So you’ve decided to watch Batman and now you’ve found out that Robert Pattinson is the new Batman. Will you change your mind?

The question is: will you like the new Batman? This is a tough one because the trailer does very little to inspire confidence. It shows a very unBatman-like behavior, a complete contrast to the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy. Moreover, the film is heavily hyped up as the “first” of a “galaxy” of Batman films to be released within the next five years. So you’re going to have to dig deep to find out what is motivating people to watch this movie. Do you believe in good stories? If so, then you might end up liking this one. Otherwise, it might be another bump in the road for the Caped Crusader.

The Goods

Let’s start with the good stuff. The costume looks cool and aside from the whole “I’m Batman” thing, the movie seems to have a good amount of mystery and intrigue. So as far as the goods go, it’s a mixed bag. On the one hand, it looks pretty cool but on the other, it’s kind of hard to tell. There’s also that weird voice thing at the end that I’m sure is supposed to be Batman but it sounds more like someone who doesn’t even try to hide their Russian accent. So it’s kind of hard to decipher whether he is or isn’t the Caped Crusader. I think it’s best to just go with the flow and enjoy what the movie has to offer. You might actually end up liking it. Although, if you’re looking for a new Batman movie, then you might want to consider something else.

The Bad

Now for the bad stuff. There’s a lot to pick on and it’s mostly centered on the trailer. First off, the costume looks awful. It’s tight around the body, it accentuates all the wrong parts of the male anatomy, and it doesn’t seem to fit him well. The cape is supposed to be longer but it looks more like the wind is pulling his shirt behind him. In addition, the trailer focuses a lot on Batman’s brawn rather than his brain. It shows him lifting weights and doing push-ups. These are all great for muscle but they don’t exactly instill confidence in the viewer that this is a smart guy. Of course, we all know that Batman isn’t exactly the smartest guy out there but it’s not like they needed to show off his brains in this case. I’m sure the filmmakers thought it would be a good idea to put what is basically a giant billboard in the center of the city, bragging about Batman’s greatness. It’s like putting a sandwich board on an ape and expecting him to walk like a human. It’s like saying “this is a really big monkey” to someone with no previous knowledge of monkeys. It just doesn’t make sense. The screen adaptation of the ‘80s cartoon, Mr. Men, did a much better job of keeping the essence of the character and didn’t dumb the part down, making it accessible to adults. Aside from that, the trailer really focuses on the fact that Batman is a force of nature, capable of overcoming any obstacle in his path. It’s exciting to see the character in this light but I’m not sure if it’s going to sit well with everyone. It’s like saying “yes, this is a very strong woman” to someone who has never seen a woman exercise before in their life. It might be a good idea to show an example of a typical day in the life of Batman (and maybe even dump a bit of humor into the mix) but the trailer doesn’t give you much to work with.

The Ugly

Now for the ugly stuff. Like I said before, it’s mostly centered around the costume. It doesn’t look comfortable, it looks like it’s a pain to put on, and it doesn’t look like it fits him well. Another thing that’s ugly about the trailer is how dark it is. Granted, the movie is set in the ‘70s and was probably shot at night but still, everything looks terribly dark. It’s almost like there’s a shadow hanging over the entire city, blotting out the sun. It doesn’t feel natural and since part of the appeal of watching Batman is being able to identify with the character, the darkness feels like a major blow to that. Finally, the trailer focuses a lot on Batman’s ‘roid rage. It shows him smashing up drugstores and smashing his way through some very cool-looking cars. It would be one thing if it was just one or two scenes but it’s all over the trailer. It’s like they were trying to boast about how violent their movie was and, as a result, made everything else seem weak by comparison. I’m sure there are some cool scenes in the movie but, in general, this is not something that will make viewers want to rush out and see it. It might be worth it for diehard fans, though.

One of the most iconic images of the ‘90s was the purple haze that engulfed the White House after President Clinton was acquitted of all charges in the impeachment trial. Since then, rumors have spread about a possible sequel to the historic trial.

While many were disappointed that the Clintons did not give another speech from the Oval Office following their victory, several filmmakers were elated, taking the opportunity to adapt the iconic event into a film.

A sequel to the highly successful House of Gucci would be a natural follow-up. Last week, we learned that director Michael Bay has decided to helm the project as the first of five films he hopes to make about the White House. The plan is for the first film, due out in 2019, to serve as a prequel and tell the story of Hillary Clinton and her impeachment.

While it will be exciting to see the return of one of the most iconic figures in American history to the Big Screen, the idea of a Trump-themed film is a jarring one. Nonetheless, the trailer for Bay’s White House sequel teases fans with the return of several key players, including Robert DeNiro, Tom Hanks, and Meryl Streep.

If you’re unfamiliar, DeNiro plays the role of federal judge Joe DiMartino in the 1997 film. Hanks plays the president, Bill Clinton, while Streep is in the role of Hillary Clinton. Not a bad group of actors to bring back, all things considered. Moreover, the film will delve into the characters’ personal lives, exploring, among other things, Bill’s affair with Hillary’s Senate aide, Huma Abedin, and the subsequent impeachment process.

Familiar Players

Bay has assembled a brilliant cast for his next project. Indeed, several familiar faces will be seen in the film. The trailer shows several cameos, including Robert DeNiro, Tom Hanks, and Meryl Streep. Moreover, the film will feature several notable actors portraying historical figures. Some of these include: