It’s fair to say that Robert Pattinson is one of the most well-known faces in the world. The British actor has been in the spotlight for years, starring in movies like the Twilight series and becoming one of the most famous men in the world. But just like any other celebrity, Pattinson is not always pleased with how he is portrayed in the media. In this case, he is specifically upset with Twilight, the movie series based on the best-selling books by Stephanie Meyer. Many fans and even some filmmakers have argued whether or not the movies accurately reflect the stories and characters from the books, and Pattinson has been vocal about his unhappiness with the franchise.

The Backstory

Let’s take a step back and rewind a bit. The Twilight Saga was originally based on a series of best-selling novels by Stephanie Meyer. The books were published between 1997 and 2001 and focus on a group of high school students who discover they are the descendants of vampires and werewolves. Although the franchise had been a massive commercial and critical success, Meyer’s publisher had started to receive letters from fans asking for a closer connection to the story. A pre-Twilight movie, Heavenly Creatures, had featured Melanie Lynskey and Kate Winslet as two vampire goddesses who fall in love with a human man. Some people felt that the story was too similar to Twilight, and the author was forced to defend the concept in a New York Times interview.

While promoting her new book, The Host, in 2017, Meyer revealed that she had been receiving letters from fans for years, and that in some ways the Twilight movie was to blame for all the recent attention. In the same interview, Meyer also praised Pattinson, saying she had a good relationship with him and that she always liked his work. Interestingly, in the interview, Meyer also revealed that although she had received letters from fans asking for an adaptation of The Host, she hadn’t thought it would ever work as a movie. After hearing from Meyer, Pattinson’s manager confirmed that the actor had met with the author before the release of the movie and discussed her ideas for the role.

Twilight was originally published as a serialized novel in a magazine between 1997 and 1999 before becoming a series of standalone novels in 2000. While some fans consider it an important piece of literature that paved the way for successful franchises like Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, others have taken issue with some of the content, particularly the graphic descriptions of sex and violence. The New York Times’ chief film critic, A. O. Scott, said in 2016 that although he found the books “captivating,” he would have given them a different ending. Writing for Variety in 2017, Megan Lanning described Twi-hard fans as “a cult audience that has loved the series since the beginning,” and said that although the movies have improved, they are still “awkward and unbelievable.”

The Problem With The Movies

Although the Twilight movies are generally regarded as successful, that hasn’t stopped Pattinson from expressing his unhappiness with how they turned out. In 2016, the actor took to Twitter to complain about how little he had been involved in the process of adapting the books for the big screen. He also tweeted about having “zero interest” in seeing the sequels, writing: “I don’t understand why people keep paying for tickets to see something that they know is going to be terrible.” It seems that the only role he is happy to play is that of Edward Cullen, the brooding, aloof vampire who gradually falls for Bella Swan.

The fact that Twilight is based on a series of books has meant that moviegoers have had to buy multiple copies to help them keep up with all the references. But while some may find that strategy funny, for others it’s just an annoyance. Like any fan who has spent more than a few evenings binge-watching the entire Twilight saga, Pattinson is clearly sick of rewatching this material. In a series of tweets, the actor describes Bella as a “complete and utter distraction,” adding: “[I]t’s the same as the first time you watched the most recent Twilight movie and every time after that.”

But while some fans may have loved the cinematic adaptations of Twilight, for others, it has been a disappointment. In 2015, Meyer took to Twitter to defend the movies against criticism, writing: “The Twilight Saga is one of the most popular and widely accepted series among teenagers and young adults. It’s also one of the most challenging stories to adapt for the screen. In the hands of accomplished filmmakers, the Saga becomes even more compelling and engaging.” In a 2015 GQ interview, the actress added that although she had received negative press for the books, she was happy with how the movies had turned out.

The Disappointment Of Tvshow Or Album?

But what happens when a book becomes a TV show or album, and the people behind the project don’t live up to expectations? In the case of TVshow, the audience might be better off with no TV show at all. TVshow is a musical comedy that made its premiere on Saturday Night Live in February 2017. The series is an adaptation of the classic novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, and follows the form of a traditional American anthology series. It’s been hailed as one of the best shows of the year so far, but the series hasn’t received unanimous praise, with some critics comparing it to another NBC series, The Good Place. In the opinion of one critic, the show is “a triumph of style over substance.”

The Good Place is set in a world where people’s moral compasses are aligned to the point where they behave in certain ways – such as helping their fellow humans or keeping their personal lives private – and where those who don’t behave in accordance with societal norms are sent to “The Bad Place.” Although the books that the series is based on are beloved by many, creating a sitcom-style spinoff has proven to be more challenging than writing a series of traditional, stand-alone novels.

Meanwhile, the albums turned out by the five-piece band, Maroon 5, have sold more than 15 million copies worldwide and are hailed as some of the greatest albums of all time. The biggest disappointment for Maroon 5 fans is Handsome Stories, their collaborative album with Jay-Z. Handsome Stories was released in 2011 but sold just 4 million copies worldwide, far less than the sales of the group’s previous four albums combined. According to lead singer, Adam Levine, the album is the victim of disappointing album sales and critical drudgery, with many critics panning the effort. Levine also revealed that he and his bandmates had worked through many personal problems while making the album, including the untimely death of a childhood friend.

It’s All About The Fans

While we’re on the topic of disappointment, let’s not forget about the fans who had hoped for something more. Like any other hugely popular fan-based phenomenon, the Twilight Saga has attracted its fair share of rabid fans. But just like any other fandom, there are fans who have been disappointed with the slow rate of progress and the lack of communication from the people at the top. A petition asking for “more Edward Cullen” had more than 300,000 signatures, and while some may see that as a testament to the popularity of the character, for others it’s just evidence of a power-hungry studio trying to milk the franchise for all it’s worth.

A Question Of Literary Quality

Perhaps the biggest question regarding the Twilight Saga is: Is it any good? In a word, no. Is it terrible? Not at all. Is it enjoyable? In a word, yes. Is it worth your time? Depends on how you feel about the books. Although they were originally praised for their literary quality, after the first few books, it’s difficult to argue that praise isn’t overrated. While some describe the books as “riveting,” “absorbing,” and “page-turning,” others feel they are “boring” and “tiresome.” Not exactly what you would call high-quality literature.