Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart had been dating for a while when they decided to surprise each other with a kiss that was truly unforgettable. The British actor was riding his motorcycle when he decided to stop by the Burberry store in London where he worked as a brand ambassador. He had been asked to go over some figures with a senior manager, but instead he found himself riding past racks and racks of women’s clothing alongside his hunky Swedish biker boyfriend. When they had finally arrived at the office, Rob had taken out his leather motorcycle jacket and casually hung it up on the back of his chair. While his boss sat silently at his desk, Rob leaned in and planted a sweet peck on his well-groomed colleague. The two kept the smooch fresh for the whole meeting, laughing and joking as they traded kisses in the office. It was such a lovely display of affection that many of the brand’s ladies believed it to be an advertisement for the store!

While you might think that this is the most memorable moment of Rob’s and Kristen’s relationship, you’d be mistaken. It wasn’t even close. Later on that same day, they were walking down the street in London when they came across a homeless man named Tommy who had written a letter to Robert. The letter was touching and revealed the kind of person that Rob was trying to be more like – a genuine person who cared about other people. As they walked, Rob read the letter out loud to Kristen, and the two decided that they wanted to dedicate their love to this homeless man. They went back to the Burberry store and handed out the letter to everyone they saw. Later that day, they went to see a play with a bunch of their friends, and during the performance, Rob gave another one of his famous soul readings. The audience didn’t know whether to laugh or cry from this point on as this gorgeous couple continued to show up for each other’s birthday parties and anniversary celebrations. Unfortunately, this might be one of the more expensive dates that Rob and Kristen will ever have in regards to their wedding day since it is reported that they spent a whopping £25,000 on their cinematic kiss scene back in 2015!

Kissing Scott Disick

We’ll never forget the epic “Scott Disick” kiss. The couple had been posing for photos with their kids for years when one day, out of nowhere, Scott decides that he wants to steal a kiss from Bella. She obliges, and the two briefly lock lips before bursting into laughter. It was such a precious moment that we’ll always have in our minds whenever we think of Scott Disick.

Kissing in the Rain

It seems that whenever we think of rainbows, we also think of kissing. After all, when it’s sunny and hot outside, who wants to be stuck inside just watching Netflix with your significant other? Not us, that’s for sure. When the opportunity to kiss presents itself, we must take it and never let go. When it’s raining and flooding outside, those who are caught in the downpour are also in the perfect position to plant a few lip syncs and a few more unforgettable kisses. Rainfall is also the perfect opportunity for steamy scenes and intimate moments that you might not want to miss out on.

Noelle Crombie & Jovani Jones

Noelle Crombie is a Toronto-based stylist and makeup artist who has worked with some of the most famous faces in the world. She’s made Jackie O proud more than once, and the Queen Elizabeth II. On a more recent occasion, she helped transform Jovani Jones into the most stunning woman we’ve ever laid eyes on. With her flawless makeup and stunning dress, it’s no wonder that this famous kiss didn’t go unnoticed either.

Kissing Kate Middleton

Another celebrity makeup artist who has helped transform famous faces is Kate Middleton. She worked with the Duchess of Cambridge to create the beautiful bride that she is today. When it comes to kissing, Kate is a legend. She can put a smile on a face that would stop a tear in a moment. When you see a photo of Prince George with his bride-to-be, you’ll know what we mean. As the two of them held each other during their engagement party, the guests cheered as one as Kate began to dance with her groom. It was an incredible sight to behold as the dance floor was jam-packed with happy couples celebrating this momentous day.

From Prince William To Princess Diana

It’s fair to say that we’ll never get over the death of Princess Diana. In the years following her brutal murder, it’s been reported that Britain’s royal family members have found it harder to find love. In the decades since her death, there have been no successful weddings for royals other than the Duchess of Cambridge. It’s clear that Diana’s untimely passing is still haunting her descendants. While Prince William and Kate may seem like an unlikely pair, they have certainly found love and each other’s company to be more tolerable than that of a standalone evening. As Diana’s grandson, Prince George, gets ready to walk down the aisle, it’s clear that the princess’s big loss is never going to go away.

Kissing Outside The Plaza

In September 2019, we were finally treated to a golden shower celebration. After weeks of speculation, Kanye West finally made good on his promise and gave us a chance to see him and Kim Kardashian-West kiss. It’s fair to say that the couple didn’t disappoint as the kissing was as good as everyone was led to believe it would be. While the photos are undeniably special, what makes this moment even more memorable is that it took place outside of the Plaza. This wasn’t some quick peck on the cheek or a stolen moment. They had actually booked a private room at the Drake Hotel for the occasion, and the media were kept well away from the location. It was an intimate moment between two people who truly love and appreciate each other. It was such an incredible display of affection that, once again, left us speechless.

The One Where He Doesn’t Deserve Her

It’s no secret that we’re a bit biased when it comes to our favorite celebrity couple, but we have to admit that we were a bit surprised when Stephen Fry didn’t stand a chance of winning Sophie’s heart. It’s true that the comedian has been a huge supporter of the LGBT community for years, but we didn’t see this one coming. When the couple’s duet “Time” played during the Grammys, many of us in the audience had tears in our eyes. The way that Fry held Sophie as they sang together was so romantic, but Stephen’s bad luck continued when he went to present an award. Instead of thanking the person who deserved it more, he thanked a member of the audience for inspiring his performance. It was so heartbreaking to see a real-life Romeo and Juliet story end in such a tragic way.

Elton John & Bernie Taupin

There were a lot of surprises when it came down to the album of the year Grammy, but none bigger than Sir Elton John and Bernie Taupin. Many people had written them off as it was widely believed that they had stopped writing songs together back in the ’80s. The rumors were false as they had both continued to write and record together over the years. Their surprise appearance shocked viewers and made history as it was the first time that two artists had performed a duet together in more than thirty years! While they haven’t stopped writing songs together since, it’s been more than a decade since they put their pen to paper and it was truly an incredible moment to see them perform as a duo once again.

It wasn’t just the music that made this performance special. The entire album ceremony was transformed into a grand production as a result of the pair’s appearance. There were dancers, guests, and pyrotechnics as Bernie took the stage dressed in a long white gown with a red rose in his hand. Before launching into his classic song “Tick Tock,” Sir Elton walked over to his longtime collaborator and gave him a hug. The two then proceeded to perform this emotional song together as tears rolled down their cheeks. In a room full of superstar musicians, this was one of the more moving performances we’ve ever seen.