With rumors swirling around of a secret wedding and even more whispers about his new romance, the most anticipated Robert Pattinson photoshoot is finally here! The “Batman v Superman” star graced the cover of Vogue UK wearing a custom-made black and gold outfit that seems to perfectly encapsulate his character from both films. The anticipation for this photoshoot has been overwhelming with fans seeking clues about the budding romance.

Let’s dive in and take a closer look at the unique costume design, the style choices, and the meaning behind this photoshoot.

The Design Of The Custom-Made Outfit

The unique thing about this photoshoot is that it’s the first time we’ve ever seen Robert wear a custom-made outfit. Usually, he opts for off-the-rack styles that suit him perfectly well, but for this photoshoot he went all out by custom making the outfit!

A lot of thought went into designing this outfit, starting with the choice of fabric. Since this is a winter photoshoot, black and gold was the way to go for the designer, keeping in mind that Pattinson’s character is a bit of a fashion icon. Realizing that the outfit would be quite bulky, the designer slimmed it down by incorporating a lot of satin detailing on the outerwear as well as the lining. The end result is a very chic yet warm look.

Apart from the fabric and the formality of the outfit, the designer gave it a “classic Hollywood” vibe by incorporating a wide range of style choices. The gold braid around the neck, the diamond earrings, and even the pocket square all hues perfectly match the glitz and glamour of the classic cinema.

The Setting For This Photography Shoot

Another unique thing about this shoot is that it’s being held in a gallery rather than on-set. Typically, photographers and designers hold photoshoots in galleries to evoke a more artistic feel rather than the practical reality of a film set.

Located in the heart of London on the edge of the River Thames, the Vogue UK office has created the perfect artistic and luxurious atmosphere for this unique venture. The art deco building was originally constructed in the ‘20s as the headquarters of the influential women’s fashion magazine ‘Vogue’, giving it a glamorous and timeless feel.

The designer who made this outfit, Giles Deacon, chose this location specifically because of its “iconic” status as well as its proximity to Buckingham Palace.

How Did This All Come About?

This is the ultimate gift for Pattinson’s 36th birthday which was two months ago. The designer gifted him with the entire magazine complete with every issue from the ‘70s to the ‘90s and loaded with lots of expensive and luxurious goodies. According to the designer, this was “the ultimate present” because not only does it feature a range of luxury goods, but also an entire decade of Vogue literature!

The designer, Giles Deacon, has been working with Vogue on various projects for over 25 years, creating distinctive and eye-catching outfits for the publication’s covers as well as for their prestigious ‘walkers’ (gathering of fashion luminaries who grace the magazine’s front pages). This birthday present is simply the ultimate way to show how much you care!

The Meaning Behind This Photoshoot

This photoshoot was no simple coincidence. Deacon has been plotting this for a number of years and even went so far as to purchase the ‘70s to ‘90s Vogue back issues to ensure he had enough material to work with. This is part of a grander scheme to completely reimagine the iconic magazine as we know it.

With the exception of a small editorial page, every other page of Vogue UK is devoted to showcasing the clothes and interior design products that Deacon has infused into the magazine over the years. With this in mind, the designer wanted to do something very different and unique for his ‘boudoir’ magazine and chose to feature an iconic film star in a custom-made outfit that he designed especially for the photoshoot. This is a major departure from the usual editorial fare of Vogue as we know it.

The designer has described this project as “a love letter to old Hollywood” and has gone to great lengths to create a truly luxurious boudoir for his favorite film star. This is evident in the elaborate styling of Deacon’s signature “Candy” print which graces the cover of Vogue UK. The star is seen here in all her vintage glamour, looking incredibly fetching in a black and gold outfit etched with beautiful graphic details.

In addition to the striking ‘Candy’ pattern, the cover of the magazine is graced by an image of The Great Gatsby’s flapper girl, Daisy Fay, one of the stars of the movie and socialite of the ‘20s. The designer has said that he wished to pay homage to this “iconic” character who “embodies much of what I love about the ‘20s” and whose outfits Deacon cites as an inspiration for this project.

This is definitely one to watch, especially if you’re a fan of classic Hollywood style.