Every day, we face the camera staring blankly back at us, daring us to look cool, calm, and fashionable while talking on the phone, eating lunch, or walking down the street. We have to admit, sometimes we fail. It’s not that we’re not confident enough to pull off a polished look when taking a picture – it’s that the camera just doesn’t lie. Sometimes we look like complete strangers, which is embarrassing for both of us.

To spare you the anguish of awkward selfies, we’ve decided to reveal the celebrity lookalike secret behind our celebrity lookalikes. We’ve been digging deep into the vaults to unearth the identities of all those faceless celebs who dared to imitate our handsome prince. And, as it turns out, we’re not the only ones who think he’s the best looking royal there is.

So here you have it: the list of every celebrity who has ever tried to take a stroll down the red carpet with the same charisma as Prince Edward.

Shania Twain

There was just something about that name that sounded familiar, and when you see a picture of the iconic Canadian singer, you realize why. Besides being royalty, Twain is also a talented wordsmith who is best known for her hit singles “Anytime, Anyplace” and “That Don’t Impress Me Much.” In 2007, Shania Twain tried to channel her inner Kate Middleton with a very unoriginal dress designed by Rod Stewart’s stylist and cost $4,270. Unfortunately, the dress didn’t stand out, and the only thing that went viral was her mugshot.

Mariah Carey

Just when we thought we’d seen it all. In 2019, Mariah Carey took the internet by storm with her hilarious impersonation of Queen Elizabeth II during a performance in London. The iconic singer sported a stunning gold dress that would befit royalty and sported a captivating smile as she performed Queen Elizabeth’s famous wedding song, “I Do Love To See You Smile.” Unfortunately, Carey wasn’t able to keep the smile for long as she cracked several jokes about the “royal” nature of her outfit. The singer later apologized for “any upset or offense” that she may have caused. Luckily, her comedy stylings didn’t go unnoticed, and she earned a standing ovation from the crowd.

Jennifer Lopez

Speaking of offense, JLo didn’t miss a trick either, taking a jab at the queen on her reality show, “Raising Dion.” In the show, Dionysus—the god of wine and ecstasy—is disguised as the much-loved prince, Edward, and Jennifer Lopez plays the role of Dionysus’s look-alike, Jessica. During a trip to Paris, the singer and actress cracked jokes about the supposed “royal” similarities and shared a playful tug-of-war with Prince Edward. “Sisterhood” was also a huge hit for JLo, and it wasn’t long before she was seen sporting a “I’m With the Band”-style sweatshirt in homage to the late, great Michael Jackson. Later that year, during a concert in Madrid, Jennifer revealed that Michael had personally watched over her the entire performance. She also thanked him for his “beautiful and generous” gift of a golden glove—which she wore on her right hand during the song “If I Could Turn Back Time” — and credited him with helping her “find her voice.” Unfortunately, Michael died shortly before the show, and the concert was ultimately dedicated to him. In addition to wearing his gloves, Lopez sported a gorgeous gold dress that night, and the crowd went wild.


Beyonce has been on a bit of a roll of late, channeling her inner royal with each outfit she wears. In 2019, she wore a gorgeous cream colored dress with a gold belt as she and husband Jay Z watched their daughter, Blue, play in the NBA All-Star Game. Later that year, she debuted an empowering new song, “No Dress Code,” which she performed alongside fellow divas and fellow royals, Camila and Eugenie. And in what might be Bey’s most iconic look yet, she shocked fans by stepping out in full royal regalia as she and Jay Z honored their late son, King Cairo, at an elaborate funeral ceremony in December. It was the first time in over a decade that Bey had attended a public event in a grand duchess-style dress, and it sparked intense media speculation about her future as a royal.

Anne Hathaway

The actress known for her role as Catwoman in the upcoming film, “Joker” tried to channel her inner royalty at the 2019 Golden Globes too. The 69-year-old sported an elegant gold dress as she accepted her award for best supporting actress in a motion picture comedy or musical. She joked that she wanted to wear something that would make the male nominees “jump,” adding that she thinks men usually appreciate “a little less” in a dress. However, that didn’t stop her from stealing the show. Besides wearing her coveted dress, Hathaway sported an elegant gold necklace and matching gold earrings. She received a standing ovation as she accepted her award.

Kate Middleton

We can’t talk about the royals without talking about the iconic Duchess of Cambridge. In a nod to her late father, the Duke of Edinburgh, Kate’s look was inspired by his famous polka dots. In 2010, the then-30-year-old princess sported a gorgeous mustard yellow dress and matching boots as she opened the 2010 London Fashion Week. It wasn’t long before the dress became an iconic symbol of the “modern royalty” look and has since become Kate’s signature look.

Meghan Markle

We’re not sure if she realizes it yet, but Meghan Markle is about to be labeled a royal. The former “Suits” actress is set to marry Prince Harry in April of next year, and the entire British nation is abuzz with speculation about her wardrobe. In 2019, Markle sported a gorgeous burgundy dress as she and Harry attended the 70th anniversary of the Order of the Garter in London. It is customary for new queens to don the red and white robes of the Order of the Garter, and though the dress is a simple choice, it is perfect for the occasion.

Is this the beginning of a new era for the British royal family? What do you think?