After an absence of two years and a whole lot of drama, Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are back as a couple and are determined to make the most of their newfound fame. The BFFs – or best friends forever – have made multiple appearances on our screens in the past year, starring in comedy series Friends From College and rom-com Good Friends.

And now, they’re set to star in a brand-new series called Tramps & Angels. The comedy-drama series is set to premiere at the upcoming Sundance Film Festival and will be available to stream on Netflix immediately following its premiere.

The trailer for Tramps & Angels shows the drama duo playing two very different characters: One is a down-to-earth, working-class guy named Will and the other is a spoiled, rich girl named Evie. They meet at a train station and end up having an uncomfortable conversation about their love for Kurt Cobain – but it’s exactly this kind of in-your-face humour that makes the show so appealing.

Here, we’ve collected some of the most interesting facts about the upcoming series:


Based on the real-life story of a trio of British friends – Charlie, James and Sam – who are broke, friendless and homeless, Tramps & Angels centres around three friends in New York City. Will Lexington (Pattinson), a struggling actor, meets Evie Marche (Stewart), a socialite and daughter of a famous music producer. Together, they form a strange friendship that develops as they both help each other navigate the eccentricities of city life. When Will and Evie’s antics draw the attention of the press, their dysfunctional friendship is thrown into sharp relief.

The pair are set to star in a romantic comedy series for Netflix, which is yet to be titled. The 10-episode first season of Tramps & Angels will star the stunning Stewart and Pattinson as a couple on the brink of all-out war with each other.


Though they’ve been friends for years, it was only in the last year that Rob and Kristen’s relationship has turned from business partnership to romantic attraction. Stewart and Pattinson played a prank on their fans by sharing a steamy kiss at the 2017 Academy Awards and have carried on with various PDA-filled Instagram stories that would make any romance novel proud.

The sweethearts have been spotted holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes during public appearances and have even been spotted on a romantic date. Since the start of this year, they’ve been inseparable and have spent a lot of their time in the spotlight lovingly watching each other’s performances.

And just last month, they made their debut as a couple on the red carpet, looking dashing and passionate at the premiere of Velvet Buzzsaw. As the premier of their first Netflix series, the trailer for Tramps & Angels will no doubt draw huge amounts of attention from their many fans. It’s set to be a fascinating, romantic and dramatic evolution for the on-screen friendship of Pattinson and Stewart.


As well as being an evolution of their on-screen friendship, Tramps & Angels is a sharp tonal contrast to the previous series that Stewart and Pattinson starred in together, Pattinson wrote and produced. While that previous work – the 2014 series High Strung – tackled a variety of issues, the upcoming series will focus primarily on the romance between Will and Evie. And what a romance it is!

The trailer for the show teases an interesting dynamic between the two lead characters: one who is determined to forge their own path in life, the other who craves safety and stability.

The series will tackle issues such as class divide and economic disparity, which were prevalent in High Strung. But it will do so through a comedic lens, which should resonate with today’s audience as we continue to navigate the current political climate.


While we don’t know the exact figures, it’s safe to assume that Rob and Kristen’s recent string of lucrative movie roles has helped them to overcome their financial issues. In 2018, the actor made $16 million and the actress $14 million, according to Forbes.

In 2019, Forbes valued Rob off-work at $16 million and Kristen off-work at $20million. The publication estimates that the actor’s earnings will rise to $21 million, with the actress on track to make $23million.


Though he’s managed to keep his personal life out of the headlines, there have been a number of mishaps for Rob. He has been linked to a string of women who have either been photographers or aspiring actresses. He’s most recently been dating model Suki Waterhouse and was previously engaged to actress Bella Thorne. What’s more is that Tramps & Angels was, in fact, legally binding. It was shot on a not-for-broadcast basis in accordance with British law, which grants new partners the right to film a pre-nup providing consent is granted for the shoot.

Under the terms of the agreement, Stewart and Pattinson were entitled to half of the gross profits from the sale of the drama. While the actress has yet to officially comment on the deal, she has previously referred to the pre-nup as a ‘protection racket’.


In March 2019, the Office of Film and Television Regulation in the United Kingdom approved the series for broadcast, allowing the show to be made available for streaming on major platforms such as Netflix and Hulu.

The approval followed a year of red flags, with the British Board of Film Classification rejecting the series multiple times due to themes including drug use and suicide. While Netflix has not made any official statement regarding the renewal of approval, it has been observed that the streaming giant typically waits for content to become available for general viewing before deciding to renew a show’s license.


Like many Netflix shows, Tramps & Angels arrived fully formed at production level, with no need to tone down content or add additional scenes as a result of poor reviews or lack of audience interest. The series was shot almost entirely in New York City and was co-written and co-produced by Stewart and Pattinson, along with Harry Bradshaw. Bradshaw, who was also the director of photography on the series, previously worked with the couple on the drama Pattinson wrote and produced, The Midnight Meat Train.

The director of music for the show, Mark Mothersbaugh, co-wrote the series’ music and has previously worked with the band RADIOACTIVITY on the score for the 2010 horror film Ghost Rider.


The show’s stars have 12.3 million and 12.4 million followers on Instagram, respectively, making them the second and third most popular accounts behind only the account of the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy. (Murphy has 16.7 million followers.) The popularity of these three accounts is a testament to their ability to charm and engage with their audience on social media.


In addition to boasting one of the most recognizable pair of celebrity couples in existence, Tramps & Angels also features some of the most exciting, exclusive designer outfits in TV history. Costume designer Lucy Stanbury gave Will and Evie a total makeover, incorporating pieces from a variety of designers including Burberry, Marc Jacobs and more.

The wardrobe for the series is spectacular and will have our favourite celebrities looking impeccable on the red carpet and on the small screen. Here’s a roundup of some of the outfits that made us instantly fall in love with the series.


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