With the current political climate, it is becoming more and more difficult for foreign nationals to practice law abroad. Many legal practitioners are struggling to establish themselves in the Anglo-Saxon legal system, with some finding success in spite of the odds.

The Benefits of Litigating in Russia

As a practicing attorney, I have represented international clients from across the globe, including from Russia, and have enjoyed a particularly strong relationship with the Moscow Bar Association. The benefits of this dual-career professional relationship are tangible. In addition to receiving fast and responsive service from some of the best legal minds in the city, I have also been able to educate the legal community about legal issues specific to the world of business in Russia.

Transitioning to a New Country

It is inevitable that once you have established yourself in a new country, you will want to make the transition to the local legal system. However, many practicing attorneys find themselves struggling with the nuances of adapting to a new country and its laws. While this may be difficult, it is certainly not an insurmountable task and, in fact, much easier with some planning and research.

The Courage to Plead Guilty

In the past, it was much more difficult for an accused to avoid conviction if they proceeded to trial. Now that the world is becoming a smaller place and communications are at a premium, it is all the more essential to explore all your options before trial. This is where the courage of a criminal defense attorney becomes paramount. I have been able to build a reputation for providing zealous and aggressive representation to my clients, and they have undoubtedly benefited from my experience. While this may not be the case for all legal practitioners, it is certainly a reality for those that choose to represent defendants in court.

Getting That International Feel

Even for attorneys that do not choose to specialize in corporate law, it is essential to have an understanding of the principles behind international trade and commerce. Without a solid foundation in this area, you will find yourself woefully unprepared to deal with the numerous legal issues that arise from international business. Many American lawyers do not feel comfortable practicing abroad, due to a lack of familiarity with the legal systems of other countries and the fear of becoming disbarred or even charged with a crime. This kind of fear often keeps attorneys away from clients that they believe are beyond their experience level, resulting in a considerable loss of business for all involved.

An Opportunity to Learn

One of the significant benefits to a legal education in America is the opportunity for employment after graduation. However, due to increased competition and a greater demand for barristers, it is becoming more difficult for recent law school graduates to gain employment. If you are looking for a new country in which to practice law, consider Russia. Not only is it a great place in which to live and work, but you will also have the opportunity to further your legal education and gain experience by attending seminars and conferences held throughout the year in Moscow and other major cities. Many international lawyers choose to live and work in Russia because they are able to combine a high employment rate with the advantages of a thriving legal community. If you are looking for a new country to call home, consider Russia, or at least contact the Moscow Bar Association for more information!