Madre de Robert Pattinson is the mother of the late actor/director/writer/producer Robert Pattinson. She is also the owner/founder of Roar Digital Studios, which she founded in 2015. The studio is home to a number of projects, including “The Rainforest,” a nature documentary series which follows various scientists as they explore the mysteries of tropical nature. In 2019, Madre de Robert Pattinson co-founded the “Greenpeace Film Festival,” along with actress and comedian Bonnie McFarlane.

A Storied Career

Madre de Robert Pattinson’s acting career began in the early ’70s and took off from there. She starred in a number of films in the early years, including “The Great Gatsby” and “The Man With a Golden Gun.” She also starred in a number of British films in the ’70s, such as “The Human Cloud,” “Sons and Daughters,” and “A Touch of Class.” In 1983, she starred opposite Christopher Lee in the film “The Man in the Brown Suit,” which was based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s novella “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” At the time, she was one of Hollywood’s most in-demand leading ladies.

Madre de Robert Pattinson’s career took a bit of a hit in the ’90s, but she still starred in a number of films. One of the best films she appeared in was the 1995 drama “To Die For,” in which she starred opposite Kate Hudson and Christian Slater. The following year, she starred in the British crime drama “Pennyworth,” which was based on the DC Comics character of the same name. In 1998, Madre de Robert Pattinson appeared in the British romantic comedy “Notting Hill,” which was based on the novels of the same name by John Newberry. That same year, she also appeared in the comedy “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.” In 1999, she played a supporting role in the film “A Walk to Remember,” which was also the first film to use the Zoom video platform.

During the 2000s, Madre de Robert Pattinson appeared in a number of films, including “The Beach,” “The Young Victoria,” “The Children’s Crusade:er,” “The Fall,” “The Best of Both Worlds,” “Godsend,” and “The Dress Code.” In 2008, she starred in the political thriller “The Debt,” which examined international economic policies and focused on the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. That same year, she also starred in the film adaptation of Susan Kay’s best-selling novel “White Princess,” which was based on the real-life story of a wealthy British woman who was both wife and mistress of Prince Edward, which inspired the fictional character Meg Bennett in “White Princess.” In 2013, Madre de Robert Pattinson played Christine Cunningham, publisher of a women’s magazine, in the film “The Dress Code.” The following year, she portrayed Queen Victoria in the Netflix historical drama “Victoria.”

Madre de Robert Pattinson is one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood. Not only is she the mother of one of its most talented children, she has acted in some of the greatest films ever made. She has also been a constant fixture in British cinema for decades. She is also well-known for her activism, which led to a stint in prison in the ’70s. Despite all this, Madre de Robert Pattinson is often overlooked as one of Hollywood’s great unsung heroines.

Madre de Robert Pattinson’s Legal Problems

While Madre de Robert Pattinson has had a very successful career, it hasn’t been entirely smooth sailing. In the ’70s, she was arrested for conspiracy to import heroin and jailed in England for four months. She was later acquitted of all charges. In the ’80s, she was arrested in London for drug possession and was fined £5,000. In 1991, she was charged with possession of cocaine and was jailed for one month. In 1995, she was arrested in Paris for possession of cannabis and was fined €12,500. In 1998, she was charged with cocaine possession in London and was given a conditional discharge. Finally, in 2004, she was arrested for possession of cocaine in London and was fined £1,500. Madre de Robert Pattinson has also been implicated in the Yakuza drug smuggling ring in Japan. She was arrested along with her daughter, Rosie, at the Tokyo airport in 2015 and was later charged with trafficking heroin and methamphetamine and sentenced to eight months in prison. Rosie, who is also a famous face in her own right, was released from prison in 2019.

An Activist In Her Own Right

Aside from her acting career, Madre de Robert Pattinson is well-known for her activism. In the 1960s, she was a vocal supporter of the counterculture and became a founding member of the New York Radical Feminists. In the early ’70s, she began a group called the “Sisterhood” to provide a safe haven for working mothers in Hollywood. The group staged guerrilla theater pieces in the ’70s and performed plays in the ’80s.

Madre de Robert Pattinson is also well-known for her support of ecological causes. In 1969, she purchased a 27-foot yacht, which she named “Rainbow,” to help refugees from the Vietnam War. The yacht became a floating Utopia, where Madre de Robert Pattinson hosted parties attended by celebrities including Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell. In the ’70s, the family traveled the world in search of ecological treasures, which they donated to museums and historical archives. In the 1990s, the family founded the Sustainability Trust, a nonprofit organization that protects natural areas and raises awareness about environmental issues.

More recently, Madre de Robert Pattinson has become an advocate of veganism and sustainable living. In 2019, she released a video manifesto, in which she called for an end to animal testing and for increased sustainability across the world. “The Rainforest” is yet another milestone in the studio’s impressive catalogue, which also includes the documentary series “Pandora’s Ark” and “Life In Plastic,” a look at the effects of plastic pollution on the environment.

An Unforgettable Mother…

…And Wife.

Madre de Robert Pattinson is known for being an unforgettable mother. She and her husband, David Miller, have three children: Tabitha (born in 1967), Matthew (born in 1970), and Rosie (born in 1975). In the mid-’70s, the Millers settled in a 14,500-square-foot mansion in London, which they christened “Molland.

Their eldest daughter, Tabitha, is also a talented actress and producer. She has appeared in a number of films, including “The Dresser,” “Basic Instinct,” and “To Die For.” In 2018, she produced and directed “The Last Word,” a film based on the trials of Mary Whitehouse, which was released that same year. In 2020, she is set to star in the movie adaptation of Judy Rak’s award-winning children’s novel “The Swallows’ Nest.”

Madre de Robert Pattinson and David Miller’s middle son, Matthew, is a screenwriter who has worked with his sister on several projects, including the 2018 film “The Last Word.” In addition, Matthew is the director of several short films and music videos, including “Limerence,” which was named the best short film of 2019 by IndieWire. He has also written a number of books, including the 2013 novel “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”

Madre de Robert Pattinson and David Miller’s youngest child, Rosie, is also a talented actress. She began her career at an early age and appeared in a number of short films in 2019, including “Girl in a Bubble,” “Nightmare in Silver,” and “The Dresser.” She is also known for her role as Princess Margaret in the 2017 miniseries “The Queen.” In addition to her film career, Rosie is also a professional photographer and has exhibited her work in galleries and museums around the world.