Sara and Martin have been together for four years and have two gorgeous kids together. They met while working in the UK and have now made their home in Canada. They describe their style as cosy and chilled, perfect for spending some relaxing time together. Let’s find out how they do it.


Sara and Martin’s home is comfortable and perfect for chilling out in. It features thick wooden flooring, whitewashed walls and lots of plants, which give it a really peaceful and restorative vibe. They have designed the space so that it is bright and airy with lots of natural light. This room is where they unwind after busy days, playing board games, watching films or just being with each other.


The next room is where they entertain their guests. It has a bar, a small dining table and eight leather chairs arranged in a circle. The focal point is a large flatscreen TV with a projector and surround sound. They love playing classical music and classical film favourites while their guests sit and sip on handcrafted cocktails. They would love for their guests to linger and spend the night, so there are plenty of beds in the room. A corner office, stocked with all the essentials, is also available for business trips and long work sessions.


Sara and Martin’s style is really unique. They love mixing neutral palettes in their homes and incorporate lots of white and wood into their décor. They like to keep things simple and clean and use organic and natural textiles, cushions, throws and bedding. When designing their home, they wanted to avoid using too many patterns and stick with simple colours like white, cream and beige, to create a refined and cosy atmosphere. As you will see, this is a combination of both rustic and refined elements, which work really well together.


The couple really care for their children and are devoted to nurturing their mental, physical and social wellbeing. They often take the kids to parks and playgrounds during the week, as a way of connecting with other adults and teaching them how to socialise with other children. They want their kids to understand that everyone is different and that there are no wrong answers. To this end, they read books and play games with the kids so that they can learn to be empathetic and patient. They also like to take them to art museums and festivals so that they can appreciate different cultures. The parents are passionate about supporting children’s self-expression and creative minds, so they allow their kids to paint, draw and sculpt. The art collection in the couple’s house is extensive, featuring works by Warhol, Basquiat and Lichtenstein.


Sara and Martin’s home is completely free of any chemical or pharmaceutical substances, which they avoid in favour of natural remedies. They rely heavily on sunshine and fresh air to bring their health back. As a result, they don’t touch alcohol, and there is no beer cans in sight. They love to entertain guests in their home and give them the true experience of a Canadian winter, by providing them with hot chocolate and homemade biscuits. Afternoon beverages can be enjoyed in the garden, while the kids play in the snow. It’s an outdoor space, lined with benches, where they can sit together as a family and enjoy the sunshine. On a cold day, the heat from their bodies keeps them warm and comfortable, while the view of the snow and trees is gorgeous.


Sara and Martin’s dream is to one day build a sanctuary for themselves, where they can take their guests on a magical journey. They have designed the house to reflect this, featuring beautiful wooden floors with underfloor heating, exposed wooden beams, a raised hearth and a spiral stone staircase. They have called this room “The Grand Tour” and it leads to a private terrace with seating for two and a fire place. It is here that they can close the doors, turn up the music and delight their guests with a romantic meal, candlelit dinner or sunset walk. They also have a little library with a selection of novels, fairy tales and poetry, perfect for taking a leisurely stroll through the pages.


Sara and Martin’s home is rich in textures, colours and patterns, which they say reflects their personalities and those of their kids. They use wooden flooring, ceramic tile and metal staircase components. There are 16 drawings by children from around the world on show in this space, which provides a really unique glimpse into the future of their creative minds.


Sara and Martin promote sustainable and organic living, which they feel is important for the future of the planet. They are keen observers of the natural world and are really passionate about minimising their eco footprint. They want to reduce their resource consumption and live a self-sufficient life, which promotes balance and sustainability. They are advocates of veganism and try to buy organic where possible. They reduce food waste and compost everything they can.


Sara and Martin’s priorities are their family. They love being with their kids, enjoying their company and watching them grow up. Having two boys has brought a new dimension to their lives. They want to continue to foster their children’s creativity and support them in developing their talents. They also love to cook for their kids and want to teach them the importance of nutrition. The best part of their schedule is trying to fit in some quality mum and dad time with their children, which they feel is invaluable.

Sara and Martin’s love and devotion to each other, their kids and their home is clear for all to see. It’s a pure expression of how they want to live their lives and they offer an inspiration for those looking to build their own dream home.