Just as the New Year was about to begin, a major snow storm hit the northern part of America, resulting in tons and tons of snow. People were stranded in their vehicles, causing major traffic jams. Many flights were cancelled. Schools and offices were closed down for the week. Amidst all of this, two of Hollywood’s biggest romances were put on pause. Actor Robert Pattinson, who is best known for playing the young, hot-headed Arthur Weasley in the Harry Potter films, and his ex-girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, who played the young, headstrong Joan of Arc in the film of the same name, were stuck outside of Vancouver, British Columbia for a few days due to the weather.

Now that the snow has finally melted, we can take a look at some of the most memorable images from this glorious week. Keep reading for more…

The Snowstorm Keeps Snowing

Late one night on January 6th, Stewart posted a series of photos on her Instagram account showing the stormy night her and Pattinson were stranded in their vehicles. She also wrote in the caption that they were “gorgeously trapped” due to the weather. The images show snow falling sideways, creating an eerily surreal feeling. One photograph shows two women embracing in the snow while another features a man in a ski mask holding a ski pole in one hand and a bloody knife in the other.

The Canadian government declared a state of emergency, closed down highways and airports, and cancelled over 200 airline flights on account of the heavy snowfall. In the U.S., 18 states declared a state of emergency, with some states (such as Colorado and Wyoming) ordering residents to stay at home due to the extreme cold. The storm was so bad that it caused the roof of the British embassy in Washington to collapse. Parts of the embassy and nearby buildings were heavily damaged by the collapsed roof. Fortunately, no one was injured.

Trapped In A Blizzard

On January 7th, Stewart and Pattinson both resumed activities, albeit briefly. The actress appeared at the Vanity Fair party in New York City, which is somewhat strange, considering that she had been snowbound for days. Pattinson spent most of his time indoors, holed up in his house with only his dogs for company. They both wore ski masks and gloves during their photo-op, which had the dual purpose of keeping their identities a secret and protecting them from the cold. After the photo-op, they both disappeared into their separate cars and drove off. Several hours later, they both arrived back at Stewart’s home, where they spent the night. On January 8th, they both attended the premiere of the new film, On the Road, together. The following day they had a quiet lunch, probably due to the busy schedules of both.

On January 10th, Stewart and Pattinson were spotted in London, England, where Stewart was photographed walking the dog, Willow. It was later revealed that they had been in the city for the entire preceding week, attending several events and enjoying some down time. They stayed at Stewart’s friend’s apartment in Primrose Hill while visiting London. A woman who identified herself as their friend stated that the two were “basically chilling and taking it easy” and that they did not want to spoil the surprise of an upcoming trip they were on the point of taking. What exactly that surprise was has not been disclosed. One would think that the two would want to keep that particular secret to themselves given the highly anticipated nature of the trip.

Skiing Side By Side

On January 11th, Stewart and Pattinson were photographed skiing in Val d’Isere, France. They were wearing matching ski outfits with bright yellow ski jackets and matching yellow ski pants, which is probably why they looked so happy and at ease while on the slopes. Aside from the bright colors, the outfits were pretty standard. They wore helmets and carried ski poles, which they used to steady themselves while skiing down the slopes. In another photograph, they were seen sitting side by side on a ski lift. This was almost certainly a set-up. They knew the cameras were rolling and used it as a way to give the impression of a real-life couple on a ski holiday. Several hours later, they were both back at Stewart’s home in the French Alps. This was probably their last official appearance as a couple before the rumors began to swirl.

A Brief Engagement

On January 12th, Stewart and Pattinson were sighted in Saint-Tropez, France. They were walking together, but separately from each other, down the same street. It is possible that they were taking a romantic stroll or that they were just on their way to dinner. They both wore sunglasses and had their arms around each other. It was a very friendly, relaxed pose. They didn’t appear to be posing for a photograph as such, which is probably why there aren’t any other cameras around. This was almost certainly the last time that the world would see these two smiling together. It was about three weeks later, on February 26th, that Stewart broke up with Pattinson, officially ending their brief engagement.

Although their split was amicable, it was reported that the two had been experiencing some problems. There were also rumors that Stewart had been unfaithful to Pattinson, which caused them to break up. Stewart has since denied these rumors, but the damage had been done. She began to receive death threats and was forced to hire bodyguards, which is no easy feat for a celebrity. Given that Stewart is a princess and Pattinson is a prince, it’s not unexpected that people would be upset about their breakup.

A Wedding To Remember

On March 4th, Stewart and Pattinson were married in an intimate ceremony at St. Regis Hotel in New York City. It was a very traditional affair, with lots of white dress codes and bridal parties. There were also many similarities to William and Kate’s wedding, including the bride’s gorgeous bouquet and the exchange of vows. The guests were given an opportunity to bid farewell to the newlyweds, as well as to celebrate the start of a new family with them. The happy couple has since maintained a low profile, even while shopping for their baby’s stroller and settling into married life.

As you can see, it was a very eventful week for the couple. They did not hide their romance from the public eye and gave the media plenty of content to work with. Given that they are now parents, it’s not altogether surprising that they would want to keep their personal life as private as possible. However, it is still rather odd that they would both attend the Vanity Fair party, which is basically an event that welcomes the media, or that they would both choose to walk the dog in London, given that they are both extremely private individuals. Perhaps they felt a need to give the public something new to talk about, or maybe they wanted to show solidarity with all the other couples who were stuck indoors due to the snowstorm. Whatever the reason, it was a very interesting week for the couple, filled with surprises. Hopefully, they will both enjoy years of marital bliss together.