Hello boys and girls! Today we’re going to tell you about a new tumblr trend that has been taking over social media. It’s pretty popular actually, and we figured we’d tell you about it. So, let’s get started.

Trending Now: Tumblr Style

Hey, hey! Don’t forget about us! We have something important to tell you. If you follow us on social media, you’ll know that we’ve been dying to tell you about a new blogging platform that is taking the blogging world by storm.

The name of this platform is Tumblr, and we highly recommend checking it out. We’re big fans of theirs, and we figured we’d tell you all about it. So, let’s get started.

The most popular thing about Tumblr is its simplicity. The interface is incredibly easy to use whether you’re a technological guru or not. You can literally just follow the instructions and get started.

Another thing that makes Tumblr so special is its focus on visual content. You’ll notice that most of the blogs on the platform are very pretty. The creators of these blogs go out of their way to use vivid colors and eye-catching fonts to draw in readers.

The Pros

We love a tool or software that does something especially well, and Tumblr is definitely a tool or software that stands out. It’s a really great platform for photographers who want to display their work. The best part is that they make it easy to share your work. On top of that, the fact that Tumblr is completely free makes it a no-brainer for any type of blogger or creator.

The Cons

We should point out that although Tumblr is a free tool, as with any other tool out there, it sometimes has its flaws. The biggest downside is that it can be a bit limiting when it comes to the amount of content that you can post. If you have a relatively small platform, it might not be the best choice for you. Another con is that although Tumblr is designed for visual content, it doesn’t necessarily work well with text-based posts. Finally, and this might seem trivial, but the typefaces that they use on their platform can be a bit tricky to read on the computer if you’re not used to them.

Which Typefaces & Fonts To Avoid

If you’re looking to create a polished, professional-looking blog with a minimal investment of time and money, go with the Verdana or Arial typefaces. Avoid anything with a serif or rounded corners as they can make text look a bit trashy. As for the typefaces, you want to go for something simple and clean, like Verdana or Arial. Anything fancier might make your text look a bit sloppy.

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