Mackenzie Foy and Robert Pattinson are two of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood. They’ve worked together on two of the biggest films of all time, Twilight and The Hundred-Foot Journey, and have one son, Leonardo, together. In this week’s issue of Hollywood Life, we explore how these two popular stars managed to keep their famous romance alive, and if they still have feelings for each other 15 years later.

How To Make A Life-Altering Decision

Every couple in Hollywood has their ups and downs – none more so than Mackenzie and Robert. After spending more than a decade portraying a perfect happy family on-screen, it was only a matter of time before the real thing hit the big-screen. In 2007, while promoting Twilight, Robert opened up about his true feelings for his costar and friend, revealing that their on-screen chemistry was no act: “Mackenzie is truly one of the most extraordinary women I’ve ever met. In real life we’re incredibly different people, with very different interests, but the camera doesn’t lie, it doesn’t judge. Sometimes I feel like I should be writing love letters to her, because she’s so fantastic.”

Fans of the series know that the odds of Robert and Mackenzie getting married were always against them. It was never meant to be – this was a story about vampire love – but it was heart-breaking to watch, especially since we know how much their on-screen relationship meant to both of them. The couple’s love for one another was so real that it even made headlines when they were spotted holding hands as they left the premiere of The Hundred-Foot Journey, in 2012, looking more like a couple of friends out for a romantic stroll than a married couple celebrating their 15th anniversary. But since then, they’ve stayed away from the spotlight, preferring to celebrate their private moments together rather than show off their famous marriage on social media.

The Making Of A Classic Romantic Story

You’d think that a story about Hollywood stars meeting and falling in love would be all about the romance, but it’s not. The making of a movie like this is a major production in itself, especially when you consider all the behind-the-scenes activities that had to go into making it look realistic. From the wardrobe to the hair and makeup, this movie will tell you everything – it’s quite an informative look at how these two very famous stars’ lives work. Take a look:

Mackenzie Foy

The first step to making a movie like this is finding the right actress to play the part. In this case, it was easy, as Mackenzie Foy was already in the movie business. She had made a name for herself playing the female lead in several major romantic comedies, so the part of Lady Grey couldn’t have been written any better. Even if you’ve never heard of Lady Grey, you’ll know who she is the moment you see her. She’s that woman that every man wants (and a few women too), but she’s never interested in dating anyone aside from a famous man. To this day, Lady Grey remains the only female lead to have a featured role in four of the five Twilight movies.

As for the role of Serena, Mackenzie Foy had to put in a lot of effort to convince the director, Antonio Campos, to let her play a younger, less-worn version of the character she had portrayed in the original The Great Gatsby. Aside from being a significant portion of the movie’s length, the transformation took a lot of time and planning to make it look authentic. In the end, it was a risk worth taking.

While most actresses would jump at the chance to portray a famous romance, Mackenzie Foy had initially turned down the part. She’d been approached by Bennett Fox, who offered her a three-picture deal if she’d play a vampire in the comedy series, False Haven. She turned down the role because she feared it would be difficult to find the time to fit filming into her schedule, and she wanted to remain on-set for the duration of Twilight. But when she saw the completed product, she changed her mind and decided to turn up the volume on her acting career. She has since appeared in a string of romantic comedies including The Best Man Holiday, where she played a corruptive temptress, and Love, Rosie, where she portrayed a socially-awkward lesbian. Most recently, she starred in the action-adventure epic John Wick. Coming up next, she’ll be seen in the upcoming Quentin Tarantulinu’s The Hateful Eight, alongside BAFTA-winning actor Tim Curry and Oscar-nominee Jennifer Jason Leigh. Next stop, Broadway!

Robert Pattinson

It’s not just about finding the perfect actress to play your love interest. You also need someone to play the part of your best friend, as there are numerous scenes where the two of you interact. In most movies, this would be a difficult balancing act, as you’d want someone who can play the part of your best friend, but not your romantic partner. But thanks to some amazing acting by Paul Walter Hauser, the world soon found out that Robert Pattinson isn’t just any ol’ dude. In real life, he’s a total romantic, and it showed while playing a part that wasn’t written for him. Most recently, he voiced an animated movie character for the first time, which was a challenging role that required him to convey a wide range of emotions with just his voice.

The Romance Of Two Film Divas

If there’s one place you’d think that a romantic story about two film stars would be, it would be at the movies. But the fact is that Hollywood romances don’t always play out as you’d expect. Take a look at Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s turbulent marriage for example. Despite their highly-publicized romance, it didn’t always end up that way. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie met while filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith in 2005. They reportedly fell for each other right away, but managed to hide their true feelings for fear of hurting Angelina’s career. In real life, they have a very different temperaments: while Angelina is a total control freak and perfectionist, Brad is more laidback. But on-screen, it’s always that perfect blend of charisma and control that makes them such a powerful couple. They’ve since worked together on several big-budget films including Academy Award winner 12 Years A Slave and this year’s Arrival. It looks like they’re not going anywhere, and neither are their fans.

Is This As Real As It Seems?

So you’ve decided to ditch the drama and go for a walk down the pink aisle, telling the world that you and your partner are committed to each other and love living a classic Hollywood lifestyle. But is it all as real as it seems? As with any good romance, it’s difficult to tell. It’s like watching a play – or in this case, a movie. You know that what you’re seeing is fake, but maybe not, at the same time, not quite sure. A good story can keep you hooked, even if it’s all made up. It would be safe to say that, while being famous can have its perks, it doesn’t always live up to our expectations. Maybe this is why so many people in Hollywood end up being dissatisfied with their romantic lives. As with any other aspect of their lives, they want to be happy, but haven’t found the right person yet, or haven’t made the right decisions yet. The great thing about this scenario is that it can still have a happy ending. There’s always hope that they’ll one day find the right partner for sleepovers and weekend away camps, who will make their life feel complete and allow them to express their true selves to the world. In the mean time, let yourself be transported away, by watching one of the best romances ever put to screen. Enjoy!