We’re pretty sure you’ve heard of the Twilight Saga by now. The New Moon, Part 2 is out next week, which means we’ll soon be treated to another installment in the long-running vampire franchise. While we wait for the next big trailer to drop, here are some interesting tidbits about the upcoming film that may leave you pondering the meaning of life and death.

Robert Pattinson’s Backstory

The most popular Twi-hard thus far has to be Twilight’s Robert Pattinson. The English actor made a name for himself by appearing in a string of successful movies, including The Twilight Saga, Finding Neverland, and Batman v Superman. In 2016, the actor is set to appear in an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, directed by Luis Buñuel. Since the 1950s, Buñuel has been a big supporter of the theater company and their work. This is in addition to Pattinson’s other numerous acting gigs that year.

More Than Meets The Eye

We’re used to seeing Kristen Stewart play the role of Bella Swan, but let’s not forget about the supporting cast of Twilight. New Moon is set to boast one of the biggest ensemble casts yet, with stars like Taylor Lautner, Billy Burke, and Emma Roberts joining the previously-revealed franchise regulars. These kids are some of the biggest names in Hollywood and it’s about time they got a shot at glory in the form of a movie comeback. You know what they say, once the spotlight shined on you, you could never go back into the shadows. Just ask Robert Pattinson.

The Movie Is About…Wait For It…

One of the most interesting things about New Moon is that, even considering its title, it’s actually about quite a bit more than Twilight’s iconic love triangle. The story follows Rosalie (Roberts), a mysterious woman who has traveled from the future to prevent Edward (Lautner) and Bella (Stewart) from becoming lovers. That’s not exactly what the title would have you believe. The movie is a character study about obsession, particularly in regards to the female protagonist. As you might guess from the above, New Moon is very much a woman’s movie. Director Jayhanah Pandayan has even stated that the female perspective will be the key to unlocking the story’s meaning. In other words, this is the kind of movie that will make you think. Not necessarily in a bad way, just different. The story is definitely complex and will leave you pondering deep questions about love and romance. Is every relationship truly as black or white as we’re often conditioned to believe? Is true love achievable in this day and age? Is it even desirable? For female viewers in particular, this movie is likely to be quite cathartic. We’re talking therapy sessions and all the feels.

Romantic Implications

While New Moon may be a character study through and through, that doesn’t mean it’s without a hint of romance. It’s a love story, after all. The fact that it focuses on the characters’ relationships with women rather than men makes it even more interesting from a romantic standpoint. The ladies in this movie are going to be magnets for true love, if you believe the author’s of popular dating apps. The producers of the film have even gone so far as to suggest that Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner’s characters may end up being the greatest love story of all time. If this sounds like an exaggeration, consider the fact that this pair has essentially been together since the beginning of time.

A Bit Of An Odyssey

Even though it’s been ten years since the first Twilight film, this is still very much a road trip movie. The only difference is that the journey in question is more metaphorical than literal. The Wolf Pack embarks on a road trip to Nevada in order to stop a serial killer named Miles (Burke). Along the way, they stop in a variety of destinations, including California, where the temperature is such that it encourages the growth of any dangerous creatures. This is a story of a group of people who have to work together in order to survive and it’s an interesting metaphor for some very timely themes, including the nature of friendship and loyalty. While this may not be the kind of romantic comedy you’re used to seeing, it’s arguably the most interesting movie of the year so far. And that’s quite a feat, especially considering how good most of 2016 was.

As stated above, New Moon is not your typical romantic comedy, though it does have a funny and light-hearted element to it. It’s a deeper film and one that you might find more satisfying, particularly if you’re looking for a thoughtful adventure story.

What Is Luxury Culture?

If you’ve been following our blog for a while, then you’ll know that we usually don’t review movies on TV. When it comes to movies, our preferred setting is the big screen. That’s because, normally, big-screen TV’s are associated with luxury brands and premium content, allowing for some truly glorious advertising. While watching TV can still be a luxury, it’s not quite the same as going to the movies, is it? In a world full of endless streaming content, going to the cinema is a luxury that is becoming a little more of a niche. The fact that theaters are trying to attract viewers with 3D screens and Imax theaters only makes the experience that little bit more luxurious. If you’ve got the cash, it’s a trip to the movies that is surely worth it.

We’re Not Alone

While we’re used to seeing Hollywood blockbuster movies come out in the summer, it’s interesting to note that the majority of the films that we discussed above were all released in the winter. This is particularly noticeable when you think about the fact that we’re just months away from the cinematic world being turned upside down with the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

The Winter holidays are generally associated with loneliness, depression, and isolation. It’s no wonder that Hollywood seems to be reacting to this by portraying the characters that they do in some of their movies as being a little more…aloof. These are dark times, indeed, and it’s nice to know that there are still some lighthearted movies out there, ready to brighten peoples’ days. While we wait for Disney+ to be released and Jack Whitehall’s Search for a Star Wars Christmas, let’s all enjoy this latest outing from our favorite vampire. He may not always be able to save the world, but at least he can make us feel a little better.