If you’re reading this, I’m assuming that you have either fallen madly in love with or are at least fairly interested in the work of Hollywood’s gorgeous and talented English actor, Robert Pattinson.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a good Hollywood movie as much as the next guy, but let’s be honest, they aren’t exactly known for their incredible acting skills.

I mean, come on, you’ve seen Twilight and know what I’m talking about. That was supposed to be a cinematic masterpiece and it turned out to be one of the worst movies of all time. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Michael Lombardi as much as the next guy, but coming from him, that’s a pretty big “but.”

In any case, while I was eagerly awaiting the premiere of the latest installment of the Twilight saga, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, I was more than a little put off by the constant stream of media coverage surrounding the on-again, off-again relationship that Pattinson had been documenting on Instagram.

Then, something happened that was far more surprising than Twilight’s descent into madness. The 27-year-old actor finally tied the knot with his long-time love, Stella McCartney. As if being engaged to a famous fashion designer wasn’t enough, it turned out that the happy couple were also high-profile supporters of animal rights group, ‘Animals Asia.’

McCartney designed the dress that Pattinson wore at their wedding. As the groom, it was his duty to walk down the aisle in a suit, and he chose a sleek black number by Gucci. Before heading up the aisle, he gave a short but sweet speech thanking the attendees for coming to celebrate his big day. It was also revealed that the bachelor party would be held at the Brooklyn Bowl in New York City.

So, to recap: we have a movie star engaged to a famous fashion designer who is also committed to fighting animal cruelty. Sounds like the beginning of a beautiful romance to me.


So, as luck would have it, immediately following his wedding to McCartney, the newlyweds jetted off to Hong Kong for a surprise visit. While there, they reportedly enjoyed a quiet dinner at the Jockey Club with close friends and family. They then proceeded to explore the city by foot and bike. It was definitely a romantic getaway for the newlyweds, but it wasn’t exactly a honeymoon. The reason being, the couple had to rush back to London due to Stella McCartney’s business commitments. Since then, they’ve been keeping busy with frequent trips to Paris for fashion weeks and other popular cities around the world to visit their luxury apartment.

When it comes to celebrity weddings, it doesn’t get much more romantic than the big day of Rupert Murdoch’s eldest son, Lachlan’s, wedding to Bianca Giocante in Italy. The ceremony was presided over by Pope Francis, who gave Lachlan and Bianca his blessing before the festivities got under way. There were paparazzi outside the church waiting to capture the moment when Francis arrived, so it was kind of like a never-ending photo shoot.

However, one of the most memorable weddings of the past year wasn’t a celebrity affair. It was that of former American football quarterback, Derek Jeter and his partner, Anne Gusthart’s. While the reception was still a blur to most of us, it was clear that this was a marriage made in heaven. So, how exactly did this odd couple meet?

It was initially reported that Jeter proposed to Gusthart during a game. However, the Hall of Fame baseball player later revealed that he actually asked her to be his partner in a dance at a party several years ago. He eventually asked her to marry him during a flight to Seattle from Los Angeles when he proposed. They then had to get the word “no” over and over again as they danced, before finally securing the blessing of their family, friends, and clergy. The service was held outside at the Seattle Cathedral, but the celebration continued inside the church with reciting of the vows and tossing of the bouquet.

So, to recap: a sports hero who was known for his love of fashion and beautiful women gets married to a famous fashion designer. It was quite the package. As luck would have it, the two make an odd couple, but it turns out they were made for each other.

Hitting The Books

While some people may choose to celebrate their special day quietly, others might choose to indulge in some fun activities. Just a day after his wedding, Pattinson jetted off to London for a surprise visit with his parents. While there, he reportedly spent some quiet time with his mom reading a book. It wouldn’t be too strange if this was the kind of thing that the former Twilight star did after his wedding, since after all, he just got married. It’s not like he has any other real commitments now.

It seems that following his wedding shower and rehearsal dinner, the actor spent a lot of time with his bride-to-be reading books and discussing ideas for their new home. While some people might consider this to be a bit stuffy, I think it’s absolutely charming. Especially since it seems that this was part of the romantic getaway package that the newlyweds enjoyed following their wedding. (Whether or not this is an isolated incident is unclear.)

While we’ve all been eagerly anticipating the arrival of Rob’s first child with wife, Kelly, due in spring 2018, the couple hasn’t shied away from publicly showing off their baby girl, Genevieve, already. On April 26, the British actor and his wife posted a photo of their precious baby girl on Instagram. They also wrote a sweet message to their fans regarding their upcoming family vacation.

“We can’t wait to dive into this new stage of our lives and be closer to our families,” they said.

As for what’s next for the couple? Well, they’ve got a lot to look forward to. Not only is their first baby on the way, but they’ve also reportedly started work on a script for a dark comedy that will be directed by the versatile Greta Gerwig. It will be produced under her North House Productions banner and will see Pattinson and Gerwig playing themselves. While we don’t know much else about this project at the moment, it won’t be long before we find out more. In the meantime, we may have to settle for more wedding photos.