Robert Pattinson has been in the news a lot recently. After his split from FKA Twigs, the “Twilight” starlet released a statement about his new love, Indian-American singer/songwriter/producer/mixer Sia. The two have been spotted enjoying a cozy fling in New York City. Now, it appears that Pattinson has gone one step further and proposed to Sia, according to E! News’ sources. If the couple were to wed, it would make Pattinson the singer’s third marriage. However, this is not yet official as Sia has yet to accept the proposal. Nonetheless, it seems that the couple’s romance is quite a passionate one and they haven’t stopped dating since they first met in September 2018. Sia even flew to Los Angeles to be with Pattinson during a break in the filming of his latest movie, “Furious.”

While all this is going on, Pattinson has kept busy working on new music. Earlier in July, he unveiled the title and artwork for his upcoming album, titled “Dogs.” The nine-song collection is expected to drop later this year. In the meantime, he has shared a new song, called “Let Me Sign Your CD,” online. The track is now available for purchase and features vocals from none other than Sia.

Musically, the track is a dark and moody slice of guitar-pop that evokes early-00s bands like The Libertines and The Beach Boys. The lyrics are also quite interesting as they delve into the themes of fame and fortune, but also introduce the listener to an alternative concept of love. Check it out below.

The Meaning Of The Title

One of the more interesting things about “Let Me Sign Your CD” is its title. According to Pattinson’s Twitter, the song is about aspiring musicians who try to make it big in the industry, only to have their dreams crushed by ruthless label executives. The song ends tragically with the individual walking away, dejected.

While there’s no denying that getting signed to a record label is a fantastic opportunity, the truth is that it doesn’t always work out as planned. Sometimes, signing with a big company can backfire in a big way and crush an artist’s dreams. Seeing as this is a topic that resonates with Pattinson, he wanted to offer some words of wisdom to aspiring musicians who may be reading his blog or following his social media accounts. Therefore, he decided to give the song a title that would embody these themes. In doing so, he has offered some pretty sound advice to future album buyers and songwriters alike.

The Album Artwork And Tracklist

While the overall vibe of “Let Me Sign Your CD” is pretty dark and brooding, the album art is actually quite the opposite. In fact, the artwork is in the shape of a dog’s head and features anime colors and characters. This is probably a reference to the album’s lyrical content, which is mostly centered around dogs. The tracklist for the album is as follows:

  • 1. Let Me Sign Your CD
  • 2. You Win Some
  • 3. How To Be A God In Your Own Right Now
  • 4. In The Dark
  • 5. Lazytown
  • 6. All My Demons
  • 7. One Night In Bangkok
  • 8. A Signature Sia
  • 9. Dogs

Pattinson has been working on the album for a while and has previously shared a handful of songs, including “In The Dark” and “Lazytown.” The record will be released later this year via Kobalt Label Services.

The Lyrics

With regards to the lyrics for “Let Me Sign Your CD,” the track is actually sung from the perspective of a record company executive. In the first verse, he asks the person if he’d like to sign with his label. The person replies in the affirmative, but adds that they don’t want to be trapped by the contract. The label exec encourages the person to think about what they’re getting into and whether or not they’re willing to compromise their artistic integrity in order to make it big. He also warns them of the dangers of overexposure, as there’s a chance they’ll become irrelevant if they can’t keep themselves interesting to the public.

Another verse follows, with the person complaining about their creative process and how they feel like it’s being stifled. They ask the label exec to give them some encouragement and offer advice about how to get their music heard. The song ends with the individual asking the question, “Signing with a record label… for better or for worse?” The answer is revealed to be… worse. In other words, it’s never easy to put yourself out there and trust people, but in the end, it’s usually for the best. At least, that’s what Pattinson seems to be telling us here.

The Production

To compliment the dark and moody lyrics and moody musical backdrop, Pattinson enlisted the help of Sia’s regular producer and collaborator, Diplo. The two have worked together previously on tracks such as “Cheerleader,” “Dance With Me,” and “Make Me Like You.”

As with the rest of Sia’s music, the production is quite an eclectic mix of influences. There’s a definite pop sensibility to the album, but it is also littered with hip-hop and R&B samples. Perhaps most notably, there are also a number of references to the works of 19th century French author, Émile Zola, who wrote “Nana,” the book that served as the basis for the classic French film, “Nana.” Nana, played by the late French superstar, Marjorie Merriweather, was a notorious courtesan who lived an extravagant lifestyle, surrounded by voluptuous women. Although the character was written as a courtesan, Nana is often depicted in popular culture in a more modern context, emphasizing self-respect and independence.

As for the title of the album, it’s interesting to note that even before he released the full tracklist, it was already being called “Let Me Sign Your CD.” This is probably because the individual featured in the song is, in fact, asking for someone’s signature for a music publication. This may indicate that the album is, in some capacity, an ode to the music industry. While it’s far from a cheerful ode, it is an acknowledgement of the dangers and difficulties that come with trying to make it big in the biz as well as the perks that come with it.

Overall Review

All things considered, “Let Me Sign Your CD” is a rather bleak yet fascinating ode to the perils of being in the public eye. Even before we get into the specifics of the lyrics or musical composition, the very fact that it was written by the man behind Twilight means that this album is going to sound different from anything we’ve heard from him before.

As for the individual that is the subject of this ode, they are a bit of a mystery. We don’t know much about them, other than the fact that they are a creative individual who is interested in making it big in the music industry. While there’s no denying that getting signed to a record label is a fantastic opportunity, there is also the matter of the contract itself. It can be a great help to an artist if they have a good lawyer, but it can also be a crushing weight if they don’t have one. The fact that this person is walking away, at least in the early going, suggests that they may not have the best lawyers or the most supportive family in the world. We will have to wait and see.