Richest and most famous Hollywood actor with an estimated net worth of over $200 million, Robert Pattinson, 34, can be considered a modern-day Renaissance man. He is best known for playing the role of Edward Cullen in the popular Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. Equally renowned for his acting skills and his prodigious philanthropic endeavors, Pattinson is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to anything history, literature, and culture related. We take a look at why he has risen to such iconic status and whether or not he can live up to the immense popularity he has garnered.

The Rise To Iconic Status

The Twilight Saga: New Moon was released in July 2013, and since then, Pattinson has not stopped working. While on the set of the most recent installment, he revealed that he had just finished filming the next installment in the saga and that he was already preparing to begin work on the next film in the franchise. He also mentioned that he had just finished a film in Thailand, called The Lost City, and that he was in pre-production on a period piece called Dontang. With such a busy schedule, it’s no wonder that Pattinson has been able to accumulate such a high net worth in such a short amount of time. He’s currently the hottest actor on earth, according to social media platforms like Twitter.

The Making Of An Encyclopedia

While we can’t know for sure how much money Pattinson has actually made from acting, it’s safe to assume that it’s been lucrative. He has starred in some of Hollywood’s most beloved films, and it seems that every actor, director, and producer who has worked with him appreciates his skill and professionalism. His co-star and ex-wife, Kristen Stewart, has said that he is one of the most gifted actors she has ever worked with. Even the most ardent Twi-hards might not be aware of how much talent Pattinson has inside of him; he is, in fact, a walking encyclopedia when it comes to anything history, literature, and culture related.

It’s interesting to note that apart from his acting career, Pattinson has also pursued a writing career. Having penned the screenplay for the upcoming film, Don’t Breathe, he has proven himself to be a truly versatile and multifaceted individual. He has also been working on several other projects, including a biographical film about the famed 19th century British novelist, Charles Dickens. The actor has even expressed an interest in pursuing a career in directing. It would appear that, whether on- or off-screen, nothing keeps Pattinson away from the silver screen.

Is He The Next James Dean?

In an interview with Fandango, Pattinson discussed the phenomenon that is the Twilight Saga. He recognized that, in some respects, he was indeed following in the footsteps of an iconic figure named James Dean, who died in a car accident at the age of 24. However, he assured fans that he was not trying to emulate Dean, but rather, he was trying to create his own identity and voice. He has certainly succeeded in doing so, and it seems that audiences everywhere are responding positively to his unique brand of brooding masculinity and young, hip angst.

Why Is He So Popular?

Pattinson has been so popular because he is a combination of everything that people want in a leading man. He is young, good-looking, has a charming smile, and is an expert at playing the mysterious enigma. The actor is also a talented musician and an accomplished poet. He published a collection of poems last year, entitled Amaryllis, and performed several of the poems on-stage at the Sundance Film Festival. One of the more prominent poems in the book is entitled, “The Dance.”

In the poem, titled “The Dance,” Pattinson writes: “So long, August, I’ll miss you. You have no idea/ How much I’ll miss you, how much I’ll miss/ The dance that means so much to me. I love to dance, I love/ To dance with you.” He then goes on to describe a waltz with an “amazing” partner who is “more beautiful than a dream.” Whether or not he actually wrote the poem with the intention of giving it to someone is not known, but it seems that it was indeed written for someone special.

This type of nuanced writing has not gone unnoticed. Twilight fans have taken an interest in his work, as have literary critics and enthusiasts. This has undoubtedly helped to boost the actor’s status and popularity. He has also been praised for breaking new ground in acting, particularly with regard to his non-traditional approach to romantic roles. His ability to inhabit a male character has won him many fans, especially among young men. It’s safe to say that, overall, Robert Pattinson has pleased a broad audience. With his multifaceted resume and charismatic personality, it’s no wonder that he has been so successful.