Well, it’s here… the much-anticipated trailer for Suits Season 6. After months of teasers, Twitter polls, and cryptic clues, we’re finally given the lowdown on what to expect from the upcoming season. While the trailer doesn’t give us much in the way of new details, it does feature a whole lot of steamy looks at both main characters, as well as some very ambiguous teases of how the upcoming season will play out.

Lizzy Pattinson’s Big Summer

Lizzy Pattinson is arguably one of the most popular characters on Suits, as well as one of the most beloved characters on Twitter (followed by Donald Trump Jr, Anna Kendrick, and Mike Huckabee). For those of you who may not be familiar, Lizzy is the character played by Megan Amram, and was first introduced to audiences in Season 4 as an ambitious and beautiful law student eager to make her way in the world. Since then, she’s gone on to become even more accomplished, joining the prestigious Pearson, Prescott, and Amram Law firms and even taking on a Managing Partner role at one point.

While we’ve seen Lizzy go through a lot in her character arc, the biggest change for the upcoming season will be her entry into the legal world. In the trailer, we see Lizzy working hard to prove herself in court and making deals with shady characters. It’s clear that, while she may have started off the series as a straight-A student, she’s learned a lot since then and is ready to prove herself in the legal world. In addition to her studies, Lizzy will also have to contend with her father’s health issues as he nears the end of his life. This certainly won’t be easy, as her late mother’s side of the family is infamously known to be tough.

Oliver Hudson’s Early Life In The Limelight

Oliver Hudson is another character that was first introduced to audiences in Season 4. Although he initially appeared to be a calm and collected adult, Oliver rapidly developed into one of the most memorable and lovable characters on Suits, especially after being revealed to be a gay man. Since then, he’s stuck by Scott’s side, been named Senior Partner in charge of the firm’s San Francisco office, and even became the father figure that Scott never had. While most of the attention is undoubtedly going to be focused on Lizzy this summer, don’t be surprised if Oliver gets a lot of screen time too.

In the trailer, Oliver is shown putting on his famous charm one last time before he has to put his foot down and shut down a competing legal firm. As if that wasn’t enough, we’ll also see him working with Harvey on a case to help an elderly woman who was cheated out of her pension. Although the details of the case aren’t revealed in the trailer, it’s clear that Oliver is stepping out of character (at least for now) and doing something that he feels deeply about. In the grand scheme of things, the woman’s case isn’t that important compared to Scott’s other cases and assignments, but it’s worth noting that Oliver is once again putting his personal feelings aside to do the right thing. Although he may be a big, strong man, he’s not one to be seen as cold or detached.

How Will The Season Play Out?

Although the trailer doesn’t give us much in the way of new details, it doesn’t need to. By now, we know that Harvey and Louis are going to be roped into taking on a big corporate client, and while both men initially resist this particular case, it ends up being the making of the firm. The case unexpectedly turns into a massive legal battle that nearly tears the firm apart, and it’s up to Harvey and Louis to put the pieces back together again and solve the puzzle. What we don’t know is how the case will play out exactly, or if it will play out at all.

One of the things that has made Suits so popular is that it’s constantly surprised us with its twists and turns. So, while we might have expected Harvey and Louis to take on a case in the near future, it could end up being something completely different. We might learn more about the characters as individuals, which would be a real shame if these revelations led to their demise. With great performances from the cast and solid writing by Aaron Korsh, we know that Suits will keep us on our toes and entertained as the seasons progress.