Since getting married in January 2019, Robert Pattinson has been keeping fans waiting for his next big move excitedly ticking over on Instagram. And it seems that the actor is determined to continue this trend of baring all as he has now shared a series of incredible new photos with his 106.7 million followers.

The images were shared on Instagram with the caption: “I hope you like them…” The post drew a flood of comments from wellwishers, with many expressing delight at the stunning pictures.

Stunning In Black

The photos showed the star in a number of outfits, including a stunning black dress with a white bodice and black skirt, white studs and a leather belt. The dress drew comparisons to one of the most iconic looks from the designer Christian Dior – Elizabeth Taylor’s green velvet dress from the 1965 film adaptation of the play Madame de Tourvel.

Perhaps taking a leaf out of Taylor’s book, Pattinson continued the theme as he posed in front of a grand piano in a black tuxedo and white tie. He was also seen in a gold-buttoned suit, black tie, white tie and tails, and a tuxedo and tails.

Varying Outfits

While most of the photos shared so far have been on show in formal outfits, the star has also stepped out in some more casual looks. This includes a football jersey with his last name spelled out in bold letters, a white sweater and black jeans, a striped shirt, white jeans and red Converse shoes. And while none of the outfits individually would be remarkable, it’s clear that when seen together as a whole, they form a cohesive look.

This varied approach to ensembles will no doubt continue to intrigue fans as he continues to post regularly on Instagram.

Blowing Smoke Rings

Another image shared by the star features a series of smoke rings swirling around him as he puffs on a cigarette. The graphic image draws attention to the symbolism of the rings, which are associated with freedom and individuality. Several of these rings were also seen on the fingers of actor Tom Hardy, who is known for his dark and dangerous characters, in particular his portrayal of Bane.

The image was accompanied by the words: “I make it rain.” This may be a reference to a line from the song ‘I Make it Rain’ by English singer Dua Lipa, who was signed to Hollywood Records in 2018 and has performed at this year’s Grammys.

Luminous Blue

Pattinson’s latest Instagram post combines a number of his favorite cinematic themes in one striking shot. The ocean and sky are both a brilliant azure blue, which he has combined with pale blue blossoms and sun rays to create a breathtaking effect.

The image is reminiscent of the style of French impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir, whose work featured luminous colors and exuberant flower arrangements. Renoir’s ‘Madame Renoir and Her Daughter’ (1877) is one of the most iconic paintings of the Impressionist movement and its bright colors have inspired several pieces of fashion and art since then. The colors in the image are so saturated that they appear three-dimensional, as if popping out at the viewer.

Stunning In Silver

Pattinson paired a sleek silver dress with a white belt and white sneakers in another photo, which he shared alongside the words: “Classic yet stunning.” The dress features long and drapy sleeves, which fall to the wrist in the manner of Christian Dior’s iconic ‘Chantelle’ dress.

Dior designed the dress to evoke the glamour of the silver screen in the 1950s, when glamorous films such as James Bond’s and Grace Kelly’s drew audiences to cinemas around the world. The dress continues the elegant elegance associated with those cinema screens.

The dress is a modern reimagining of that perfect Bond girl, and it seems that we haven’t seen the last of it as the actor followed up the outfit with black Converse shoes and a white belt.


Pattinson has also been drawing inspiration from the future in several of his Instagram posts. One such image showed the star wearing a headdress made from diamonds, with several other diamonds and precious gemstones forming the frame. The dress drew inspiration from the architectural styles of the future and was styled with a metallic sheen and studs.

The star’s other designs were themed around technology, with several of his outfits featuring bold and intricate patterns designed to emulate the synthetic materials used in phones, tablets and laptops.

Pattinson has already begun working on his next film adaptation, for which he has signed on to play a major role. It will be his third collaboration with director Bill Condon, following on from the 2014 film ‘Gods of Egypt’ and the 2017 movie ‘Battle of Wits’. The film will be released in theaters in the UK on May 16th 2020.

In the meantime, be sure to tune into Pattinson’s Instagram to keep up with the latest news about his career and new projects.