There has been a lot of talk surrounding Mia Wasikowska and Robert Pattinson recently. The two seem to be constantly in the press, with Pattinson being covered by the media left and right. He even got his own gossip column. Most of this attention has focused on their alleged romance. Is there anything to this rumor? We examined the evidence and determined that yes, there probably is something to it.

They Were Seen At A Number Of Spots Together

One of the first reports to surface about Mia and Rob came from The gossip website claimed that the two were seen “hanging out” at the Venice Film Festival last August. They were also spotted at the premiere of the movie The Bachelorette in Hollywood earlier this year. Additionally, they were photographed together at the premiere of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2. All of this is certainly evidence that the two have spent a lot of time together. It would be wise for the public to take this time as a sign of a blossoming romance, right?

They Were Seen Having Romantic Interactions

The fact that they were seen at several premiere events and festivals together is certainly evidence that the two are romantically linked. However, it is important to note that they didn’t always seem to be acting in a loving manner. Take the time that they were spotted at the Venice Film Festival as an example. The photos from that event show the two having what one could argue is an antagonistic interaction.

Wasikowska looked visibly upset as she posed for photos with Pattinson. The actor seemed to be trying to calm her down and put her at ease. He held her hand as she looked at her phone, perhaps waiting for a text to arrive or an email to read. They were both wearing black dresses, confirming rumors that they were each other’s good friends. This would indicate that this may not have been a romantic getaway for the two.

Pattinson Was Quiet During The Movie

If you’ve seen any of the Twilight films, you know that Robert Pattinson is especially quiet in them. He doesn’t say a whole lot in general, and when he does, it’s usually in a soft, melodic voice. This trait has made fans believe that he might be a bit of a sap. Wasikowska is the opposite. She is constantly talking and joking during interviews and while filming. This probably comes as a surprise to fans who know little about her beyond her appearance in the Twilight films.

However, during a small portion of Blackfish, a movie he recently co-starred in, Pattinson actually delivered a couple of one-liners. It would be reasonable to assume that he is trying to loosen up a bit and have some fun. Pattinson has a lot of love for comedy, and has been known to tell jokes and make people laugh. He also likes to do impressions, so it’s possible that he has been trying to do some impressions of Wasikowska for a while and this is the first occasion where he has actually cracked a joke.

They Have Been Seen Hiking, Camping And Paddling In The Country

After all the paparazzi-stalking that Robert Pattinson has had to endure for years, it would be understandable if he wanted a break from all the attention. One way that he can have some peace and quiet is by going on hikes with Mia Wasikowska. The two have been photographed hiking and camping, as well as paddling a kayak. Some of these photos have even made their way online. These hikes wouldn’t be that surprising, as Mia is a professional hiker and explorer. She has previously been photographed in the mountains of Nepal and Tibet. While in those countries, she claimed that she was looking for the perfect gift for Pattinson.

After all that exploring, she ended up giving him a handmade duffel bag filled with all of her favorite travel accessories. The photo of the two at the top of the mountain looking proud and a little bit shy is particularly romantic.

Pattinson Felt Inspired To Create His Own Gossip Column

If there is one thing that Robert Pattinson is good at, it’s talking about himself. He has created quite a following for himself through multiple interviews, blog posts, and YouTube videos. Some of these videos are simply him rambling on about anything and everything. Other videos are short, sweet interviews that highlight an aspect of his personality or an interesting fact about him.

One of the most interesting tidbits about Pattinson is that some of his videos have actually led to real interviews. For example, in one video he rambles on about how hard it is to find good chocolate and how much he enjoys it when he does find it. This led to him appearing on a French television show to promote his new cookbook, which is entirely dedicated to good chocolate. It’s interesting to see how a seemingly random comment in a YouTube video can spark something quite magical.

They Have Been Photographed Together At Home

While in Cannes, France, for the premiere of The Bachelorette, Robert Pattinson was photographed walking the red carpet with Mia Wasikowska. The two looked happy and content as they posed for photos with the occasional smooch. There were no signs of a romance at that time, but this wasn’t the only occasion where the two have been seen together at home. They have also been photographed together in London, England, for the premiere of Spectre. Once again, not a lot of signs of romance, but it seems like these two have a lot of affection for each other.

Is there anything to this rumor that Rob and Mia are dating? Most definitely. The list of places and occasions where the two have been photographed together is quite extensive. This definitely warrants some level of speculation that they might be a couple. It would be wise to approach this with a grain of salt, as this could simply be a case of two old friends who happen to be in some pictures together. Nevertheless, it’s clear that the two enjoy each other’s company and have a blast when they’re together. This is also evidenced by their interactions on social media, where they have been seen chatting away happily to one another. If there is any doubt, they have also been photographed holding hands as they walked down the street in London. The evidence certainly seems to suggest that there is something more to this rumor than meets the eye.