brick-and-mortar store in London where he sources materials from around the world and displays his unique collections. The store is named after his debut novel, Burnt Orange. In addition to his fashion career, the 31-year-old multi-hyphenate has carved out a successful acting career in Hollywood, winning the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. In 2016, Vogue named Pattinson one of the most interesting young designers to watch, and that year’s cover of the fashion magazine was indeed a testament to his talent. After a five-year hiatus from films, the actor returned in the role of a lifetime in the 2019 dystopian drama, Never Let Me Go. The following list includes some of the most revealing celebrity nude photos of Rob and highlights some of his most admirable qualities as an actor and human being.

The Actor And Humanitarian

One of the things that made it so special to witness Rob Pattinson turn into a wolf during the filming of New Moon was that I felt like he was genuinely becoming one with the character. The British actor took his time developing the look of the werewolf and drew inspiration from several cultural icons who have previously been known to transform themselves into animals for Halloween. One of the most recognizable figures he based himself on was Marlon Brando, who played the role of Stanley Kubrat in the 1977 Hollywood film, A Streetcar Named Desire. The actor even named his daughter Isabella after the Brando character. In an interview with the Evening Standard in 2016, Pattinson cited Brando as one of the greatest influences on his work, saying: ”He’s one of my favorite actors, so it was just cool to see the connection.” A Streetcar Named Desire also happens to be one of the best-reviewed movies of all time, scoring 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. This particular scene from the film was described as one of the most “brilliant,” “gorgeous,” and “stunning” moments in a review published on the site in 2018.

Pattinson is also a big fan of David Lynch, the director of the 2004 cult classic, The Outsider. The British actor cited the director’s work as part of the inspiration for his portrayal of a transgender cowboy in The Road. He also named his first child after Lynch’s iconic hero, Bob. In an interview with GQ in 2012, he revealed that he’s been a huge fan of the director ever since he was a kid. “I would love to do something similar, in my own way,” he said. “I’ve always wanted to have a darker, more fucked-up side.” Never Let Me Go, in which Pattinson plays Gregor, is set in a dystopian future where human beings are no longer recognizable as human. It is difficult to put into words just how truly disturbing this thought-provoking film is. One critic called it a “mindfuck” and “must-see TV” while another praised Pattinson’s “truly unique” and “groundbreaking” performance. In this film, Pattinson again plays a character who undergoes a psychological transformation. However, in a surprising turn of events, Never Let Me Go was one of the most popular films at the Sundance Film Festival in 2019. In addition to being selected as one of the festival’s marquee events, the dystopian drama also debuted at number four on the annual box-office chart. This is quite an achievement for a critically acclaimed independent film that wasn’t particularly well-known outside of the Sundance audience prior to the festival.

The Fashion Designer

Having established himself as an actor and humanitarian, it might come as no surprise that Pattinson would also like to take on a new role. In 2012, he launched a unique fashion line, titled Sustainability Chic, which caters to “well-bred fashion consumers who want to make a positive impact in a business they feel proud to support.” Inspired by natural fabrics like hemp and silk, he creates unique one-of-a-kind pieces that are both environmentally friendly and fashionable. The designer has also expressed interest in expanding his fashion line internationally, especially in Asia, and has opened up a store in Hong Kong. In the future, he plans to use his position as a spokesperson for ethical and sustainable fashion to help increase awareness about the issues he is passionate about.

The Fashion Photographer

As a photographer, Pattinson doesn’t just shoot for the sake of it. He is often commissioned by fashion houses and magazines to shoot unique, thought-provoking images for editorial use. One of his most well-known projects involves shooting a series of portraits of famous faces in lingerie and beyond. The British fashion magazine, Vogue, was the first to give the project its green light. It included both clothed and partially unclothed shoots of famous women such as Emma Southwick, Emily Blunt, and Natalie Portman. The latter is perhaps the most memorable portrait in the series. Portman is photographed with an apple in her mouth, symbolizing fertility. The image, which was inspired by a mandala painting, became an instant icon and is now iconic of Portman’s career. She went on to win the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in Avengers: Endgame, in which she plays an older version of herself. The actor has also worked with renowned makeup artist Pat Cleveland on several of his photoshoots. In an interview with InStyle, he described their collaborative process as “really exciting” and revealed that he looks to his makeup artist for advice on what products he should use to achieve certain looks. In particular, Pattinson looks to Cleveland for help with creating a more youthful appearance, especially for his acting roles. The makeup artist has helped the British actor look his best for all of his film projects, no matter how big or small. Here are some of her top tips on how to make your face look like a baby’s.

The Creative Arts

Pattinson has no trouble expressing his artistic side. He has said that he draws inspiration from various sources, including nature and the sea, and combines it with his unique take on classic Hollywood film noir. In addition to his interest in fashion and photography, the actor is also a prolific artist. He has exhibited his work in several galleries and museums worldwide, including the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. He also designed the logo for the 2017 Venice Film Festival, which was inspired by the works of Lucio Fontana. The logo, which is a combination of the letters V and A, represents the two-time Academy Award winner and his interest in combining art and design. In an interview with Vogue, Pattinson cited Fontana as one of the greatest living masters of Italian futurism who “brings a fresh design perspective to traditional art forms.”