If you follow celebrity news at all, you’ll have heard of the latest wave of heartbreak that has befallen the Hollywood star. First, there was the divorce from FIFTY NIGHTS OF SUMMER HONEYMOON (which, by the way, is still going through the courts as we speak). And then, just days ago, another bombshell–this time from within the celebrity ranks: Robert Pattinson had some strong words for the paparazzi. Specifically, he called them “peds.”

It started when a reporter asked about his breakup with FIFTY NIGHTS OF SUMMER HONEYMOON star Lily Collins. “It was a tough time,” Pattinson replied. “I love Lily and I loved being with her. But I’m not going to lie and say it was easy.” The actor then went on to call the paparazzi “peds”–short for paparazzi.

So, what does this mean for Collins’ upcoming wedding to Dan Smythe? Well, if anything, it means that she and her fiancé are going to be even more closely guarded than ever before. But that’s not all it means. It also means that, as a celebrity, you can’t simply divorce yourself from the press. Or can you?

Forbes has an interesting theory about this whole “peds” thing: “Pattinson’s rant may have been triggered by the paparazzi’s invasive photos of his former girlfriend and her new man. The actor has long been a target of the paparazzi’s cameras due to his dashing good looks and easy charm. With Lily on his arm, cameras haven’t been able to capture even a glimpse of Robert Pattinson’s private life.”

If that’s true, it would explain a lot. For starters, it would explain why he doesn’t want to be photographed. Second, it would explain why he hasn’t been seen with Collins since their split. And, last but not least, it would explain why he called the paparazzi “peds”–which, by the way, is the most vulgar and insulting way to refer to a member of the press.).

What do you think? Is the theory about paparazzi photos plausible? Is “peds” an appropriate term for the press? Let us know what you think in the comments below.