If you follow the news, you’d know that Miley Cyrus has been linked to a string of famous men. In fact, she has dated some of the most famous people in the world. However, it wasn’t always like that. In fact, it wasn’t even close to always like that. In fact, Miley Cyrus has never been the typical Hollywood starlet. She grew up in a stable home with a nurturing mother and a father who was protective of her. Her early years were spent in relative obscurity before she made her big break as a teenager. Since then, she has established herself as one of the most influential and beloved figures in pop culture. Not only does she have a huge social media following and fans all over the world, but she also has a clothing line, a makeup line, a perfumes line, and an accessory line. She’s also collaborated with the biggest brands in the world, such as Chanel and Miu Miu. And in November 2019, Forbes announced that she was the most powerful celebrity in entertainment, earning her the title of ‘Superstar Influencer.’

So, it’s no surprise that some consider Miley Cyrus and her relationships to be the ‘It’ couple of the moment. Here, we explore the history of Miley Cyrus and her amazing career, as well as her relationships with prominent men.

How Miley Cyrus Became ‘The It Couple’

If you’re not familiar, the phrase ‘It Couple’ refers to a celebrity couple who are ‘It’ – or popular – in their own right. The phrase was first used to describe the celebrity couple Haider Ackadj and Alice Weidel, who are both incredibly successful businesswomen. Ackadj is the founder of the lifestyle website Modebeyond, while Weidel is the founder of Goat clothing brand.

The website Vogue recently ran an article titled, ‘The It Couple: How the Modebeyond Founders Helped Popularize the Phrase,’ which explores how the fashion industry has taken notice of the ‘It Couple.’

The article mentions how Haider Ackadj and Alice Weidel popularized the phrase ‘It Couple’ and how it’s since been co-opted by other celebrities and social media users. It notes how in 2018, the phrase ‘The It Couple’ began trending on Twitter, with users speculating about which famous couple would be the next to ‘do the deed.’ 

From Stable Home To Fame And Fortune

While many Hollywood stars are born into celebrity, Miley Cyrus was determined to make it on her own. She was raised in a stable home with a mother who was a homemaker and a father who was a truck driver. In high school, Cyrus began to take an interest in photography and wrote a blog about her travels.

Then, at the age of 17, Cyrus graduated from high school and promptly began working on her fledgling photography career. She quickly rose through the ranks, shooting for prestigious publications such as Vogue and GQ. She also began appearing in magazines, such as Sports Illustrated and Interview. In 2009, Cyrus signed with a modeling agency in New York City and moved to the Big Apple.

Cyrus has never been one to do things by the book and did everything she could to establish herself in the industry. In 2011, she posed for Playboy, which was considered a major coup for a first-time model. She followed that up by hosting the 2012 Video Music Awards, which was a challenge as she had never hosted a TV award show before.

In 2012, Cyrus made her film debut in the movie Grand Tour, which was followed by other prominent parts in films like Pitch Perfect 2 (2014), Sex Tape (2015), Mamma (2018), and Where Are You Actually Going? (2019).

A Closer Look At Miley Cyrus’ Early Years

Miley Cyrus has never been one to follow the rules and, as we’ve established, she’s always found a way to make her own path in life. Her upbringing and early years are no different. Though she began her modeling career relatively late, she has established herself as an ‘It’ model, often referred to as a ‘mini-me’ to the larger-than-life pop culture icon that is Taylor Swift.

It was Swift who helped launch Cyrus’ career and the two are now good friends. The singer even referred to Cyrus as her ‘mini me’ in a 2018 Instagram post, though they later made up and vowed to become best friends again. In 2019, Cyrus released a song titled ‘Best Friends’ – with Swift and other pop stars – in which they expressed their undying love for one another.

Even though she’s had a varied and impressive career, it wasn’t always plain sailing for Cyrus. In fact, it was quite the opposite. She struggled with body image and found it difficult to find modeling work that didn’t make her feel like a whale. At times, she even considered giving up her career as a model and moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. In 2018, she even talked about shutting down her Instagram account because she felt so insecure about her body.

Fortunately, Cyrus didn’t give up and, in 2019, she announced that she was redefining her body image and that her Instagram account would be getting a makeover. The account was subsequently praised for its new aesthetic and inspiring followers to love themselves too.

A Relationship With A Major Literary Figure

Though Miley Cyrus has established herself as a major figure in Hollywood, her relationship with a literary figure is arguably her biggest claim to fame. In 2014, she dated author Romeo Wilson. They ended their 7-year relationship in 2019, though Wilson has always denied that he and Cyrus had an on-off romance.

Aside from Wilson, Cyrus has also been in relationships with actor Robert Pattinson – her co-star from Twilight – and singer-songwriter and guitarist Colbie Carmel. Interestingly, she has never been married and has never indicated that she’s been in a committed, long-term relationship. Instead, she’s often said that she enjoys dating and has made jokes about her ‘fleeting’ and ‘carefree’ romantic experiences. In 2019, Cyrus talked about finding love on her own terms and how she doesn’t believe that she needs a man to complete her.

A Clothing Line, A Makeup Line, And A Perfumes Line

Besides being a model and actress, Miley Cyrus is the founder of several fashion lines. In 2010, she founded Pure Cyrus, which became her clothing line. The brand is sold at Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s and is now available in 25 countries worldwide. In 2011, Cyrus founded Miley Cyrus Fashion, a line of ready-to-wear clothing and accessories which she described as ‘glamorous workout clothes’ in a Vogue interview. In 2018, she launched her signature perfumes line, Miley Cyrus Perfumes, described by Vogue as ‘the epitome of glamour and attitude.’

Miley Cyrus also founded a makeup brand, SCORPION (short for Student Conservation Organization/Role Play Is Not Innocent), in 2008 with fellow model Amber Luce. The brand’s makeup products feature highly sexualized and sometimes anally explicit images of powerful and semi-naked women. The name SCORPION is a play on words, combining the words ‘sexual’ and ‘conservation,’ as well as the German racehorse of the same name, which represents spirit and energy. In 2010, Miley Cyrus and Amber Luce launched their own skincare line, Bite Me! (named after one of their favorite songs), featuring futurism and an elegant femininity.

Despite her busy schedule, Cyrus still finds time to be a vocal advocate for feminism. She has openly discussed her support for the #MeToo movement and has spoken out against domestic violence and sexual assault. In a 2019 interview with Vogue , she stated: “If anything, sex work has helped me understand myself better… I’ve always been very much into nature and the environment, so working with Reef reminded me of a connection I have with animals. And I think that’s what I needed at this point in my life.”