Robbie Pattinson made quite an entrance at the Met Gala 2019, showing a daring choice of attire for a formal affair such as the Costume Institute exhibition. While the actor looked amazing as always, many fans were left wondering whether to call his style flattering or cringe-worthy.

The star’s bold choice of tie and pocket square drew laughs, and even some critics couldn’t help but comment on it. After all, this was the same outfit that he had worn at a photo call with Prince Harry, which was meant to be a more casual affair. Some people even went as far as to ask for his autograph on a denim jacket.

Was this fashion faux pas an accident or a stunt to steal the spotlight? It’s hard to say, but one thing remains certain – the “Fifty Shades of Grey” actor looked amazing.

Style Flattering

When Robbie first arrived at the Met Gala, he was wearing a tie that featured a maroon and white chevron print. He looked dashing and was, in fact, very style-flattering. The print and color accentuated his dark brown eyes and gave him an elegant air. The fact that the pattern was a bit daring for a traditional affair such as the Met Gala made this option even more fashionable.

It’s hard not to be pleased with Robbie’s bold choice. He often chooses bold prints and patterns that are, in fact, quite fitting for a casual affair like the photo call with Prince Harry. In fact, the two lookalikes have a lot in common apart from their name – both are dreamy, laidback fellows who love a pattern. Not many people would have guessed that they would dress so similar for such distinct events. Let’s be honest, Robbie is usually seen in jeans and a casual shirt but, on this occasion, he made the effort and tailored the attire accordingly. This is style-flattering as it is respectful of the occasion.

Worst Dressed

After the actor’s incredible entrance, many were left wondering how he fared during the Met Gala ceremony. Although his look was on point, some accused Robbie of being the worst dressed at the event. This is mainly because he opted for a tie and pocket square combination that was quite similar to the outfit that he wore at the Prince Harry photo call. Some people even went as far as to say that it was a stunt designed to draw more attention to himself. Although there is no proof to this theory, it wouldn’t be surprising if it were true.

After all, this is the same outfit that he had worn at a photo call with Prince Harry. This time, the event was a bit more formal and Robbie should have known better. Many viewers pointed out his foolishness and accused him of trying to upstage Kate Middleton. It would have been so much easier for him to wear a different outfit for the Met Gala, but he wanted to stay consistent with the stunt he had set up two years ago.

There is no question that Robbie’s outfit was ill-fitting for an occasion as prestigious as the Met Gala. It would have been better if he had worn a classic t-shirt, collar, and tie instead of a patterned print shirt, rough knits, and a tie with a border of green and white chevrons. This is not to say that he looked completely out of place – on the contrary, he drew attention for the right reasons. Nevertheless, it would have been wiser to leave his outfit choice alone and avoid any fashion faux pas.

Style Defying Expectations

There is no question that fans were left divided over Robbie’s outfit choice. Some were pleased that he made the effort to look dashing while others felt that he went against the grain by choosing a daring pattern and colors for a traditional affair. Ultimately, it is up to the individual whether they want to defy fashion or not. While many are still wondering whether or not Robbie will stick to what is considered “normal” fashion, it’s amazing how many people are happy that he doesn’t always go according to style rules. This is what makes him so endearing – he isn’t afraid to be himself and go against expectations. For example, he has said in the past that he feels self-conscious when he wears dresses because he feels that people will judge him for his body type. Regardless, he still wears them because he feels that they make him look more attractive and comfortable.

If you want to be just like everyone else, it’s easy to follow fashion rules. But if you want to be different, it can be hard to find a style that you identify with. As Robbie has proven, fashion isn’t everything, and it can certainly be argued that being yourself is what makes you attractive. Even if he decides to stick to plain suits and traditional ties from now on, fans will still admire his uniqueness and style above all else.