If you thought that Robert Pattinson was the perfect dream holiday companion, think again. According to a new report, the actor is more likely to hurt than to help. The “happily married” starlet already has three children with his wife, FKA Twigs, and is not interested in adding more to the family.

The claim that Pattinson isn’t keen to have more kids is apparently supported by the fact that he hasn’t brought up the subject with Twigs. The couple’s rep says they are focusing on being a family and dealing with their grief in private right now.

Robert Pattinson’s Marital Status

There are conflicting reports regarding whether or not Robert Pattinson is married. An intimate friend of the couple told People that the 35-year-old actor “is quite simply the most wonderful man I have ever known.” The source added that he is “so loving and so caring, and he always puts others before himself.”

But according to a new report in the New York Times, things aren’t quite that rosy for Robert Pattinson. An insider close to the starlet says he is “happily married” to FKA Twigs. However, the source said he had previously dated other women and was “not especially interested in getting tied down.”

Another interesting point made in the new report is that after being together for almost a decade, Robert Pattinson and Twigs are reportedly dealing with their grief in different ways. The Times writes that while the actor is focusing on his children with Wigs, she is turning to her art.

Pattinson’s Children With FKA Twigs

So what is Robert Pattinson’s relationship with FKA Twigs? Well, they met at a charity event in 2010 and became close friends. The pair have been pictured together multiple times, mostly at charity events. In fact, the most recent picture of the celebrity couple was taken just last November at an event in London for the Global Action for Mental Health charity. A few months before that, they were both seen arriving at the Los Angeles Airport in California. There is also an Instagram account called @fkatrajps that is mostly filled with pictures of the two of them together. Last December, the account was given the privilege of shooting Alicia Keys’ wedding day to David Baerwald.

Well, it seems Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs’ relationship goes beyond just being friends. The actress has long been rumored to be his girlfriend, and it seems he has accepted her as his wife. In April 2019, Twigs announced the arrival of their first child together. They named their daughter Matilda Katherine Grace on the birth certificate, and it has since become clear that they intend to build a family together.

No More Kids For Pattinson?

With three children under the age of three, it is safe to assume that Robert Pattinson is focusing on being a good father. But it seems the actor is not interested in making more kids his priority. When asked by the New York Times if he would like to have more children, Pattinson reportedly replied, “No.”

This is not the first time we have heard that Robert Pattinson does not want to have more kids. In January 2019, a source told People that after his third child with Twigs was born, the actor “doesn’t see that as something he wants to do at this stage in his life.” But what exactly is Robert Pattinson’s reasoning behind not wanting more children? Are his children enough for him? Perhaps, but considering he has been married twice before, he might be interested in trying for a fourth time.