A mother’s love is priceless. It is a sentiment that stands the test of time. While every mother may not be completely equipped to be the best parent to their children all the time, there are some that truly shine compared to the rest.

Meet Victoria Pattinson. She is the mother of three-month-old Lizzy, who she proudly calls her “miracle baby.” Since Lizzy was born she has not stopped demonstrating her undying love and adoration for her daughter by showering her with affectionate touches and endless admiration. This has resulted in Victoria documenting her entire maternity journey on social media, attracting scores of fans who have been left in awe of her amazing ability to feel so much love for her child. What is extraordinary is that Victoria does not feel that she is showing off her “magic” to garner attention. She genuinely wants the world to witness her and her daughter’s love and connection, believing that motherhood is a gift and should be cherished by all.

“I want [Lizzy’s birth] to be a real statement: that motherhood is the most powerful thing in the world,” said Victoria. “It’s something you can’t change no matter what. When she grows up, I want her to know that she was created to be a mother, that she was born to love and protect her child, and that she deserves to be happy.”

How did Victoria become such an incredible mother? She credits her experience of motherhood with changing her forever. “It was a completely different matter that [I] expected. When I had Lizzy, I felt completely fulfilled,” she said. “I knew that she would be the most important person in my life and I couldn’t imagine doing anything or being anything without her. She truly is a miracle baby. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I couldn’t love her more if I tried.”

While Victoria may be an exceptional mother, she is not alone. Many other mothers have found that being a mother is the greatest gift and the most challenging role they will ever play. Whether they decide to remain childless or want to adopt, there is a motherhood experience that they are looking for.

Here are some of their most stunning motherhood moments that you can emulate when your own baby arrives.

Taking Time To Maintain Their Pregnancy Figures

Just like Victoria, many mothers will credit their pregnancies with changing them for the better. Whether it is increased self-confidence or a more caring connection with their baby, many mums enjoy the ride and are determined to continue growing their baby within them for as long as possible. Unfortunately, the majority of pregnancies are not planned and many are unexpectedly caught unawares by great surprise. This can put a serious strain on their finances and time restrictions, especially if they are working outside of the home. The good news is that once their baby arrives they can take time out to bond with it and get to know it as a person. This is what Victoria did and she credits this decision with helping her get to grips with motherhood. “I didn’t want to rush into anything. I knew that I would have my hands full with Lizzy anyway,” she said. “I needed to take the time to just focus on her. I wasn’t going to put myself in a position where I wasn’t happy with either of them.” This enabled her to get to know her daughter as a person and helped develop a stronger bond compared to when she first held her in her arms. Even now, when she thinks back to those early days, she is overwhelmed with emotion and grateful for every moment.

Dressing Their Baby In Little Clothes

While it may not seem obvious that mothers’ love for their newborns manifests in the clothes they wear, it is an area where many women decide to put their new-found confidence and love for their baby on display. From tiny babygrows and booties to tiny pajamas and nightgowns, women have gotten more daring and creative in the outfits they choose for their children, particularly since going au naturelle has become so popular in recent years. As well as looking adorable in their babydolls and jammies, many parents enjoy the creative outlet and sense of accomplishment of dressing their child in little outfits and matching ensembles.

“I love dressing her up in tiny clothes. It’s fun trying to find the right fit and colors that she will actually wear,” said Victoria. “She still wants to be a baby and it makes me so happy to dress her in pretty pastels and vibrant colors.” Her daughter frequently poses for the camera in various outfits and has even inspired Victoria to try out some new looks as well. As she gets older, Lizzy will grow out of some of Victoria’s outfits but she will always appreciate her mother’s attempts to dress her in pretty pastels and feminine attire.

Taking Their Baby With Them On A Coffee Run

One of the things that makes mothers proud is showing off their baby to the outside world. As long as their baby is content and healthy, mums will happily bring them out into the world and show off their bundle of joy. While this may be challenging, particularly if the mother is working outside of the home, it is a source of pride that cannot be ignored. Many mums will proudly take their baby on walks, to the park, or even on coffee runs to demonstrate their connection and show off their babe to their friends and family.

“I always take her with me on my coffee runs. I think it’s important for mother and daughter to bond,” said Victoria. “It helps create a bond between us. My husband even enjoys getting coffee with her in her pram! I love being able to share her with other people. It makes me feel like she isn’t that far away and that her needs are being met even when I’m busy working.” While this may not seem like a typical motherhood moment, it symbolizes how much joy and fulfillment Victoria derives from simply being a mother.

Taking Their Baby For A Walk

One of the most fundamental acts of love and affection that mothers demonstrate towards their babies is taking them out for walks. From naptime strolls in the park to weekend adventures around the city, many mums find that getting some fresh air and sunshine is both therapeutic and crucial for their baby’s health. Even if they are unable to spend very much time with their child due to work restrictions, taking them out for walks is still a common occurrence and a source of pride that can never be ignored.

“We’ve been walking a lot since she was born. I try to take her to the park as often as possible and she loves it. She enjoys being out in the sunshine and being able to see everything from such a young vantage point. Parks are great because there are often playgrounds and areas where she can interact with other kids. It’s important for her to make friendships.” In a similar vein, many parents will take their baby to museums and educational facilities, allowing them to bond while learning more about culture and history. These are all important things in a child’s development, particularly as they get older and start to discover the world around them, so it is important that their parents are able to show them as much as possible.

Giving Birth At Home

In recent years, more and more women are opting to give birth at home. This can be for a variety of reasons. Many mums believe that having their baby in the comfort of their own home is the best way to establish a close bond and enjoy parenting. In some cases, going into labor at home makes a bit of an economic sense, particularly if the mother is unable to afford childcare.

Giving birth at home also has the advantage of making it a more intimate experience between the mother and the baby. While the medical staff may be there to help, it is the mother–baby bond that is formed in the moments immediately after birth that lasts a lifetime.

If you are fortunate enough to have a supportive husband or partner that is willing to take on the responsibility of being a parent, it is an option that can be wonderful. However, unless you have a fairly routine and normal pregnancy, it is probably best to give birth in a hospital. This will allow you to get the support and assistance that you need and ensure that your child gets the care that they need.