You might know that Robert Pattinson is dating Hollywood royalty, but did you know that he is a meme king? Apparently he is, as he has inspired a host of funny Instagrammers to try their hand at copying and pasting his jokes, and the results are glorious.

Here is a round up of the memes that have emerged since his dating life was made public. You will laugh, you will cry, maybe even you will see the humour in some of these.

The Robert Pattinson Face

One of the first memes to emerge was a recreation of Robert Pattinson’s trademark ‘robbie pattinson’ smile. The meme-meister behind this hilarious twist on the famous smile is @thesweetpotato, an account that has since grown to almost 100,000 followers. He often creates memes that centre around celebrity culture. It was clearly on the cards that someone would try to imitate the actor’s facial expressions, as he has become an internet phenomenon.

Another early meme-based revival of Robert Pattinson’s famous smile was created by @_thomasbowden, a Scottish illustrator who goes by the username @thomasbowden on social media. He came up with the idea after spending two days trying to think of a way to bring some humour to the endless stream of news that surrounded the romance between Robert Pattinson and his mistress, Bella Hadid. He settled on recreating the actor’s iconic smile, although he gave it a Scottish twist:

The Robert Pattinson Face

RPD: Re-post Daily

Yes, that is the hashtag that appears at the end of many of the jokes and memes based on Robert Pattinson. It stands for’repost daily’, which is what @bethanybutler, an Instagrammer with over 150,000 followers, usually does. She will often post a funny gif or video of Robert Pattinson, then add the hashtag and caption: “Re-post daily”. It started as a play on Bethany Mckenna’s popular #selfiechallenge, but has since taken on a life of its own and is now a daily reminder to her followers that Robert Pattinson is the best-known face in the world today.

Bethany Butler’s comedic talents were spotted by another influencer and brought to the forefront. @dannymcginnis posts videos with celebrity interviews and often includes a hashtag at the end of her videos to promote other creators, like @bethanybutler and @_thomasbowden. His videos tend to be funny and informative, and the perfect combination for a light-hearted, yet informative, YouTube video.

The Porshnegger

If you saw the film Bridesmaids, you will surely have remembered the Porshnegger, the heavily made-up and wild-haired woman who throws herself at the men that her sisters marry. They are, in other words, her rivals. The men of the family in question have had enough of her behaviour, and step in to prevent the most disastrous wedding night ever. This was also the inspiration for a meme that appeared on social media a few months back. The story goes that the creator of the meme saw a picture of Porshnegger and thought it was funny. He then recreated the character in a gif, added the hashtag #porshnegger, and captioned it: “This is what happens when you don’t want to be invited to the wedding”.

Even though he went viral almost immediately, the meme-creator had to wait a few weeks before finding out that he had indeed inspired a revival of the Porshnegger meme. One of the first creators to post a recreation of the character was @thomasbowden. It was a play on words, as Porshnegger is sometimes referred to as ‘Posh’ (which means ‘beautiful’ in English). He often mocks the idea of love at first sight by posting pictures of himself with various celebrity women, then adding a comment like: “You know what they say … love at first sight is just a myth … it takes about a minute to realise that this girl is absolutely crazy”.

The Master Rerunster

Do you remember the popular television series The Handmaid’s Tale? If so, you will surely have noted that the lead female character, a handmaid named Offred, was often referred to as the Master Rerunster. That is the name that @_thomasbowden gave to his version of Offred, the lead character in the TV show The Handmaid’s Tale. He calls himself the Master Rerunster because he often posts a video every day for the past two years. In the show, Offred was the property of the … ah… let’s call him the Commander for short. The Commander is the man in charge of the household. He can demand anything of Offred, and she must obey. Most of the time, she does not have a say in the matter, and the video shows this. It starts with Offred waking up, facing her daily tasks, and continuing through her chores, studying, interrogations, and even a musical number, where she belts out a song.

In fact, we could go ahead and declare that the entire season premiere was just another excuse for Offred to belt out some of the series’ most memorable songs. The show regularly updates its followers with new, funny, and interesting tidbits about life in Gilead, where women are oppressed and the lives of the men are controlled by the all-powerful patriarchs.

The Yacht Club

If you have ever been to a fancy hotel, you might have noticed that the pool area is not just for swimming. Besides having the usual pool and beach areas, the hotels have a space set aside for guests to socialise and meet in informal gatherings, or ‘pool parties’. These are where the guests can really let their hair down, and have a drink, play some shuffleboard, and catch up with friends. It is, in other words, a place for the elite to meet and mingle, and it is usually attached to a yacht club of some sort. That, of course, is where @_thomasbowden gets his inspiration for one of his most popular series of memes. He will often post a picture of a beautiful woman, with the hashtag #yachtclub, then add: “A place where the elite meet to sip cocktails, catch up with friends, and play games”.

Other creators have also mimicked the famous ‘yacht club’ pose, with @_thomasbowden’s videos drawing the most views and attention. Even though the hashtag is often used in this context, the photos and videos often consist of other types of scenes as well. This is most evident in the work of @_thomasbowden’s friend @andygibbons93, whose account, @andygibbons93, has almost 300,000 followers. He creates comedic videos on a variety of topics, but his recreations of famous films and TV shows often feature the … ahem… distinctive poses and facial expressions that are familiar to anyone who has seen the original films. He also often jokes about the films and TV shows he is recreating:

The Yacht Club

The Mute Song

Have you ever been in a situation where you are at a loss for what to say? Maybe you are with friends, or family, and you are in a silence shop. There are no other customers, so you have nowhere to hide, and you do not want to ruin the mood by making some trite comment. Do not worry, a meme is here to save the day!

The @_thomasbowden account is often seen as the pioneer of this type of video. He will often post a short video with no sound, where he will just gesture and mime. It is a way to add comedic value to his videos without having to resort to vulgar language or images of death and destruction. One of the most famous and enduring of these mute videos is the one where he mimes to the song ‘Crying’ by Florence + the Machine. The video has almost 20 million views on TikTok as of early April 2020, and it has been seen by many as a defining image of the … ahem… meme king: