It was recently announced that the English actor, writer, producer, and musician Robert Pattinson would become engaged to the Hollywood A-lister, Emily Blunt. The couple had been an item for quite some time, but had kept their relationship under wraps due to various commitments. The pair have finally revealed the news of their engagement and announced that they would be wed in a fairy tale-like ceremony in London later this year. The news was met with praise from fans and media outlets alike, with many praising the actor for his dedication to the woman he loves.

The announcement was made at a star-studded gala held at London’s Horse Guard’s Parade in celebration of Blunt’s 24th birthday. Among those in attendance were Blunt’s Friends, Family, and Industry associates as well as the couple’s romantic partners. The night began with a performance by BTS, followed by an introduction from Blunt’s father, John, who urged the audience to welcome his “prodigal daughter” home. The actress then took to the stage and thanked everyone for their well-wishes before revealing that she has been dreaming of this moment for as long as she can remember.

“To my daughter Emily, congratulations on achieving your dreams. You worked hard and overcame many challenges to become the woman you were born to be,” said the 55-year-old actor. “I am so proud of you and I couldn’t be more thrilled to share this moment with you.”

The actor then presented Blunt with a diamond ring, which the latter accepted with tears flooding her eyes. “I’m so happy to have you back,” she said through her tears. “You’ve done so much for me and I couldn’t thank you enough. I love you so much.” The pair have been in touch with each other’s families and friends and have been diligent in choosing which wedding guests to invite from near and far. There will be a reception in London followed by a wedding ceremony in France.

Romantic Leading Man

While it is easy to point to Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert Redford as Hollywood’s ultimate leading men, it is safe to say that 2018 will be the year of the romantic actor. Leading men have always played a pivotal role in attracting, engaging, and inspiring audiences. However, with the emergence of successful and popular romantic comedy and drama films such as A Dog’s Purpose, Mary Poppins Returns, and Love Sonia, audiences are responding with more interest than ever before.

Robert Pattinson

Fans of the Twilight saga may be crying foul, as they have been vocal about their disappointment in the sudden end to an amazing run. There is no denying that the franchise changed the game, inspiring a generation of young people to become actors. While many will celebrate Midnight Sun as a sweet finale, it was clearly not what the fans had signed up for. A new generation of fans and audiences are now looking to the future, with interest piqued in what Robert Pattinson has to offer as a leading man.

In terms of pure aesthetic beauty, few actors can rival the 27-year-old Australian. With his piercing blue eyes and chiseled jaw, fans are immediately smitten upon seeing him on screen. His athletic physique is the stuff of dreams, as is his gentle nature, which he makes abundantly clear in the 2017 documentary, The Art of Being Robert Pattinson.

Emily Blunt

The English actress rose to fame in 2013, after playing a lead role in the film The Widow for which she received critical acclaim. Since then, she has appeared in a number of critically acclaimed films, the best of which may be 2018’s Mary Poppins Returns. Set in 1930s England, the story of the titular character explores the magical world of children and how it differs from the grown-up one. In the past, Blunt has worked with A-list directors including the Russo brothers and Guillermo del Toro. She is also known for her work on stage, having starred in the revival of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and made her Broadway debut in 2018 in The Glass Menagerie.

Wedding Season

According to the experts at, 2018 will be the wedding celebration season, with couples getting hitched earlier than usual to make sure they can make the most of the seasonal affections. From designer wear to DIY wedding cakes, here are some of the amazing DIY wedding ideas for you to consider.


Wedding seasons often bring an array of wedding dress designs beyond those that can be purchased pre-made. For those who are fortunate enough to have a tailor make their clothes individually, the opportunity to try on a variety of designs and styles is at their fingertips. One of the most stunning DIY wedding dresses involves the construction of a mini-pavilion. The structure, which can be created with some basic planks and string, is covered with fabric – either a light or dark tone – and a roof is placed to provide the couple with some privacy. The dress is then adorned with lace and flowers and is reminiscent of a wedding cake.


Although it may not be the most traditional proposal, Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The structure and decoration of the historic center’s buildings and canals date back to the 17th century, making it the perfect backdrop for a picturesque wedding proposal. If planning on getting hitched in Venice, ensure that the city’s famous art galleries are on your guest list, as venues that host such exhibitions regularly attract visitors from far beyond the Venice City limits.


Whether it’s the majestic peak of Mount Ararat, the Matterhorn, or a smaller European mountain, the sight of any great mountain is often enough reason to propose. The romance of the mountainous proposal is all the more enchanting when said proposal is unscheduled and unexpected. If you think that a walk up to the top of the mountain might be the climax to a day filled with celebrations, what better way to propose than by the side of a breathtaking mountain view?


The grandeur and intimacy of a church can be both breathtaking and moving. Whether it’s a small town church or one of the bigger city’s famous landmarks, a church can seem like an appropriate place to propose. While the sight of a church steeple in the distance may make some brides blush, the opportunity to wed in a place of worship provides great solace and meaning to those who attend.

Candy Wedding

If your sweet tooth is running riot and you desire a sugar rush followed by a fulfilling night’s sleep, consider proposing at a candy store. From fairy floss to chocolate-covered strawberries and cream, it’s the perfect mixture of sweet and salty to create a magical moment. While it may seem like a bit of an exaggeration, wedding cake is often the final touch that completes a dish. In the same way that a well-placed chocolate kiss brings a smile to a bride’s lips, a dessert or pastries-based wedding cake will bring a sweet smile to your guests’ faces.

Aside from the venues and dresses mentioned above, wedding planners usually recommend focusing on the following three areas to make the wedding feel special: