Moon Taurus R.Pattinson’s solo project, the aptly named Moon, is one part rock band and one part pop record. It is a celebration of sorts, with the album’s 11 tracks stuffed full of big rock hits and stadium anthems. Billed as “punky folk pop,” it is a sound that they have created, and a sound that we can continue to enjoy.

Pattinson’s lyrics are stuffed full of references to both English and American culture, and as such, are an intriguing mix of both worlds. The first single from Moon, “In My Head,” is already proving to be quite the hit, and has over a million views on YouTube as of this writing. The quirky and fun video, which was co-directed by Pattinson and her husband, English filmmaker Chris Corfield, begins with a whimsical dance routine by the band, which is intercut with shots of the band members performing in front of a green screen. The video then cuts to white space, as Corfield’s commentary makes room for more scenes of the band dancing and playing music.

“In My Head” is a great example of this unique combination of English and American influences. The song is a driving four-on-the-floor punk rock anthem that draws inspiration from both Oasis and The Misfits. When the chorus arrives, it is nearly indistinguishable from the Britpop group’s “Wonderwall.”

On the more traditional side of Moon, you have “No Regrets” and “Happy”, the two-part title track. The first is a bluesy number that seesaws between a rock-solid base and an organ-led breakdown. The lyrics are simple, yet effective: “I’ve got no regrets/All the road I’ve travelled has been worthwhile.” But the real gem lies in the second half of “No Regrets”, where a soulful vocal and jangly guitar combine to paint a picture of a girl who is all grown up and no longer needs protecting. In the chorus, she sings, “I’ve got no regrets/Just wanna say/I’m happy that it turned out this way/I’m happy that I grew up/I’m happy for you and me.”

As a whole, Moon is a fun and engaging listen. It is a great introduction to the band, and its roster of stars, including members of Wolf Alice and Haim, are a testament to its quality. With its combination of catchy hooks and sharp guitar riffs that draw inspiration from both sides of the Atlantic, Moon is sure to become an essential part of anyone’s collection.