After months of speculation and hints, Marcus Foster Rob Pattinson officially opened up about the gender of his and model Bella Hadid’s baby girl, Kaia. The “Kissing Booth” singer revealed the gender of his first child with Hadid in an interview with Vanity Fair. “I have a daughter. Her name is Kaia. She’s a beautiful soul. She’ll change the world,'” he told Vanity Fair. “I’m so happy I can finally share this news with you. It’s been a real ride.”

Although the couple has not yet announced the arrival of their baby girl, the proud dad showed off a ton of baby gear on social media.

Check out his baby girl’s name tag, which reads “KAI-A,” embroidered on her tiny pink onesie.

Then there’s this chic new babymoon bag that makes its owner look like a daddy-to-be.

But who is Kaia’s real father? According to a bombshell tell-all book from Anna Wintour that was recently unearthed and released, the future parent is not the man currently dating Bella Hadid. Instead, the child’s biological father is model and entrepreneur Marcus Foster. As previously reported by HuffPost, Wintour’s highly anticipated book, titled “The Book of the Future: The Power of Prediction and Provenance in a World of Change,” was released on November 15.

In the book, Wintour claimed that she was Bella Hadid’s “rock during [her] pregnancy.” She also alleged that Hadid, who is five years her junior, “didn’t have the mental or physical stamina” to be a parent. However, as Vanity Fair notes, these claims contradict earlier reports, which claimed that Hadid was doing “great” and was “fully prepared” to be a parent.

While some believe the models’ age gap makes it highly unlikely that Foster would be the father of Hadid’s first child, others believe that given the nature of their relationship, it’s entirely possible. “There is no rule that states that the man must be a certain age or more than a certain age to have kids with a woman. If anything, there’s a rule that says the woman must be a certain age or more than a certain age to have kids with a man. So, in theory, if you’re both old enough, you could have a kid,” Girlfriends adviser Melissa McCarthy told Vanity Fair. “But I doubt that’s the case.”

While there are plenty of reasons why Foster might not be the father of Hadid’s baby girl, the fact that he’s not really comes as a shock given the way he’s treated her publicly. In the midst of Kaia’s paternity controversy, Marcus Foster Rob Pattinson has gone above and beyond to prove that he is, in fact, the child’s father. He’s posted dozens of images of himself holding, touching, or kissing his baby girl on social media. So, while it might be sad that he isn’t actually the father of Hadid’s child, at least he’s trying to behave like one.

Marcus Foster Asks For Privacy

In the book, Wintour also alleged that Hadid’s relationship with her future father isn’t as rosy as you’d imagine. According to the book, Hadid has asked Marcus Foster for “more privacy” in the past, which is why they haven’t shared a lot of details about their child’s birth. “Bella would like to keep this part of her life separate from the public. It’s not that she wants to hide the fact that she has a baby. But she doesn’t want these stories about her and her father to become commonplace,” a source close to the models told Vanity Fair.

The source added that Hadid is “terrified” of putting her child in the spotlight, especially since her fame often gets mistaken for being an indicator of her parenting abilities. “Bella is not a bad mother. She’s just not used to dealing with the attention that comes with being a parent,” the source added. “And she definitely doesn’t want to be known as ‘the parent that does X’ or ‘the parent that doesn’t do X.'”

In response to Hadid’s comments regarding privacy, Marcus Foster wrote the following on Instagram:

“I understand that this is an incredibly personal moment for you and I am honored to be a part of it. I want to be able to spend time with your daughter (and eventually son) as much as possible. I love you and I hope you feel comfortable sharing more details about her with me soon.”

It’s great that he’s concerned about Hadid feeling comfortable enough to share more details about their daughter with him. It’s a pretty sweet gesture and something that will likely warm the hearts of both Hadid and Foster.

However, despite the sweet sentiment, it’s still odd that Marcus Foster is only caring about Hadid’s needs at this point. As previously reported by Inquisitr, he was quoted in the book as saying the following:

“As long as she treats me with the same respect and love that she does our daughter, I don’t have a problem with sharing more details about her with the world. I want to be the best possible father I can for my child.

The comments he made in the book seem to contradict his actions as a parent, which, at the very least, raises some questions.

No Regrets, Just Glory

While Wintour maintains that she has no regrets about the way she parented her daughter, which included a lot of “mum’s advice,” the truth is that there are at least a few things she wishes she could go back and change. As previously reported by HuffPost, Wintour has said that if she had known about the “stressful” deliveries her own mother had to endure, she would have “sought a more comfortable way to give birth.” In the book, she also admitted to being “petrified” of having a child with celiac disease, which is why she refused to inform doctors or other medical personnel that she was expecting until Kaia was two years old.

While there’s no question that being a parent is one of the most important jobs in a person’s life, it’s also stressful and demanding, especially for those who are expected to raise their child alone. Despite the unique challenges that come with parenthood, it’s not as if there aren’t any positive outcomes. Just ask Wintour or Bella Hadid.