What would you do if you were in love…but scared of losing your heart? Follow Kristen on her journey to find true love and embark on a new career as a travel agent. This is the premise of the upcoming film “Twilight: Eclipse” (formerly known as “Breaking Dawn”), the final installment of the beloved vampire-romance trilogy.

Even diehard fans of the Twilight franchise may be surprised by how much their excitement for this final installment has increased since the beginning of the year. The first scenes of the new movie were shown at Comic-Con in July 2015, and thousands of fans in line for the screening were able to see the trailer for the first time. When the lights went down and the film began, there were screams of delight as the crowd burst into a frenzy.

This was followed by a standing ovation and an announcement that the movie was passed with a unanimous vote of “four stars” from the Comic-Con audience. Since its debut at Comic-Con, the trailer for “Twilight: Eclipse” has accumulated over 15 million views on YouTube, and it continues to gain momentum as new footage continues to leak.

More Than Meets The Eye

“Twilight: Eclipse” picks up immediately where the previous film left off, as Kristen’s (Taylor Lautner) sister, Sarah (Bella Thorne), calls him out of the blue to meet her at the airport and give her a ride to their family’s California home. Kristen and Scott (Pattinson) are forced to confront their biggest fears, as well as the truth about what happened to Scott in the last film. With the help of a special friend, Kristen finds the strength to finally embrace her tragic past and move on with her life.

“Twilight: Eclipse” marks the screen debut of India Rose Costello as Carlisle’s (Billy Burke) grandchild, Victoria. The young actress plays opposite Pattinson and Thorne, and it is obvious from the get-go that she has acting chops: she immediately commands the screen and engages with the audience. The trailer for “Eclipse” gives you a taste of what is to come from this talented young actress, who only adds to the intrigue surrounding this installment.

The final installment of the Twilight Saga is shaping up to be one of the most compelling and exciting chapters yet. With less than a year to go before its theatrical release, fans can expect to see a lot more footage, along with new characters and settings. The series finale will answer many questions and leave you on the edge of your seat. No matter what stage you’re at in life, whether you’re a die-hard Twilight fan or have never listened to a word of it, the wait for “Eclipse” will be well-worth it.